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1DFF Summer 2014 Awards - Results!

What a wonderful round of awards we’ve had! There was such a diverse and incredible range of stories, and it’s such a shame we cannot give all the nominees an award. But nevertheless, the public have spoken and these are what you voted for! Also, we’ve also decided to throw in an ‘admins pick’ award for each category, which basically means that a voting form was sent out to all the admins to vote between the remaining stories.

Congratulations to all our winners! And feel free to use your award banner in the summary/author notes/end notes/etc to show off your success! Or if you didn’t win, feel free to show off your nomination with the nomination banner.

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2003 “Teen Choise Award” 
Keanu Reeves get Choice movie actor (drama/action adventure)

The Teen Choice Awards is an annual awards show that airs on the Fox Network. The awards honor the year’s biggest achievements in music, movies, sports, television, fashion, and more, voted by teen viewers (ages 13 to 19). Winners receive an authentic full size surfboard designed with the graphics of that year’s show.

Adventure Time Nominated for Emmy

Guess who just got nominated for an Emmy? If you’ve looked over this morning’s list of nominees or read the above “Adventure Time Nominated for Emmy,” you’d know the answer is Adventure Time. The episode up for the statue this year is “Be More,” and the category is Outstanding Short-Format Animated Program.

Congratulations and best of luck next month to Pen, Tom, Steve, Nate, Nick, Kelly, and the entire cast and crew.



  • mbf me
  • reblogs count, likes do not
  • must reblog before 26th July 8pm GMT


  • Best Overall Merlin
  • Best Merlin Character: Merlin, Arthur, Morgana, Gwen
  • Best Merlin Cast
  • Best Merthur
  • Best Other Ships (e.g Morgwen, Mergana)
  • Best Fanart (preferably BBC Merlin)
  • Best URL
  • Best Edits/Graphics
  • Best Graphics concepts
  • Best Sidebar


  • best ships can mean a blog displaying a cool amount of one certain ship but it can also mean another blog displaying various ships in a way that i like.
  • best graphics concepts basically means someone who makes prompts for their posts, instead of just posting a standard graphic/gifset. for example, morgana & gold eyes.


  • a place on my blog and promos posts
  • follow back, if i do not already
  • edit/gifset request from winner
  • my love and friendship


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