elle me dit mika

When there is this kind of stuff that happens around us, when there is intolerance, when there is so much cruelty, even just 100 kilometres away from here, I can’t just sit on my ass. And so what we are doing here, and what I said yesterday when I had to make a show at the Nimes arena, and earlier when we stopped for a minute, thinking about the people in Nice, I have to say that what we are doing here is not a privilege. When you sing, when I dance, when I say bullshit, when we are together fearless: this is not a privilege, this is necessary. And so I can throw away the idea of elegance because when I dance, I dance to say fuck you to all the people that I can’t stand. But when I say so, I don’t say it with anger, I don’t say it with intolerance, I say it with joy. And I say it with you. So let’s dance, let’s dance because we can. And because we have to. So let’s dance for hope.
—  MIKA’s speech after Elle me dit tonight

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excuse me asking but, who are the artists of the songs in your audio thing? specifically the song heaven. tysm


não pode não - Familia Madá

sol - Família Madá

relaxa! - Haikaiss

sem graça - Haikaiss

na ponta ela fica - Mc Delano

21st century girls - BTS

Boombayah - BLACKPINK

not today - BTS

Elle me dit - MIKA

heaven - troye sivan

toxic - melanie martinez cover

somebody else - the 1975

down - marian hill

cliffs edge - hayley kiyoko

gravel to tempo - hayley kiyoko

French songs

So this has probably definitely been done before, but I thought I might be able to bring something new to the table, so without further ado, here are some French songs and artists you can listen to!

Mika (Elle me dit is pretty much my jam)

Celine Dion y’all know her from Titanic. This Canadian has a ton of songs in French

Jean-Jaques Goldman remains mega popular in France. He’s been making music since, like, the 80s. If you go to France for an extended period of time at some point you will hear his songs

Stromae! What can I even say, if you don’t know him yet you should, my fave Belgian (I don’t know anyone from Belgium)

Johnny Hallyday an icon in France for bringing rock n roll to them or something. Actually wants to be Belgian. I’m not sure if he’s gotten his citizenship yet.

Coeur de pirate only from making this list did I find out she was a) one singular person and b) canadian. Kind of a Christina Perry-esque figure for francophones, from what I can tell.

Indochine Everyone in France knows their songs. Bob O’Malley?

Daniel Balavoine the only song I know of his is “tous les cris les SOS” which is not at all similar to the smash hit anthem by the Jonas Brothers “SOS”

Grégoire I only know his song “Toi + moi” but it’s a banger

Indila apparently also has a song called “SOS” which still bears no resemblance to the Jonas Brothers’ version :,( Anyway her song “dernière danse” got super popular, even making the German top 100 in 2014

Carla Bruni is married to former French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Zaz the name sounds vaguely familiar but I don’t really know any of her songs. anyway she seems cool

Les Enfoirés–I couldn’t find a mix or a channel for them so you’re just going to have to get yourself over to Youtube and search it yourself. These guys are a bunch of French musicians and singers who raise money for the poor or something. I don’t remember. It’s a good cause

Les Choristes soundtrack I believe the movie is on Netflix if you want to see it

Ella Elle L’a–a French song that everybody knows and apparently everybody also sings. I’m not sure who wrote it or who sang it first but yeah

N’oubliez pas les paroles–French game show where contestants win if they sing songs correctly. I know we have something like that here in the US but I don’t watch game shows very often so I don’t know what it’s called or how similar it is to this truly award worthy game show. It’s hosted by Nagui (sp?) who hosts at least half of all French game shows, I reckon.

Now that I did this I’ve reminded myself of all the kickass French songs out there so I’m gonna go listen to some now. Please add any song or artist I’ve missed!!

10 Favourite Songs (at the moment)

Sorry for another boring munday post! TT^TT But, here are my top 10 favourite songs- as tagged by the ever-lovely @fruk-de-lys!

Mozart- Symphony No. 25, G Minor, K183, 1st Movement

The Beatles- Please Please Me (Or anything!!)

Mozart- Serenade For Winds, B Flat Major, K361, 3rd Movement

Hetalia/France- Embrace The Tres Bien Moi

Vicky Leadros (or the instrumental)- L’Amour Est Bleu

Stromae- Papaoutai

Mika- Elle Me Dit

Memes?- Allstar Bach’s Chorale version (unironically… It sounds nice! TT^TT)

Mozart- Queen of The Night’s Aria (I just recently watched Amadeus, so it got me back into my Mozart phase)

And #1 of all time:

Kuroshitsuji Season 1 (unfortunately)- A Gleam In The Distance

Anyway! Thank you so much for all of your amazing asks, everyone! I’ll be getting to them asap, but some of them I don’t know if its for me or for Arthur. XD

Shite, tags, uhh….. I’m sorry, I’m a complete fuck, so… Let’s just say anyone! Honestly, I’d like to hear from all of you!

French Playlist

Hey everyone! Here are my favourite French songs at the moment-

ZAZ -Je veux/Ni oui ni non/ Paris sera toujours Paris/ La vie en rose (cover)/ Si/ Belle (from the movie Belle et Sébastien)/

Indila- S.O.S./ Dernière Danse/

Louane- Jour 1/ Je vole (from the movie La Famille Bélier) / Avenir/

Maître Gims- Bella/ Zombie/ Warano Style/

Stromae- ta fête/ Papaoutai/ alors on danse/

MIKA- Elle me dit/

There are obviously more great songs that I haven’t discovered yet so please suggest your favourite French music! :D

Rules: put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten people.

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  1. Ex’s & Oh’s by Elle King
  2. Blow Your Mind (Mwah) by Dua Lipa
  3. Je veux by ZAZ
  4. My Dead Gay Son from Heathers: The Musical
  5. Dollhouse by Melanie Martinez
  6. Revolution by The Beatles
  7. Elle Me Dit by MIKA
  8. Paparazzi by Lady Gaga
  9. Madness by Muse
  10. My First Kiss (feat. Ke$ha) by 3OH!3

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dancing in the snow

a wintry pop mix for the best pretty setters ship
this is a secret santa gift for eun @aegyoshin​ !!

1. gorgeous! // akemi kimura 2. elle me dit // mika 3. winter valentine // bo en ft mus.hiba 4. レトロメモリー // capsule 5. the tip of the iceberg // owl city 6. we flood the night // far east mention mannequins 7. prom night // anamanaguchi 8. funky at heart // owl city 9. i wish you // capsule 10. für elise // beethoven

(cover art by @skyrafter, i hope u like it too)


there’s a bonfire burning tonight. // you don’t need anyone else to have a dance party

001. paris; little dragon ★ 002. elle me dit; mika ★ 003. bad side of 25; patrick stump ★ 004. down in the dumps; walk the moon ★ 006. weight of living, part ii; bastille ★ 007. uma thurman; fall out boy ★ 008. grow up; paramore ★ 009. break your little heart; all time low ★ 010. r u mine?; arctic monkeys ★ 011. when you were young; the killers ★ 012. campus; vampire weekend ★ 013. nearly witches (ever since we met…); panic! at the disco ★ 014. pete wentz is the only reason we’re famous; cobra starship ★ 015. slow down; the academy is… ★ 016. vampire money; my chemical romance ★ 017. unbelievers; vampire weekend ★ 018. escape route (bonus track); paramore ★ 019. it gets better; fun. ★ 020. placer culpable (bonus track); cobra starship ★ 021. tennis court; lorde ★ 022. glowing eyes; twenty one pilots 023. texas; magic man ★


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