ella montgomery

the signs as iconic things from pll
  • aries: wine moms
  • taurus: empanadas and the right sauce
  • gemini: pink drink
  • cancer: alex's british accent
  • leo: who IS this monster?
  • virgo: it's andrew, babe
  • libra: hanna's bang bang dance
  • scorpio: flash mob full of A's
  • sagittarius: pepe, tippi, and bashful, who really deserved better
  • capricorn: detective spanna and the grandma glasses
  • aquarius: jenna can't hear us, she's blind
  • pisces: aria's "ugly cry"

Not to exaggerate, but like, the reunion of the PLL moms was honestly the most gratifying thing to ever happen in any finale ever. There was just something so healing about watching Ella, Ashley, and Mrs. H get absolutely hammered on expensive wine as they try to remember how they escaped The Basement™. 

Sidenote: This finale proves that Pam Fields is the only adult in Rosewood who has her shit together, and it’s amazing.

Myślę, że to przeznaczenie. Ludzie, którym przeznaczone jest być razem, biorą przerwę, a potem znajdują drogę do swojej pierwszej miłości.
—  “Słodkie kłamstewka”