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for @dazais-guardian-angel - for auntie milla who never fails to gets a smile out of me from her fics (mostly that smile is me fighting my tears) and a smile out of me from her comments to my fics or even from chatting to me- I wanted to bring a similar smile and happiness to u with this gift <3 

just another modern aukat dalhia as eponine

It’s one of the unwritten rules of the universe that in every major city, there must be one bad neighborhood. And not just bad in a ‘the neighborhood toughs will break into your car and steal from you’ way, but in a 'eight-year-olds will shank you for looking at them funny’ way. And in everyone of those bad neighborhoods is at least one motel owned by a grimy, creepy middle-aged man. The motel rents by the hour and houses mainly crack dealers and meth addicts. 

Eponine grew up in one of those motels, in one of those neighborhoods. And when you have a childhood like she did, you have to grow up tough or the city eats you alive.

So, yeah.

Eponine has never claimed to be a 'good’ person, because she isn’t. She’s not good, or sweet, or delicate. She’s the daughter of a wolf and she’ll protect what’s hers; fight tooth and nail for the people she loves, but she’s not some goody two-shoes who just happens to live under difficult circumstances. That’s Cosette’s job, not hers.

So yeah, she’s been arrested a couple times (nothing major, petty larsony and a couple fights that she didn’t start but she sure as hell finished), and she’s done some things she’s not totally proud of. She’s a little rough around the edges; she carries around two switchblades and for a while kept a razor blade in her mouth, just in case, but that’s a mark of the environment.

And, okay, sure. She’d like to get out, do something different with her life, something special and important, but that’s not gonna happen to her. Gavroche maybe has a chance, but Eponine? She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t go down in a blaze of gunfire before she’s thirty, and she’s okay with that.

Honest, she is.

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Fresh off the proverbial presses, it’s Fandometrics.

Television: Never

Miraculous experiences the divine No. 1.
How to Get Away with Murder returns at No. 8. All hail Shonda Rhimes.
Gravity Falls and so do good TV shows. Down six to No. 13.

Movies: Gonna

Ghostbusters (No. 3) busting moves as well as those ghosts.
☆ Beep beep! Passengers debuts at No. 8.
Warcraft is losing the battle, clinging to the bottom at No. 20.

Music: Give

Twenty One Pilots is keeping steady at No. 2.
The Weeknd dropped a new single, the last e in his name, and into No. 14.
⬆ There’s only One Direction (No. 4) for those guys this week, and it’s up.

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Celebrities: You

Angelina Jolie is No. 3…
☆ …But Brad Pitt is only No. 6. 👀
Tatiana Maslany comes back to us at No. 17 after her rightful Emmy win.

Games: Up

Flight Rising reaches an altitude of No. 11
☆ An update titled Rise of Iron earned a certain video game No. 19. It was Destiny.

Web stuff: (…Sorry)

⬆ How-ell does he do it? Danisnotonfire is back at No. 1.
⬆ Check, Please! (@omgcheckplease) is at No. 5 after it won Kickstarter and Answer Time.
The Adventure Zone, a D&D playthrough podcast, debuts at No. 20.

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