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Sunggyu ignored the smile from the boy who walked passed him; he was too preoccupied wondering into which house he’d be placed. He was getting impatient, it seemed he might be the last to get sorted. “Kim Sunggyu!” his name was finally called and Sunggyu nervously sat on the stool. As the Sorting Hat fell over his eyes, he heard as it deliberated; “Ravenclaw would fit you well, you certainly have the talent for it. But your ambition is strong… Slytherin could make you great. Hmmm, where to put you?” Sunggyu was getting anxious, it felt as though he’d been sitting on the stool for ages. Finally the hat exclaimed “Slytherin!” and as Sunggyu headed to his table, he found himself quite pleased with the Hat’s decision. As the last of the first years were sorted, the headmaster stood up to give his beginning-of-the-year speech…

The End! Phew, I did it! This took so much planning and painting, and most of it had to be done before I even released the first one ^^ Hope you enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them :3

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I will upload the full set as jpgs and add these to my store soon, and also spoiler, I’ve got a couple Gyu Slytherin sketches I’ll post soon as well :)