elle: photoshoot


“[In ‘I’m A Ruin’] it sounds like I’ve been naughty, but I haven’t. I was actually really worried when the song came out — I hope you all don’t think I cheated on my boyfriend or something because I would never do that — I wanted to clear that up and say that it was more alluding to the fact that I felt so guilty even writing songs about this person — it felt so wrong — but hey, I chose this profession, and it’s the price I have to pay.”


I just want to play real human beings. You know, I don’t care if they’re male or female. A character on a page has to feel real, and for me the greatest fun is if you could gender-swap the role. Could John be Jane, Jane be John? You don’t want the men to be written in a three-dimensional way and the women, not. So, or you know, you don’t want the white men to be written in a three-dimensional way but the black men, not. I mean, it’s just about [how] scripts should always reflect real human beings. So that’s what I look for.


U know as a kid when u got a present but its just too glorious and its like deep down u feel u probably didnt deserve it… Honestly i just wanna thank Vanity Fair and Annie for these pics and the video cause this is more than I ever expected, and I really needed this today. #blessed