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Shove | Jonah Marais

Requested? Yes! @sleepyhead-marais 

Warnings? One swear word 

Word Count: 1,928 

“(Y/N)!” Your father calls from the bottom of the stairs.

“I’m coming!” You yell down to him.

Today you were heading to work with your father to meet his new client. He was an agent at a big music company that signed a new up and coming boyband.

Your father had said they were around your age (and cute) so you decided to check them out. After you looked over the finishing touches of your outfit you bounced down the stairs and towards your dad.

“Ready to go?”

You nod your head in confirmation and together you two head to his office building. When you get there you head up to his huge office space where the meeting with the boys will take place.

“What’s the band’s name?” You ask as you take a seat in front of your dad’s desk.

“Why Don’t We.”

“Why Don’t We What?” You joke.

“Ha ha.” Your Dad responds. Just as he says this you hear a knock on the door and your dad gets up to answer it.

“Hello boys!” He says and you turn to see five boys walking into his office.

Your dad was definitely right. They were cute. Thankfully they looked to be about your age too. You got up from where you were sitting and went over to greet them.

“Boys, this is my daughter (Y/N). (Y/N), this is Jack, Zach, Daniel, Corbyn, and Jonah.” Your father points to each as he introduces them and they each wave at you.

“Hi.” You say waving back.

Your eyes land on Jonah and out of habit you scan him up and down. He was cute but he seemed too serious for you. The minute he walked through the door you could tell he was all business.

Suddenly your father’s phone rings and he checks to see who it is. “I’ll be right back.” He says before leaving the room and answering the phone.

“So (Y/N), do you work here?” Daniel asks.

“Nah.” You respond. “I just tag along with my dad sometimes because the music industry fascinates me.”

Your father comes back a few minutes later with a stressed look on his face. “(Y/N), can you do me a favor?”

“What’s up?”

“I forgot I have a really important meeting today with some of the higher ups. Can you possibly entertain these guys until I get back?” He asks with a pleading look.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Take them back to the house? Or go shopping or something? I don’t know just take my car and head out.”

“I don’t know about that sir. I’d rather have us stay here and work on things.” Jonah pipes up causing you to roll your eyes.

“Oh no it’s gonna be quite awhile. Let (Y/N) take you back to our house and you guys can hang out for a bit. We’ll do business later today.”

Before Jonah can protest again your father ducks out of the room. You smile at Jonah before walking out of your father’s office and head to where your dad parked his car.

The next thing you know, you and the five boys are heading out for the day. As you drive you make casual conversation with the boys.

“So have you heard our music yet?” Daniel asks from next to you in the front seat.

“Nope.” You say looking over at him. “Play me some.”

The boys start to blast their music throughout your car and you smile as they sing their own songs. After a few songs you realize you still don’t know where to go.

“So what do you guys want to do?”

“You’re the one driving.” Jack points out.

“And the one that’s supposed to entertain us.” Zach adds.

“Touché.” You respond. You try to think about where to go when an idea pops into your head.

Not 15 minutes later you’re at your usual hang out spot. It was a rundown bowling alley that your best friend had worked at for awhile. You and the boys get out of the car and follow you into the building.

“Hey (Y/N).” Your best friend calls.

“Sup loser.” You joke. “You already know my shoe size.”

“Who are these guys?” She asks as she hands you your shoes.

“My dad’s newest client.” You smile.

“We’re Why Don’t We.” Daniel says.

“Ah.” Your best friend says nodding her head.

She hands the boys their shoes and as they slip them on you set up the game.

“So who is that?” Jack asks as you walk over to grab your usual bowling ball.

“That’s Elle. We’ve been best friends since birth. She started working here a little while ago and now it’s become our hangout spot.” You explain.

“Have any of you ever bowled before?” You ask as you walk back over to the boys.

“Once or twice.” Daniel answers shrugging his shoulders.

“Get ready to lose then.” Elle says from the front counter.

“What do you mean?” Zach asks.

You smirk and pick up your bowling ball. You step in front of the alley and start to stride over until you hit the perfect spot. You send the ball flying down and land it right in the center of the pins causing them all to fall.

You turn to the boys to see them all looking extremely impressed except Jonah. He was frowning at you and the rest of the boys clearly upset that they were messing around instead of working.

“Told you.” Elle calls out causing you to giggle.

As Daniel steps up to take his turn you sit down next to Jonah. He refuses to look at you so you turn your body to face him.

“What’s with the pout?” You ask.

“We should be working. Not bowling.” He responds.

“Do you ever do anything fun?” You sigh.

“Of course! But right now we should be focusing on the band. Improving and making new music.”

“Well, too bad. You’re gonna have some real fun instead. And stop pouting you’re ruining my fun.” You say poking his cheek before standing up and walking over to Zach.

For the rest of the time you guys are at the bowling alley you get to know the boys more and Jonah still sits and pouts. After a few hours you guys decide to head out and you say goodbye to your best friend but not before promising you’ll be back later.

You check the time and notice it’s almost midnight and you were hungry. You hadn’t eaten since this morning and to be honest you were craving fast food.

“I’m starving. Do you guys want to go to chick fil a?” You ask as you settle into your car.

“We’ve never been.” Corbyn responds.

“Well you’re about to.”

You quickly type in the address for the nearest chick fil a and head out. After a very short drive you park in the nearly empty parking lot and climb out of the car.

You and the boys enter the deserted restaurant and immediately walk up to the counter.

“What do you guys want?” You ask the boys after ordering for yourself.

The boys shout out their orders over each other and you roll your eyes. You wait for them to finish talking before crossing your arms and looking at each boy.

“One at a time please.”

Each boy steps up to order and afterwards you go to pay but Jonah stops you. “I’m not making you pay.”

“And I’m not letting you pay for me.” You respond while handing over your credit card to the cashier.

“You’ve kept us busy all day, let me pay you back.” Jonah insists.

“You guys are such a cute couple.” The cashier says.

“Oh we are not a couple.” You respond quickly.

Before either the cashier or Jonah can say anything you walk away to the rest of the boys. They were currently taking dumb snapchats making you laugh while you wait for your food.

“Do you guys get kicked out of places often?” You ask after Zach runs up and jumps over a chair but ends up falling, with the chair clattering behind him.

“Sometimes.” Jack says shrugging his shoulders.

Once you guys get your food, you all settle in a booth together. Jack and Daniel sit on one side, You and Corbyn were across from them and Zach and Jonah sat at the end of the table.

“So (Y/N),” Corbyn starts from next to you.

“Yes?” You ask turning to look at him.

“Do you believe in the whole if you touch your soulmate you’ll know it’s them?”

“I don’t know. I never really thought about it.” You respond.

“Really?” Corbyn asks.

“Well Corbyn has already met his soulmate.” Jack pipes up.

“Christina, my girlfriend.” He says smiling at the thought of her.

“Awww.” You say poking Corbyn’s cheek causing him to smack your hand away.

“What about you guys?” You say turning to the rest of the boys.

“Definitely.” Daniel says.

“Maybe.” Jack responds and Zach nods with him.

“Jonah?” You ask.


“I’m assuming you’re a hopeless romantic type?” You ask leaning into the back of your seat.

“And what’s so wrong with that?” He fires back.

You shrug your shoulders before continuing to eat your food. After another half hour of sitting at the restaurant you could tell Jonah was growing annoyed.

“We should really head home guys. It’s way too late and we have to get up early.”

“Come on Jonah, live a little.” You smirk at him.

“I’ve lived enough for the day. Let’s go.” He snaps.

You roll your eyes but get up from the booth anyway. You throw away your garbage and head out to your dads car.

You and the boys climb into your car for what felt like the billionth time that day and you wait for everyone to buckle up before starting the car. Once you put your key in and crank it, the engine sputters out.

You try again but the engine only sputters at you again. After a few more tries you groan loudly before opening your car door again and stepping out.

You pop the hood of your car and look down at the engine. You didn’t know anything about cars but you figured your transmission had given out on you.

You stare down at the mess in front of you trying to figure out what to do. Suddenly you hear a car door shut and you look up to see Jonah walking towards you.

“What’s up?” He asks.

“I think my transmission died but I’m not sure.”

“Let me help.” He offers.

“No way. I can do this myself.” You respond.

“Just let me help!” He says as his voice grows louder.

“No!” You yell back.

“Why are you like this? I’m just trying to help!” He snaps loudly. “I didn’t even want to come today and then you dragged me along and now we’re stuck in the middle of nowhere!”

“I can’t stand you!” You yell back. “You’ve been ruining my fun all day and now you’re making me feel even worse.”

Without thinking about it, you place to hands on his chest and push him away from you. As if something in you clicks, you drop your hands and your anger fades.

You make eye contact with Jonah and recognize the same realization on his face.

“No fucking way.” Zach says from the car causing you to break out laughing.

Jonah Marais was your soulmate. 


Part two is here


Untitled by Jane Kolyadintseva

Ell: A 93% on a Math test! My parents are going to be so proud! What did you get, Tori?

Tori: Pretty sure i got a 79%. 

Ell: Hey, that’s not bad! What did you get, Matilda?

Matilda: Um… Well, this time, instead of a 48, I got a 49! So that’s something! 

Ell: That’s… That’s good, Matilda. 

Tori: What did Tam get? 

Ell: She told me she got a 33 or something… 

Tori: Damn… 

Ell: I don’t know guys… Ever since she’s been getting into these fights, her grades have really been dropping. I really wish she’d care more. 

Tori: That’s Tamara… She just doesn’t care. 

Matilda: Can you guys imagine how her mom’s gonna react when she finds out! She’s going to freak! I saw her once get angry at Tamara and its not pretty… 

Tori: Matilda, she’s a damn bowling ball! 

Ell: … 

Tori: Look, Ell, don’t worry too much about it… She’ll grow out of it, I assure you! She always has these stupid phases. Don’t get too concerned about it. 

Ell: Yeah. I guess you’re right. Thanks Tori- 


Tori: Coming!! I’ll text you when I get home, Ell. 

Ell: Later, Tori! 

Ell: … 

Ell: Well, now I’m bored…