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Don’t be fooled by someone’s promises, when their actions often contradict their words.

- Tene Edwards


Hey there, beautiful souls! Callie and I were inspired to host this magazine awards together because of her magazine blog, which you can check out here!

R U L E S :

📚 must be a follower of us (pallacium and unaccxptable)

📚reblog this post at least once! likes are only counted as bookmarks!

📚do not remove text from this post.

C A T E G O R I E S :

📚Best URL - Cosmopolitan

📚Best Icon - Esquire

📚Best Color Scheme - Seventeen

📚Best Theme - Marie Claire

📚Best Posts - Harper’s Bazaar

📚Best Details/Add-ons - Shape

📚Best Overall - Vogue

📚Min Xuan’s Fave - Cleo

📚Callie’s Fave - Elle

P E R K S  :

📚 Two new friends!

📚 You will be featured on a page (under construction)

M O R E :

📚You can apply for more of Min Xuan’s awards here and Callie’s over here!

📚This awesomely made banner was made by Callie - you can request for one here!

📚 Check out Callie’s magazine blog Taffeta! (you should check it out bc it’s really cool)