Artist FAQ: Are you self taught? Did you go to art school?

I always found this to be a strange question, because the answer to both questions is yes. I taught myself basic aspects of design when I first was exposed to Photoshop when I was 12. I learned from internet tutorials and trial and error. My mother wasn’t very encouraging with my interests in design, so I was quite disinterested in school. I thought - what was the point? Half way through High school, a 5000 mile move across country, my grades went from abysmal to the top of the class. I was sparked in a design class I had my senior year, the semester before graduating. My teacher asked me to be the lead designer of next year’s yearbook. I had to decline well because, that mortar board was calling my name.

Inspired from my teacher’s compliments, I decided to give college a try. (Don’t make life decesions on a whim guys. You might end up very poor and screwed.) I enrolled into school that gave me the best and simultaneously most difficult four years of my life. School taught me that we’re always getting better and learning new things, this peice of paper doesn’t make me better than a self-taught artist. I loved the experience of school, and I know for some its out of your funds or its not for you. If you really enjoy art, you’ll spend all you can furthering your skill. Art school is just a structured program to help keep you on track.