Prompt #4: Strange Relatives AU

A.N - Nana is related to Lussuria? Lussuria coming over to his favourite cousin/sister & baby nephew, Baby Tsuna confiding in Big Sis Luss, Luss gleefully gossiping with Nana over Tsuna’s first crush on the boy in his beginners boxing class? :D - cy-ella


“Oh honey,” Lussuria croons, “He’s perfect.”

Bundled up in a flimsy hospital gown, holding her newborn son to her side, Nana smiles tiredly up at him. “I should hope so, considering how long I spent giving birth to him,” she jokes. “Would you like to hold him?”

It’s been years since Lussuria’s been allowed to hold a baby. He’s missed it, and his expression must give it away. “Oh please!”

“I do hope you remember how to hold them?”

“Honey, this is like breathing for me. Oh, just look at you!” His voice drops significantly once he has little Tsunayoshi in his arms. He has to hurriedly bite his lip to stop himself squealing. But god, its been so long, and Nana’s little bundle of joy is so freaking cute!

“Trade you?” he offers, only half joking, and Nana laughs as she bundles herself under the hospital blankets. 

“Not for all the money in the world, Luss,” she says, and closes her eyes to take a nap. “But I’ll tell you what, you can take over babysitting duty.”



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