Bts when your pregnant

Jin: *lost for words small smile on his face*

Suga: *jumps slightly form the news and cant stop smiling*

J-hope: really I cant believe it *smiles big*

Rap Monster: yayyyy *says cutely*

Jimin: oh my gosh *leans head back happily*

V: I love you *makes a heart*

Jungkook: we can make more *smirks*

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Can I have a scenario of Jimin? Where you are out on a date and he gets jealous of some guys that are looking at you?

As you wait for Jimin to come back from the bathroom, you go on your phone to kill time. You reply to some of the curious questions asked by your friends about the date. A few people pass by your table, but you pay them no attention. Though you notice someone standing there, at your table. You look up to see a familiar face.

“Y/N?” The guy says.

“Uh huh,” You say, trying to figure out his name. “You look so familiar.”

“We went to high school together. We were picked for homecoming queen and king?”

You search for the memory and suddenly remember. “Oh my gosh, I remember! We always got picked for queen and king events, but we always had another date.”

Both of you laugh, but the laughing gets interrupted when Jimim appears next to your old friend.

“Babe, this my old friend from high school,” You say to Jimim.

“I’ll be in the car,” Jimin replies then storms off.

Before you can call out to him, he’s already walking out the doors. The waitor comes back with the credit card and you take it, saying a quick thank you. You say goodbye to your old friend, gather your belongings, and follow Jimin. Once you walk out the doors, Jimin is in sight.

“Jimin!” You shout. You want to run to him but the heels are creating a problem, so you take them off to catch up to him. “Slow down. Jimin!”

He doesn’t slow down and keeps walking. You keep calling out his name which you know he hears, since other people are looking at you. You finally give up and consider putting your heels back on, but you don’t.

Once you get to the parking lot Jimim is in the car waiting. You can tell he’s mad but you’re also mad yourself. You get in the car slamming the door shut, making Jimin glare at you.

“Why did you leave me!?” You ask him with irritation in your voice.

“Who was that guy you were talking to?” Jimin asks, demanding an answer.

“I told you, an old friend from high school.”

Jimin drives off, ignoring your answer and you cross your arms over your chest. You look out the window to distract your thoughts.

“So how would you like if I started taking to old friends?” Jimin asks with a serious tone.

“I wouldn’t be rude and walk off, I would greet them.”

He doesn’t say anything and continues driving. You keep looking out the window and notice your vision starting to blur. You tell yourself not to cry, but a tear drops which you quickly wipe away. It doesn’t help though because more and more tears start to fall.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?” Jimin says with the most sincere tone.

“Nothing,” You lie. Jimin pulls the car over and turns in his seat to look at you. “Why did you stop?”

“Because I want to know why you’re crying.” You shake your head indicating you don’t want to talk, but Jimin doesn’t take no for an answer. “I’m not driving off until you tell me.”

“I don’t want you mad at me, that’s all.”

“I’m not mad at you. I was just bothered by you talking with that guy.”

You glance at him and a smirk creeps onto your face. You smile to yourself and giggle.

“Were you jealous?” You look at him and he blushes.

“Yes, I was jealous. I just don’t want to lose you. I love you.”

You intertwine your fingers with his and give a squeeze. “I love you too. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere, I’ll stay with you forever.”

Jimin picks up your hand and kisses it. On the way home, you two never let go of each other’s hand embracing your love.


Nie jestem idolem. Nie jestem artystą. Ani hip-hopowcem. Ani niczym. Jestem po prostu sobą. Jestem Rap Monster. Jestem Kim Namjoon. Nie wiem dlaczego chciałem skategoryzować samego siebie lub ustalić sobie regulacje. Myślę, że każdy człowiek tego chce. Ale po nagraniu show, uświadomiłem sobie, że jestem po prostu sobą. Jestem nowa osobą. Jeśli ktoś myśli o mnie jak o idolu, mogę nim być. Jeśli ktoś myśli o mnie jak o hip-hopowcu, to mogę nim być. A jeśli dla kogoś jestem artystą, to nim będę. Ale myślę, to jest bardziej jak coś czego sam pragnąłem. Myślę,że oczywiste było, iż czułem się zdezorientowany i zagubiony, ale moim zdaniem życie polega na byciu zagubionym. Życie jest po prostu serią ciągnących się perypetii i sądzę, że w moim przypadku jest to jak najbardziej prawdziwe, ponieważ jestem młody. To było cenne - jako człowiek, jako Kim Namjoon - sądzę, że to zdecydowanie było rozsądne. To normalne. Każdy czasami czuję się zagubiony i zamartwia się o siebie - o to dokąd zmierza. Każdy jest zdezorientowany tym, gdzie powinien należeć - każdy przez to przechodzi. Myślę, że ja napotkałem te wydarzenia trochę wcześniej niż inni, ze względu na swój debiut. Tak czy tak, jestem sobą. I nie ma w tym nic złego.

Rap Monster, 2014

vlog 13.05.2014.