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Since I’m a crybaby I cry a lot (laughs).  When I went to the capital, when I couldn’t see my family my parents said they’d come to Seoul but I was busy so I was only able to talk to them for 3 minutes. I was sad and I cried.
(TRANS) Rap Monster, From Artistic Talents to Transcending Musical Boundaries... Please Take Notice of the Next Generation's All-arounder

[MBN STAR] The pace of group Bangtan Boys Rap Monster is not that ordinary. He showed off his brilliant thinking on tvN variety program ‘Problematic Men’ and even splits his time between Korea and USA to work with a famous hip hop artist. 

Rap Monster was born in 1994 and is the leader Bangtan Boys. Predebut he was active in the hip hop scene under the name of Runch Randa. After joining Big Hit Entertainment, he went through a long period of training before stepping into the music industry. Because of a group name that’s hard to approach and the bias against idols, it was hard for him to demonstrate anything outstanding. But he constantly worked hard and began to show more prominence at the ‘2014 Mnet Asian Music Awards’ (2014 MAMA).

Rap Monster participated in the December 3rd ‘2014 MAMA” held at Hong Kong’s Asia World Expo. Under the title of ‘Next Generation of Kpop,’ he engaged in a rap battle with Block B’s Zico. Rap Monster showed off his self-produced mixtape and the skills that he slowly accumulated from his underground activities. Zico’s skills is already well-known so Rap Monster’s emergence began to capture the interest of the public. Rap Monster reached #1 in real-time searches on websites.

With this popularity momentum, he took the chance to collaborate with various artists on different music programs. He most recently work with Tiger JK and Yoon Mirae on MFBTY’s album.

Rap Monster’s music interaction does not end in Korea. He will be releasing, on the 5th, the single he worked with Warren G on. Rap Monster and Warren G met on last year’s Mnet reality program ‘American Hustle Life.’ After listening to Rap Monster’s music at that time, Warren G highly praised Rap Monster’s composing skills and proposed to make music together. In order for Warren G to come up with a song that suits Rap Monster the most, he spent a lot of effort coming up with 6 tracks to choose from.

Other than being active with music, Rap Monster is also beginning activities in other areas. He appeared on tvN’s program ‘Problematic Man’ that premiered on the 26th. He appeared as the youngest ‘sexy brain man.’ As the youngest of the show, Rap Monster achieved scores in the top 1% of the nation on a mock exam and self-studied his way to a score of 900 on the TOEIC in junior high. Boasting fluent foreign language skills and along with his appearance, he attracted great attention. 

With an IQ of 148, Rap Monster showed a strong performance during the creative questions segment. He emerged as the ace that night when he was able solve a problem that even Lee Jangwon from KAIST’s engineering program couldn’t answer.

Jun Hyunmoo called him ‘genius’ when he was able to answer a question within 10 seconds. Kim Jisuk also praised Rap Monster for having unique thinking and ‘no doubt that you’re born in the 90’s with fresh thinking.’ But Rap Monster also showed reversal charms when he answered a question with “love is like when a triangle and circle meets and becomes a square.”

From music and expanding to all different kinds of activities, an agency staff commented, “Rap Monster is the (new) producer idol after G-Dragon and Zico. Not quite two years after debuting and his growth as a rookie is going extremely fast. Lately he was also invited to work with Warren G and Tiger JK. This can be regarded as evidence that musicians are paying attention to Rap Monster’s talents.” He/she continued, “He recently also showed his unexpected charms on variety show. I hope everyone will look forward to it.”

From a singer to his reversal charms on variety shows, will Rap Monster be able to continue his momentum for being all-around and become the next all-around idol to gain attention?

Original article: MBN Star
Chi trans: Bangtan Bar