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If Eren, Mikasa and Armin had to adopt pets, what would they get?

I think Eren is definitely a dog person and, honestly, the bigger the dog the better. He’s a pretty active guy, so I can imagine he’d like to get a pet that loves attention and going on walks and stuff. I think he’d like a german shepherd or even a big ‘ol mutt that he adopted from the pound. He’d be that person on social media who posts scenery pictures with his dog in them, for sure!

On the flip side, I can see Mikasa as a cat person. They are independent and can be loving and affectionate, but they don’t need as much constant care and attention as a dog does. I can definitely see Mikasa curled up on her couch with a book in hand with her kitty sprawled out across her lap for warmth and the occasional scratches underneath the chin. 

As much as I think Armin would like traditional animals like dogs and cats, I can see him with a bunch of exotic and hard-to-care-for pets. I don’t know why, but I can see him having a really intelligent bird like a large macaw or something like that? He’d definitely teach it different phrases and let it watch TV with him so, whenever someone is over at his place, his bird just starts talking and babbling. 


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my kon kal-el wig came in today, which means i can finally put the finishing touches on this cosplay and get to fighting crime!! my ttk has been coming in pretty nicely as well, so i’d give it a week or so before i’m finished and ready to hit the metropolis skies. 

in the meantime, you should totally hit up crowmunist, who picked and styled this wig, for cosplay commissions!! not only are they RIDICULOUSLY skilled at all things cosplay, but they’re one of the nicest and most reliable commissioners i’ve ever worked with. 10/10, five stars, two thumbs up and a billion smooches!!!!

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Rucas - Riley getting jealous

Title: Just Babble 
Rucas Fluff
Rating: T

It was spoken quietly; the first word of their child, but it was very loud to Riley. 

“Dada” their daughter Ruby coos out, as Lucas picks her up from her crib. Lucas looks over at Riley in shock.

“Daadadada” Ruby keeps going, patting at Lucas’s face, causing him to laugh like any father would do. He presses his head to his daughters, breathing in her baby smell that lingers.

She is precious, Ruby. Gorgeous dark hair that covers her head, and brown eyes that blink and sparkle. She looks just like a mini Riley, but it’s clear that Lucas is the favourite out of the two.

Once they manage to get their child to sleep and Lucas eases her gently into the crib, Riley goes into the kitchen and make herself busy with dishes. She knows she shouldn’t care but she wonders why her first word couldn’t be Mama?  Riley pouts as she cleans the dishes, she prided herself on not being a jealous person but her she was jealous over the fact that her daughter loved Lucas more, that her daughters first word couldn’t be mama.”

“Riley?” Lucas calls out to her, a knowing tone in his voice. He knows Riley is jealous, and he can’t help but laugh at that. The only time Riley gets jealous is because of him.

“What’s the matter?” he asked, even though he has a good idea.

“Nothing.” Riley huffs, putting the pan on the drying rack. “I am just getting my dishes done.”

Lucas smirks even though she can’t see, she knows him and his hands slip around her waist, Lucas kissing her shoulder before resting his chin. “You know I can read right through you; you don’t need to be jealous.”

“I’m Not” She grumbles, empting the sink and turning around in his arms. When her eyes meet his she sighs. “I just, what is so special about you, like why couldn’t she say mama first.”

Lucas smirks but hides it, he can understand why she would be jealous, because he would feel the same way.

“I spend the whole day with her. I feed her and play with her, and I change her diapers and…” Riley trails off.

Lucas shook his head, and smiles at her pulling her tighter against him “Baby you don’t need to be jealous, because we all know Ruby adores you.”

Riley tries to pull away, but Lucas doesn’t let her. “I should have expected it” she mumbles. “I am a terrible mother. I just, parenting seems to come so easy to you and I am jealous that she responds better to you then I.I hate that I can’t even get her to sleep sometimes”

Lucas stops her from continuing, pressing his lips against her. Riley sighs and wraps her arms around his shoulders. Lucas pulls away slowly and rest his forehead against hers “I never thought you were the jealous type,” he jokes and Riley makes a noise in protest but Lucas just grins “You are insane.”

Riley frowns “I am not.”

“Yes. Ruby adores you, Riley.”

“But she prefers you.”

Lucas shook his head “Only because you are jealous.” He says a teasing tone in his voice.

Riley glares at him and Lucas sighs, linking his hands around her back. “Riley, its just babble. There is no meaning to what she says.”

Riley sighs, the rational part of her brain knowing he was right, but before she can say anything, Ruby starts to cry. They both head to the room, but Riley stops realizing that Ruby would most likely want Lucas. Lucas shakes his head and grabs her hand, pulling her along with him into the room. Lucas let’s go and goes straight to the crib, picking his baby girl up and cradling her in his arms.

Riley just watches, and breathes a little bit, wishing she wasn’t jealous about this. However, Lucas was having trouble to settle the fussy infant in his arms. He groans just a little bit, tired from the day “Well what do you want then?” he asks when she doesn’t respond to his cuddles.

Ruby continues to fuss, but soon she turns to Riley and stretches her arms to her mother. “Mama.” Ruby cries and Riley’s eyes widen.

“Mamama.” Ruby continues.

Riley blinks and looks at Lucas before back at the daughter taking in the image of her fussy daughter calling out to her and her confused and slightly grumpy husband. It takes just a second before she reacts and rushes over to her daughter, gently pulling her into her arms. Ruby instantly stops crying and snuggles into her mother’s arms, her eyes fluttering shut as Riley rocks her to sleep.

Lucas smiles at the scene and kisses Riley on the head, before placing one his daughter’s head, while jokingly saying “It’s just babble Riles.”  

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drabble meme! Megamind/Roxanne #1: “Come over here and make me.”

Roxanne’s cheeks tinged pink, but she didn’t regret her spontaneous words. Not with the way it made Megamind sputter and flail and trip over his own cape, not with the way he pressed his hand to his gasping mouth like a scandalized socialite.

She’d been fighting the temptation to say something like that for years now, every time he’d gone on about getting her to scream. Judging by the way the tips of his ears were flaming bright pink and his eyes were glued, now, to her lips, she was beginning to wish she’d been brave enough to say it ages ago.

Though, honestly, she suspected that she would be the one getting him to scream in the very, very near future.


at this rate, i should have my tactile telekinesis under control by this time sunday B)