What an honor to be included in ELLE Magazine South Africa’s Fashion Radar feature for their Africa Issue (out now). I humbly bowed out of working in fashion a few years ago, so it’s nice to be featured alongside amazing fashion professionals + creatives, especially representing Africa. Thank you ELLE Magazine South Africa! *I’m New York-born though ;)

In other [FANTASTIC] news, @solangeknowles is in South Africa for a photoshoot with Elle Magazine South Africa. How exciting is that? Can’t wait to see her in the mag as soon as its out on the shelves. Its guaranteed to bang. You wouldn’t want to miss that. I so wish I was the fashion editor of Elle. There’s so many cool things I’d want her to wear. What a style icon and I think its only fair that I make her #SeptemberFashioniSTAR . Give me your thoughts on her:



Last year Lauren and I spent an entire Saturday shopping, shadowing and just parlaying with a group of skothanes and Italiana’s for an article we did for ELLE magazine. We had so much fun learning about their world and talking about style, fashion, music, dance and culture that we forgot we were actually working. The article is in this month’s ELLE magazine South Africa (the February issue, we mag girls live in the future) and there is an awesome behind-the-scenes post on ww.elle.co.za Go get your copy and peep the link so you can read about how the skothanes kept eyeing my neon pink Nike Lunarlon running shoes and suggested I become a khot’ queen (female skothane), our other highlights and to see the awesome unpublished pictures that Lauren took. 


Now this is one up and coming talent to look out for. Tamara Cherie Dyson was a finalist at the prestigious 2012 Elle Rising Star Design Awards held in South Africa.

Her collection was ultra cool, feminine and uber chic. I kinda got this British vibe from it, which may be something she brought back with her from her time spent in London whilst on an internship at the exclusive Vivienne Westwood Empire.

From studying at the Design Academy of Fashion, gaining several finalist places and awards, including Durban July Young Designers Award 2011, this gal is most certainly moving in the right direction and that is UP UP UP. 

Tamara Cherie Dyson = Fashion Force to be reckoned with…

Gorgeous Model Twins Suzana & Suzane Massena Cover Elle SA's February Issue

NEW POST: Gorgeous Model Twins Suzana & Suzane Massena Cover Elle SA’s February Issue

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I love gorgeous, fashionable twin girls (what’s not to love!) and the February cover issue of Elle magazine features gorgeous and identical models, Suzana and Suzane Massena giving us double the beauty and charm. (more…)

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I was fortunate enough to be invited to tge Elle Magazine Editor’s Lunch at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Umhlanga this past Thursdsy , I honestly was overwhelmed by the venue alone and the event ad s whole . The ladies were looking amazing and Javkie Burger was so sweet eish this is s day I will Nevet forget…Thank you Elle Magazine for the well organised event , I have no words to express my gratitude mwaa mwaa .Ought to do this again (**,)


The March issue of ELLE magazine South Africa hits shelves today and the voluptuous Scarlett Johanson is the cover girl! I’m doing more posing than reporting in this issue. I had 3 small cars to review for our road trip section, and apart from getting paranoid about losing the keys and hustling for extra parking space, I had a great time! Turn to page 142 to find out which starter pack gets my vote.


Elle Belles

Well this post is long overdue, and I honestly could not wait to share my experience at the event - because I can definitely say that next year I WILL be attending it once again, in my highest of heels.

The event that I speak of, is the Elle Magazine’s; Elle Loves Event. That honours and shows gratitude to all the beautiful women in our country during the month of August on the dawn of Women’s Day (August 9th for those that aren’t familiar)

The event was held at the prestigious Summer Place in Johannesburg, and till this day the ambience of the environment still fills my heart and soul with utmost happiness, especially since I was in the presence of a woman who is so phenomenal and magnificent, editor of Elle Magazine Jackie Burger, not to forget the rest of the amaaaaaazing members of the Elle team, Poppy Evans, Jenna McArthur and Sarah Koopman… I was completely flabbergasted! Being there was something that I had only pictured in my dreams and during my many studying session when my mind decided to wonder off….

Alas, let me not dwell to much… I attended the event with 2 of my best friends Amy and Nadine, and upon arrival we were greeted with champers (it was about 10 am or so), totally in awe we giggled as took our glasses and entered the Apollo Room… to put it bluntly we were astounded! The colour, smell, sound of heels clapping against the tiled floor accompanied by ladies of all age groups chattering away…

We made our way to the outside of room… firstly WOW and WOW!!! Never had I seen such a beautiful place before. Everything that the sun’s rays touched, it illuminated all the surfaces… the water glistened and I had then also realised that I needed more practice walking in heels.

It was not soon before the event began, we were addressed first by Jackie Burger (editor) and so our ride began… Two beauty ‘nerds’ from Elizabeth Arden shared some very insightful and helpful tips with us. Elle’s sister magazine; Elle Decoration helped me dream up and scribble down thoughts of the interior of my future house – which might I add, interior and fashion go hand in hand, like twins. Everything is on trend and to the point. Yes you can be a bit avant garde with fashion, but you can do so with interior as well.

Our next speaker was Dr Reza Mia and his brother Ridwaan Mia who spoke to us about cosmetic surgery… I won’t lie, my views on cosmetic and plastic surgery was very negative, and I was rather naive, but afterwards the knowledge that I had gained did indeed change my view.

Next step, FASHION… when Poppy Evans started filling the pages of Elle Magazine with her accurate and unique eye for style, I was convinced that she was the Amanda Priestly of our day. She was fresh and bursting with an opulence of BLACK IS THE NEW BLACK syndrome – which I loved. Anyway back to the topic, we were told about the latest fashion trends for the season and how to wear them… how I wish I could have bought all those clothing items…

Now every girl needs that one guy friend that’s a straight-talker, real deal kind of guy that’s advice and opinions on relationships should be listened to and viewed with an open mind. Well since I don’t have any guy friend/s like that, I turn to page Oliver Roberts in the magazine, yes his articles are a bit feisty, but he is honest and I’d hate to admit it, but what he said that day was actually true.

Lunch time was upon us, and I was famished! After a scrumptious lunch and a bit an off break the fashion shows had begun….

A bit of a reflection… the empowerment that felt being surrounded by so many beautiful and strong women was absolutely remarkable. As a young lady, bordering on my 21st birthday, I’ve come to realise the true value of being a women. I mean, yes I’ve read many articles of strong, independent women and their success – but it was just reading. What I’m trying to say, is that to be a women you need to not only be and feel inspired, but you need that drive and motivation. Calling yourself a feminist and not understanding the value of the meaning of it borders on contradiction. I am no feminist, I am a lady. I know what I want in life, and in order to achieve my woman status I need that success BUT that success is not just material gain, it’s what I’ll gain by giving back, it is something so simple that by sharing my success with others one day will bring me happiness. Being a woman encompasses all that is physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally uplifting. I don’t just want to be someone that has everything but essentially has nothing; I want to be that woman that changes the way society looks at something. I want to strive to be better than the goals that I set to achieve. Thank you ELLE magazine, a reader since the age of 14…

Enjoy the Fashion show!

Forever New brought a flavour burst of young, fresh pastels and tropical prints, keeping to their girly signiture.

Mango was effortlessly chic, bright and bold!

It was the first time that I saw TWO’s range… definitely worth the purchase. The design and cut was simple and structured, playing on different textures and patterns really caught my eye.

Christopher Strong has been a favourite of mine for many years, he brought sexy BLACK. The opulence of dark tones, made my eyes glisten! What I really liked was that the garments were kept really simple, the cuts were defined and it showcased a sence of comfort. I loved it!

Finale…. Kluk CGDT… transported me to my favourite disney fairytale stories. I was beyond enchanted by this range. A basic colour palette complemented by textures of velvet, silk, fur and net and then finished of with the most beautiful and intricate beadwork… I had escaped into a fantasy world… breath taking.

well ladies and gents, I hope you enjoyed my post.

lots of love