ellecole in lyrics // a collection of playlists for the idiot slytherin who sometimes wins the best bestfriend award and appreciates that our friendship portmanteau is only acceptable because it sounds like alcohol, the true ride or die relationship of lawschool.  displayed in favourite lyrics instead of a track list because i am an asshole.

volume one (listen)

i. we’re hellraisin’ and we don’t need savin’ cuz there’s no salvation for a bad girl. // ii. decided that once again I was just dreamin’ of bumpin’ into you. // iii. bow down, bitches. // iv. don’t you know a girl like a boy who moves? // v. there’s a word you mighta heard called payback. // vi. i got lipstick stamps on my passport. // vii. i l-l-love you–at least i think i do! // viii. and god knows that it’s a common misconception that i’m the only one for you. // ix. here comes the rush before we touch. // x. oh no, please, god, tell me we’re dreaming. // xi. we’re gonna rattle this ghost town. // xii. sorry, love, but i don’t really care. // xiii. my heart is like a stallion; they love it more when it’s broken. // xiv. if we’re gonna do anything we might as well just fuck. // xv. everything is going wrong but we’re so happy. // xvi. it’s bad enough just getting old. // xvii. you’re like the lighter to my cigarette. // xviii. now i’m longing for the way i was. // xix. your soul is haunting me. // xx. that boy wanna fight but i never see him fighting for you. 

volume two (listen)

i. i take a look in the mirror and i like what i see // ii.never let your fear decide your fate // iii. i could be just your type of high // iv. looking sad, looking beautiful just like you, like me, like everybody else // v. it’s my sweet beginning // vi. people say that i am heartless; i’ve just learned to use my heart less // vii. why do the stars fall at night? // viii. there’s a hole in my soul. can you fill it? // ix. you don’t tell the truth // x. we will teach you how to make boys next door out of assholes // xi. i see through smiles on every face // xii. there ain’t no love, no montagues or capulets // xiii. let him drown alive // xiv. feathers in our bed // xv. you really shouldn’t get this fucked up // xvi. i’m not magnetic or mythical // xvii. what’s the fun in doing what you’re told? // xviii. fill up your lungs with us // xix. see you on the moon, then // xx. i’m not gonna teach him how to dance with you // xxi. sneak up on you really quiet; whisper “am i what your heart desires?” // xxii. you’re alright ‘til you’re not

volume three (listen)

i. pull the pylons down and wrap the around the necks of all the feckless men that queue to be the next // ii. honey i’m not your honey pie // iii. she’s made of outer space and her lips are like the galaxy’s edge // iv. i’m the best mistake you’ll ever make // v. i’m nowhere now, but here // vi. you can count on me to misbehave // vii. i’m not fine at all // viii. your heart can love again // ix. the lightning to my thunder // x. if i have to fall then it won’t be in your line // xi. i’m gonna love you until you hate me // xii. might end a man’s life with that innocent face // xiii. these are the days that bind you together forever // xiv. is that the devil in your eyes? // xv. who needs a friend when i got you? // xvi. we could just run them red lights // xvii. i’m alive; i’m a lush // xviii. you can take what you need and you know you don’t need me // xix. my heart won’t beat again if i can’t feel him in my veins // xx. all i need is to find somebody. i’ll find somebody like you.

@ellecole Awww, no problem bb! Sometimes I answer asks SO late because I want to post the question when I know the person will see it, but then we won’t be on the same time for days. LOL. But yeah, X-Men was just so alskdfjasdfs XD Fassy and Macavoy were such perfect casting choices, and their friendship was e p i c ! I want to go see it agaaainn! :)))))

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