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German Sunday - a playlist to get you ready for the week ahead

i. Wenn Ich Zwanzig Bin - Wanda ii. Scotty Beam Mich Hoch - Marteria iiiKompass Ohne Norden - Prinz Pi iv. Bleib Wo Du Warst - Wanda v. Kids (2 Finger an den Kopf) - Marteria vi. Lang lebe der Tod - Casper (feat. Blixa Bargeld) vii. Willst du - Alligatoah viiiDreggade Dog - Django 3000 ix. KEINE LUST - Rammstein xGib ma Flügl - Django 3000 xi. Bonnie und Clyde - SEILER UND SPEER xii. Pisse - Schnipo Schranke xiii. Über Den Wolken - Reinhard Mey xiv. Still - Jupiter Jones xv. 80 Millionen - Max Giesinger xvi. Herz über Kopf - Joris xvii. Hinterland - Casper xviii. Sei ein Faber im Wind - Faber xix. Wenn du tanzt - Von Wegen Lisbeth xx. Aber hier leben, nein danke - Tocotronic xxi. Zum Laichen und Sterben ziehen die Lachse den Fluss hinauf - Thees Uhlmann xxii. Columbo - Wanda

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caeloms  asked:

"Do you have a spare blanket? Maybe a pillow? It's cold downstairs on the sofa."

THERE ARE A NUMBER OF RESPONSES  that spring to mind. Think yourself lucky you’re sleeping indoors at all, kid. She has a perfectly acceptable furrow of land out the back where you could rest your blonde locks. Goats once used to graze there, plucking up the grass with their rubbery lips and bleating in much the same way that Zelda is now. Elle thinks it would be fitting. Her folded brow says as much; her arms are knotted to her hips in an almost thuggish display of belligerence. She wears hostility less like a sword on the hip and more like a worn crutch; something to prop herself upon in the swaggering melee of the social arena. 

Khm.   Gruff and half-voiceless, a grumble at the back of the throat. Once again she casts a leery eye over her unfortunate house guest. The thin and shivering shoulders. It’s cold, she says. What does Elle care that she’s cold! Face like a thunderclap, she opens her mouth to tell her to hold her tongue, nail it behind your teeth if you want to keep it, Goldilocks. 

Instead she says,   Fine. Take the bed. Go on, beeil dich, Mäuschen.

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