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In HElle: Pet Peeve 1

If you have ever told someone they 

a) Shouldn’t be tired or 

b) To stop yawning

Fuck. You.

No, seriously, this isn’t a dick-measuring contest as to who is the most rested after a certain amount (or lack there of) of sleep. If I’m yawning, it is because my body needs me to. If I’m tired, then I’ll deal with it.

But stop it. Stop telling me how awake I should be ESPECIALLY WHILE I’M AT MY JOB.

I didn’t ask you. It is, quite frankly, none of your damn business. I’m just trying to get through the day. Leave me alone unless you need assistance or have a question.

Bruce (@rabbruad1) wrote: 

‘A lot of times, Elle and I do things concurrently…like cursing and throwing stuff. It just makes us feel closer together.’

Each day we intersperse conversing and cursing. We rehearse the cursing, which helps us immerse in the verbal traversing and vocal reversing with mock adversaries and diverse terse nurses with perverse asperses, who are terse or worse. We need no coercing by purses to curse, it’s all reimbursed in the curse we rehearsed!

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#possibly my fave episode <- let's talk about GMM 799 + More! Why is it your favorite? What's the strongest emotion it wakens in you? Did you laugh? How do you imagine it would've played out if Link had fainted in Rhett's arms? I love your blog and tags, always make me smile or think deeper. Keep up the awesomeness, and have a lovely day! :)

Oh goodness, thank you! I’m glad I’m able to be at least a little entertaining with my stream of consciousness tag rambling.

Man, GMM 799. The episode of my heart. Anon, you have opened a real can of worms here.

Like, okay, when I start watching a show or whatever that has two shippable people, my pervert brain immediately starts wanting them to fuck. It’s just automatic. So as soon as I watched my first ep of GMM (which was the Carolina Reaper ep), I was thinking Man, that big guy really needs to get on that little guy like pronto, because I’m into size difference and Link was such a sad little bean when he ate that pepper and their whole dynamic just worked for me in a purely pornographic way. So I started watching other eps and for the longest time, I really just wanted Rhett to slam Link to the floor and fuck him until he cried (for the record, I still want that, I just also want other things now).

GMM 799 was the turning point for me where I went from a shallow version of rhink shipping to the deeply emotional wreck I am today. Everything about their dynamic in that episode is so sweet and soft and familiar. They get all up in each other’s personal space in the way that they only do when they forget themselves and get too absorbed in the task at hand to remember that they’re not ‘supposed’ to lean in to each other.

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Rhett talks about Link’s squeamishness like he’s intimately familiar with it - and you can’t tell me for a second that Link has never fainted into Rhett’s arms on more than one occasion. They’re always doing stupid shit together and Link is so clumsy, there’s no way it hasn’t happened. Also, the way Rhett instantly reaches out to catch him the second Link’s breath starts wavering, you know Rhett’s done it before. He’s all ready with that protective instinct. (Don’t even get me started on Rhett’s protectiveness over Link, that’s a whole other post.)

Link gets progressively giddier as the episode goes on, like it doesn’t matter that he only had to prick himself what, twice? he can’t get it together at all and obviously desperately needs a nap and a cuddle. He says that “I gotta give you my meat” line and he gets so flustered when the crew laughs, even though he normally just giggles and brushes stuff like that off. Then they get to the wheel ending and Link is such a little cutie pie, he just cannot participate at all, he can’t even keep a straight face.

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The GMMore for this episode is such a perfect little window into their relationship. Rhett gets so worked up, and with Link too out of it to moderate his excitement, Rhett starts bouncing off the walls. At one point, Rhett says he knows Link is annoyed, but it’s obvious that he’s not, really. He’s just being so exasperatedly tolerant, like he’s seen Rhett like this a thousand times before (because you know he has, every single time Rhett discovers a new “layer” or a new skill). He doesn’t get mad when Rhett screams in his face, he just covers his ear and giggles, because he knows all he has to do is wait five minutes and Rhett will have forgotten all about being a blood genius.

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Honestly, this is the ep that I show people when they ask me why I ship Rhett and Link. It showcases so much of their personalities and, even better, the way they interact with each other. It’s such a perfect representation of their dynamic, to me. There are lots of eps that have shippy wheel endings and super suggestive moments that are good examples of why someone should consider sailing on the rhink ship, but GMM 799 is the best example I can think of of a full episode/more that gives us a little bit of everything.

This got so much longer than it needed to be, holy fuck. Full disclosure, I’ve been day drinking. Should I just add that sentence to my bio?

There’s no way I’d be able to come up with a more specific ranking system than grouping them into tiers of favourite-ness, but I think I’ve finally pinned down how I feel about all the CM characters (who were in s1-11):

Ultimate favourite: Hotch

Second favourite: Garcia

Tied for third place: Reid, Rossi

Probably would be candidates for third place if they’d been around for longer and not broken my heart when they left: Gideon, Blake, Elle

Not quite Favourites™, but still characters that I love A Lot: JJ, Morgan, Emily, Kate, Tara

I like them but we barely got to know them: Jordan, Ashley

just another modern aukat dalhia as eponine

It’s one of the unwritten rules of the universe that in every major city, there must be one bad neighborhood. And not just bad in a ‘the neighborhood toughs will break into your car and steal from you’ way, but in a 'eight-year-olds will shank you for looking at them funny’ way. And in everyone of those bad neighborhoods is at least one motel owned by a grimy, creepy middle-aged man. The motel rents by the hour and houses mainly crack dealers and meth addicts. 

Eponine grew up in one of those motels, in one of those neighborhoods. And when you have a childhood like she did, you have to grow up tough or the city eats you alive.

So, yeah.

Eponine has never claimed to be a 'good’ person, because she isn’t. She’s not good, or sweet, or delicate. She’s the daughter of a wolf and she’ll protect what’s hers; fight tooth and nail for the people she loves, but she’s not some goody two-shoes who just happens to live under difficult circumstances. That’s Cosette’s job, not hers.

So yeah, she’s been arrested a couple times (nothing major, petty larsony and a couple fights that she didn’t start but she sure as hell finished), and she’s done some things she’s not totally proud of. She’s a little rough around the edges; she carries around two switchblades and for a while kept a razor blade in her mouth, just in case, but that’s a mark of the environment.

And, okay, sure. She’d like to get out, do something different with her life, something special and important, but that’s not gonna happen to her. Gavroche maybe has a chance, but Eponine? She’ll be lucky if she doesn’t go down in a blaze of gunfire before she’s thirty, and she’s okay with that.

Honest, she is.

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Fresh off the proverbial presses, it’s Fandometrics.

Television: Never

Miraculous experiences the divine No. 1.
How to Get Away with Murder returns at No. 8. All hail Shonda Rhimes.
Gravity Falls and so do good TV shows. Down six to No. 13.

Movies: Gonna

Ghostbusters (No. 3) busting moves as well as those ghosts.
☆ Beep beep! Passengers debuts at No. 8.
Warcraft is losing the battle, clinging to the bottom at No. 20.

Music: Give

Twenty One Pilots is keeping steady at No. 2.
The Weeknd dropped a new single, the last e in his name, and into No. 14.
⬆ There’s only One Direction (No. 4) for those guys this week, and it’s up.

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Celebrities: You

Angelina Jolie is No. 3…
☆ …But Brad Pitt is only No. 6. 👀
Tatiana Maslany comes back to us at No. 17 after her rightful Emmy win.

Games: Up

Flight Rising reaches an altitude of No. 11
☆ An update titled Rise of Iron earned a certain video game No. 19. It was Destiny.

Web stuff: (…Sorry)

⬆ How-ell does he do it? Danisnotonfire is back at No. 1.
⬆ Check, Please! (@omgcheckplease) is at No. 5 after it won Kickstarter and Answer Time.
The Adventure Zone, a D&D playthrough podcast, debuts at No. 20.

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(same anon as before) wait were you one of the artists who got attacked in the hamilton fandom because if so thats a shit thing for people to do :(

w ell kind off

ill write the stuff below cut so that i dont fuck up someones dashboard o pps

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What More Can I Say? - a modern au

People are always surprised to hear that Courfeyrac and Combeferre are best friends; it doesn’t quite make sense at first glance.

Courfeyrac is the danseur noble of one of the most prestigious ballet companies in the country. Defying a faulty stereotype, Courfeyrac, while being one of the most talented dancers of the decade, is probably the most lighthearted, kind, down to earth performer you’ll ever meet.

With razor-sharp wit and more snark than is probably healthy for a human being to have, Combeferre would make either an excellent professor or a fantastic criminal, and settles for somewhere in the middle.

The two of them were brought together by their best friend, Enjolras, a young revolutionary who completes their odd trio. Courfeyrac has left rehearsal early to bail the two of them out of jail more times than he’d like to admit, and the director hates him a little more every time (besides, there’s only so many times the ‘my apartment is on fire’ excuse will work)

When it comes to the ballet, Combeferre attends every performance he can (Courfeyrac always makes sure there’s a ticket waiting for him) and Courfeyrac stands proudly between Enjolras and Combeferre at every rally or protest he can make time for (Combeferre always has a way to get him out of the crowd quickly in case things get out of control; he can’t afford to be injured).

The three of them have always been close, but there’s something… else between Courfeyrac and Combeferre. Something in the way Courfeyrac likes to trace the intricate lines of ink that sprawl down Combeferre’s arms, in the way Combeferre waits for him by the stage door every night, in the small hitch of Combeferre’s breath when he first sees Courfeyrac on stage, in Courfeyrac’s inability to think clearly when Combeferre pushes up his sleeves to reveal the tattoos underneath.

When a protest goes wrong and Combeferre and Enjolras are separated, and Combeferre is charged for resisting arrest and assaulting an officer, Courfeyrac goes to collect him, heart in his throat. He finds him slumped in a cell, lip broken and knuckles bloody, and kisses him, hard.

People are always surprised to hear that Courfeyrac and Combeferre are dating, until they see the way they look at each other.

Then it makes perfect sense.