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anonymous asked:

Yeah E needs to give it a rest it's been a year and a half now... T and co has moved on, so should she.When your ex's family don't acknowledge you anymore that's a huge sign to just let it go!!!

I mean Harry deleted that tweet about her which she craftily resurrected. What does that tell you, man??? If I were her, my ego would be so fucking hurt, I would be like “fuck this” and unfollow Harry, and just leave the past be. Or at least try to NOT engage with any of them on SM after that, since CLEARLY it is not being reciprocated. #getthehintElle…

Self respect > Need to not let go of the past. She should remember that and realize she is not coming off well.

Actually I will even tag her.  I know she has tumblr, and i want her to see this, because clearly there is no one in her life that gives her tough love, at least not about this. 

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anonymous asked:

She seems like the type of girl who doesn’t get the hint tho, she keeps trying. Whatever relationship she and tom had just have been witchcraft or something for her to be so obsessed with the past. I agree with you my ego would be bruised especially with how petty I can get I’d probably block all of them and pretend I never knw tom

I talked to channelxblue about this once, and I said that I get being obsessed over an ex if that ex is a movie star and you are a nobody person, because she lost a bf AND the biggest trophy of her life. For a regular person, nabbing a movie star can feel like a trophy, and it seems she showed him off a bit in that sense. I mean, sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but they are mostly sardines while Tom was her big Moby Dick. She will never get another Tom Holland. Losing Tom deserves a bit of obsession period but if it is over two years (and it is kinda nearing the two year mark), then it is REALLY time to move on. I get that “out of sight, out of mind” is hard when your ex is a movie star and is EVERYWHERE you look, and most of your followers on IG are Tom fans who still kiss your ass and give you attention. Hard to “forget” Tom when your situation is like that….

And the thing is she mostly is doing a good job, with keeping busy with work and having friends, etc, going to lotsa vacations. But she has not had a bf since Tom and she can’t let go off the Holands on SM. When she has a steady bf in her life, I am sure that obsession will lessen, and especially if she stops liking/commenting on Hollands on SM, the better it will be for her.