In other [FANTASTIC] news, @solangeknowles is in South Africa for a photoshoot with Elle Magazine South Africa. How exciting is that? Can’t wait to see her in the mag as soon as its out on the shelves. Its guaranteed to bang. You wouldn’t want to miss that. I so wish I was the fashion editor of Elle. There’s so many cool things I’d want her to wear. What a style icon and I think its only fair that I make her #SeptemberFashioniSTAR . Give me your thoughts on her:


My black is beautiful
Too beautiful for your insecurities
Too beautiful for your bitterness
For your lies
For your hatred
So before you try to hate me for this blackness
My blackness
This melanin
These lips
These curves
This culture
Just remember my black is beautiful

- Iesha


Last year Lauren and I spent an entire Saturday shopping, shadowing and just parlaying with a group of skothanes and Italiana’s for an article we did for ELLE magazine. We had so much fun learning about their world and talking about style, fashion, music, dance and culture that we forgot we were actually working. The article is in this month’s ELLE magazine South Africa (the February issue, we mag girls live in the future) and there is an awesome behind-the-scenes post on ww.elle.co.za Go get your copy and peep the link so you can read about how the skothanes kept eyeing my neon pink Nike Lunarlon running shoes and suggested I become a khot’ queen (female skothane), our other highlights and to see the awesome unpublished pictures that Lauren took. 


The March issue of ELLE magazine South Africa hits shelves today and the voluptuous Scarlett Johanson is the cover girl! I’m doing more posing than reporting in this issue. I had 3 small cars to review for our road trip section, and apart from getting paranoid about losing the keys and hustling for extra parking space, I had a great time! Turn to page 142 to find out which starter pack gets my vote.