[LYRICS] 'WINGS' Comeback Trailer : Boy Meets Evil by BTS (J-Hope)


어두워져 가 내 미래의 빛
치기 어린 사랑의 잃은 꿈의 길
내 야망의 독기 매일 칼을 갈았지
But 참을 수없는 내 욕심에 칼은 무뎌져
알고 있어 다
이 사랑은 악마의 또 다른 이름
손을 잡지마 외쳤지만 저버렸지 내 양심을
날이 갈수록 느끼는 날칼로운 현실들
현실에 찢겨 붉게 물든 피들
생각 못했지 그 욕심이 지옥을 부르는 나팔이 될지는
Breath 숨이 차오르고
뒤틀린 현실에 눈 감는 매일밤 울리는 비극에 오르골
But 이 죄를 벗길 그걸 잊는 게 당최 포기가 안 돼
그 입술이 너무 달콤했기에
연애에 취해 버려진 미래
꺼어나고 볼땐 이미 사방에 지뢰
건들일 수 없는 매서운 주위 시선들
기적을 외쳐 이 현실에
미치도록 좋았지
달콤함에 중독된 병신 그래 병신
놓치기 싫었어 악마의 손길을
Too bad it’s too sweet
Evil it’s too evil


My future’s light is becoming darker
The path of a dream I lost because of an immature love
My ambition’s spite sharpened its knife everyday
But the knife is dulled by the greed that I can’t contain
I know everything
This love is the devil by a different name
I called out “don’t hold her hand”, but my conscience lost
The sharpness of reality that I feel as the days go by
Ripped by reality, tinged red by blood
I didn’t think that this greed would become the horn that would call forth hell
Breath, I am short of breath
Closing my eyes every night in a twisted reality, the music box of tragedy that plays
But to be free of this sin, to forget it, I just can’t give it up
As those lips were too sweet
I was drunk with love, my future was abandoned
I woke up to see mines all around me
The harsh stares of those around me that I can’t bear
I cry out for a miracle in this reality
I was crazily infatuated with you
A fool addicted to the sweetness, yes a fool
I didn’t want to let go, the touch of the devil
Too bad it’s too sweet
Evil it’s too evil

Trans cr; Nara, Alli, Mary @ bts-trans

[Episode] 160925 BTS @ ISAC w/ ENG CAPS

방탄소년단 팬클럽담당자입니다! \(•ܫ•)/
오늘 만나 볼 사진은 아.육.대 녹화 당일 넘.나   멋졌던 방탄소년단의 모습입니다!뭘 입어도 반짝반짝 빛이   나는 방탄소년단 함께 만나보시죠!

This is the BTS Fan Club Representative!\(•ܫ•)/
The photos we will meet today are a peek at how super cool BTS looked on the I.S.A.C. filming day! Together let’s meet BTS, who shines twinkling-ly bright whatever they wear!
Follow me!!

Preparing before the archery competition 中 (t/n: bulls-eye/center)

Eye focus is good! Posture is good! Shooting at ARMY’s hearts like whoosh  s( ̄▽ ̄)/

Ping! Shoong! Tak! >>——▷ To ARMY’s heart 10! 10! 10! 



(Making a) V with ARMYs ✪‿✪v  #JIMIN

Kkook, handsome-looking from whatever angle you see him from #JIMIN

For me, (it’s) Suga… The guy that shoots 10s (feat. I.S.A.C. captions) #JIMIN

My name is RM! I’m in charge of pictures for the 400m relays!! ❦‿❦

Swoosh swoosh~ These are definitely not sounds I’m making with my mouth~
OHOH 3 consecutive years’ (win) dignity in the 400m OHOH

Telling all ARMYs!! 아미에게 알립니다!!

Hobi Hobi-nim’s legendary close-proximity picture from the beginning of 160829! He has shared the HQ with us! (Applause clap clap clap) (Loud cheer) (Fireworks bang bang)

I have no thoughts. Because I have no thoughts. –ㅅ–  #JIMIN

“Jungkook-ah…” I called out to him (like that) #JIMIN #I_Called_Him_Series

“Hobi hyung…” I called out to him (like that) #JIMIN #I_Called_Him_Series

V.W.S.L.H.W.T.F.O.A.A. (V Who Seems Like He Will Tear The Fan Open And Appear)  
J.W.S.L.H.W.T.F.O.A.A. (Jin Who Seems Like He Will Tear The Fan Open And Appear)
(PHOTO by. RM)

Handsome Kid → Handsome Kid→ Handsome Kid (PHOTO by. RM)

ARMYs who were with us and helped us achieve the gold medal, Big!Hit is a hit! #JIMIN

OHOH Total point (final) winner OHOH
♡ BTS ♡

Trans cr; Joyce @ btsofficialtrans


hobi’s “i love you” in satoori

160926 Hoseok’s Tweet

드디어 제 인트로가 공개가 되었네요 방탄소년단 정규 2집 인트로라서 더 큰 의미가 있는 거 같습니다 오랫동안 기다려왔고 열심히 한 만큼 좋은 결과물이 나온 거 같아서 행복하네요 이제 시작입니다 많이 기대해주세요!! 방탄 파이팅! #호비

Finally, my intro has been revealed. Since it is BTS 2nd full album intro, it is even more meaningful. I’ve waited a while (to do this intro) and as hard as I have worked, it seems that the results are just as good, so I’m happy! Now is just my beginning. Please greatly anticipate (our album)!! Bangtan fighting! #Hobi

Trans cr: Kylie @ bts0726
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