elle x vivian

Legally Blonde is kind of an ultimate “girl power” movie, and NOT just because of Elle...

But a lot because of the character Vivian, and her relationship with Elle. I was just watching Legally Blonde on cable today (it’s one of my favorite movies, and I can’t resist turning to it if I see it on TV), and was reminded of how subversive the Vivian/Elle aspect is in comparison to the usual treatment of the “bitchy, snobby girl” trope in fiction. Most often, especially in lighter comedies and “teen movies”, the “bitchy, snobby girl” who antagonizes the main female protagonist gets a big pile of karma at the end, gets taken down, loses “the guy”, etc. But even when I first saw Legally Blonde at age 13, I was pleasantly surprised by and loved the fact that Vivian’s storyline did not go that way. She began to see that not only was Elle genuinely smart and killing it at law school, but she was also a genuinely good, charming, friendly person. She realized what a “frigid bitch” she was being to Elle, and stopped. Then she reached out to befriend her. And she also realized that the guy she felt so threatened by Elle over, wasn’t even worth it, and dropped him. Then she and Elle went on the become best friends! Instead of a female rivalry ending with one woman taking down the other, it ended with the rivalry being overcome, and turning into friendship. Now that is true “girl power”, and it’s probably my favorite thing about this movie. 

Legally Blonde AU

Garroth is Elle

Laurance is Vivian (they become best friends at the end of the movie aND elle x vivian is better than any other legally blonde ship)

Zianna is Paulette

Travis and Dante are Margot and Serena

Aaron is Emmett

Michi is Warner

Ivan is Callahan

Lucinda is Brooke

Garte is Paulette’s ex-husband (sorry Garte ily but there’s not too many adults left ;-;)

Sylvanna is the mailman (I fucking hardcore ship sylvanna and zianna sorry)

Sasha is Enid

Ivy is Chutney

Rachel is Chutney’s mom

Melissa is Professor Stromwell (I feel like she would tell Garroth hes a pussy for giving up but the professional™ way)

Kim is the nerd guy (I don’t know if he had a name but he’s the one that Elle helped get a date ^^)

(Ppft I mightve forgot some characters but I tried)