A selection of fine F/F webcomics! For more, see our LGBTQ webcomics masterlist.

Relativity (relativitycomic): (everyone, wip) Fifteen years from now, Irina Novak sets off on the first manned lightspeed flight, with unexpected consequences to herself and her marriage.

Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry (ellejohara): (teen, wip) A tale set in an alternate history Earth about four people, Jo, Aziza, Gabor, and Madeline, and their friends and loved ones who are all simply trying to live their lives to the fullest in a world not always sympathetic to their aspirations.

Star Avalanche (manie-v): (teen, wip) Regi is an awkward 23-year-old who is still overcoming the pain from a past break-up and the overwhelming nuisances of becoming an adult; however, she manages to slip into a weird chain of events which includes colliding into an extremely cute girl at a local book store.

A Woman of Dust (mistytang): (teen, wip) A spirited Eternal finds herself the guest of a strange and secretive woman. The more she learns about her host, the more intrigued she becomes.

Supercakes (katlay): (teen, wip) A series of vignettes about super-powered girlfriends, May Ai and Mo LaMarck.

Can’t Look Back (mooncalfe): (mature, wip) Rylie wakes up from a nightmare in which her girlfriend Naomi was killed by zombies, and afterward the two of them do a bunch of cute stuff while Rylie tries to forget her horrible dream.

Princess Princess (strangelykatie): (everyone, complete) Amira and Sadie are two very different princesses who decide to take their happily ever after into their own hands.

Missing Monday (elleskinner): (everyone, wip) A coming of age webcomic that follows Foyle Leaf and her growing relationship with Monday Rhodes, a girl from another world who appears one day through a doorway in an abandoned clocktower.

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