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Her last two posts of Tom in 16 October 2015

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And May 18 2016

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And her tweets about him

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The last one is funny because I don’t know if it’s shade or a joke.

But that’s all I have and now we can all move on lol


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Arden cho: Ardencho
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Cara Delevinge: caradevilqueen
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Elle magazine: elleuk.com
Ethan Dolan: ethandolan
Gemma Styles: gemmaastyles
Gigi Hadid: itsgigihadid
Grayson Dolan: graysondolan
Kendall Jenner: kendalljenner
Kylie Jenner: kylizzlemynizzl
Lauren Elizabeth: littleswagx
Lottie Tomlinson: lottietommo1
Lou Teasdale: louteasdale
MAC: maccosmetics
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Niall Horan: niallhoran
Troian Bellisario: gaia17
Twaimz: twaimz
Shawn Mendes: shawnmendes1
Shay Mitchell: officialshaym
Victoria Moroles: vicmo96

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That wasn't a dream...

I am no doctor, but I have to say that my heart has been pumping the most this year. Every week there something new happening to my life, there are times where I have to actually have to pinch myself to make sure it’s real. For example this week, Nicola Formichetti, Renzo Rosso and Diesel took me to Venice, Italy!!! * heart still pumping loud*

 I think no one expected how this trip was going to actually go. But Oh and they surprised us good! 

I knew about this trip over a month ago and it never set in that I was actually going. I have been so busy with the million other things that a trip to Venice didn’t calculate in my mind until the week before. If you think that Disney is a magical place what you definitely haven’t been to Venice Italy. I brought my computer and cellphone because well we are so used to technology so we take it everywhere we go. The funny thing is that for that week I didn’t use either of them. It was only me and my camera soaking in all the beautiful architecture, people, and sites! 

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