Dapper Day!!

had an amazing day at dapper day today!!! Got to meet some amazing people!! hung out most of the day with isaisanisa and caffinatedqueer, aka Isa and Gretchen (most know her as John though :) Got to meet Ella and Haley from Magical Ribbons. All around an amazing day, ending in Fantasmic and kids mac and cheese!! pictures to come!! 

Oh last night,

What a pain it was. I went to Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween party. My goal was really to watch the parade because I never did last year, and to meet the Princes with the Princesses (mostly Flynn Rider).

It rained, which made me mad, I hate rain, HATE HATE HATE IT. The first parade was canceled, so my friend and I went straight to Princess FAIRYTALE Hall so I could meet Flynn. Outside was a character attendant, so I went up to him to ask and make sure the princes were there, and he said they weren’t and that they never are. The only one that was ever out was Philip randomly outside last week or something he said. Now I’m seeing pictures of all the Princes with the princesses in fairytale hall… Needless to say, I’m so incredibly upset!

I was able to watch the parade though at least, even though the headless horseman wasn’t out because it was still wet.

I also got to meet the tumblr famous, Ella! Her mom had told me they would be at this party, so I had kept my eye out all night for them, and eventually gave up. But as we were walking towards the entrance for the sorcerer cards, we ran into them! Ella is super sweet, and very funny and kept taking pictures with us! I hope my kids are as cool as her honestly.