elle est aimee

funandaims  asked:

Goodness gracious you have such charming art! I don't know how I missed your blog in my mass acnl-artist-following-frenzy, but I'm certainly glad I'm following you now~ What's your medium, if you don't mind my asking?

You’re EindoakCrossing aren’t you?  I’ve seen your posts around!  Keep at it!  There are so many cool AC artists out there…it seems like I’m constantly finding more and more of them, and some of them I’ve even made friends with, which is the coolest of beans.  Neni’s SugarPan was my introduction to the community, and I’m pleased as punch to now call her my friend.

As for my medium, most of my posts on this blog are pencil sketches from my sketchbook that I’ve scanned and then colored in photoshop.  Over on my main, I actually have a gif of one of my AC pieces being made.  I use the same process for giving my sketches flat colors and posting them to my main, and for a 6-hour in class assignment last week that I posted some process of.