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Hi, I just wanted to remind you all that I will ship Solangelo until I die and then you can try to pry this beautiful ship from my cold dead hands and fail miserably

A Concept

I’m honestly laughing at how quickly this idea hit me, I didn’t even have time to refute it-

So, it’s summer at Beach City, everyone’s out enjoying the sunshine, including the Crystal Gems and their ever-growing family of gems. This includes the Famethyst, Lapis and Peridot–who is very much hanging onto her gf Amethyst–and the two lovebirds Holly and Jasper. Steven decides he’s hosting a party on the beach and so they’re all having fun.

Of course, Amethyst as keen as she is, picks up on a little bit of tension between Jasp and her quartz sisters who can’t seem to keep their eyes and hands off of the star of the show, Miss Holly Blue herself, and while usually Jasper isn’t too territorial of Holly–having known about her prior relationships with the Famethyst–today she’s feeling a little more on edge. Ame and Peri can’t help but laugh at watching the antics going on between all of them until finally, Amethyst decides she’s ready to up the stakes.

She suggests a little competition. Famethyst vs. Jasper. A race around Beach City and the first gem to complete three laps and make it back to the beach in time gets to claim Holly Blue for the rest of the day and the night. And even though she feigns displeasure, Holly can’t help but love being the center of everyone’s affections.

Since there’s no way she’s going to pass up on such an easy contest, Jasper’s all for it and so are the Famethyst and once rules and parameters are set, the race begins.

After much shenanigans, it comes down to a four-way tie between Jay, Sharky, Chip (much to the others’ surprise), and Jasper and at the end of it all, they all end up crossing the finish line together and it’s up to Holly to decide who she spends the rest of her time with for the day.

It’s an easy pick right? Surely she’d choose Jasper, or Jay, who held the most of her affection back at the Human Zoo.


All are pretty damn shocked when Holly bends down and gives her favor to Chip, the aforementioned gem near bursting with excitement at the Agate’s decision.

Now the question is: do I write or draw this? …Or both~

@molded-from-clay @zawa-ro i’m tagging you both because I figured you miight like this idea~

The Styles’ tutu.

Concept: Harry and Y/N attending their toddler’s dance recital.



“Sweetheart, are you ready?” Harry asked, entering the room, a smile making his way on his face as his eyes fell on you.

“Yeah, there.” You said, staring at your reflection in the mirror as you clipped your earrings. You fixed your dress before turning around to find your husband leaning on the doorframe with a smirk on his face. You giggled, “What now?”

Harry’s teeth caught his bottom lip as he closed his eyes and let his head rest on the doorframe, the smirk still on his face. He looked at you as he approached you, hands brushing down your arms before holding your hands in his. “You look absolutely wonderful.”

Despite being married for 5 years and having been in a relationship since your early teenage years, butterflies still erupted in your stomach as well as a blush creeping to your face. “You look handsome as well, Mr. Styles.”

He chuckled, dipping his head to press his lips against yours in a loving kiss. “Ready?”

“Yeah, is Ella ready?” You asked and Harry nodded in response,

“She’s practicing downstairs.”

After that, you and Harry walked downstairs, catching the attention of your 4 years old Ella who was in a beige ballet costume. “Mummy!” She ran towards you, hugging your legs. “Are you excited?! Daddy told me he’s excited!”

You bent down, hugging her close to you. “I am, baby. And I’m so proud of you.” You grinned, your heart swelling at the grin she had as she played with your hair.

“Shall we go so we’re not late?” Harry asked, smiling down at the both of you. You nodded and stood up, Ella taking a hold of your and Harry’s hand as she stood in the middle.

You walked outside your house after Harry had remembered to get Ella’s batman backpack which had snacks just in case, water and a casual dress.

You strapped Ella in the backseat after making sure that you hadn’t forgotten her converse to be put in the car and got yourself in the passenger seat with your seatbelt on before Harry had placed himself in the driver’s seat and drove off. Harry put low soft music as you and him listened to Ella ramble about the night ahead.

“And daddy! I’m going to be on a stage just like!” She said excitedly, a gasp following before she released a low excited squeal.

You squeezed Harry’s hand which you held on your lap, looking at him as he smiled. You know how much he takes pride in Ella and how supportive he is of her so her telling him that she was excited about doing something he does was enough to make him grin so wide. “Yeah? You like the stage just like daddy, El, don’t you?”

“Give me more, give me more.” You mimicked him quietly, watching as he let out a low laugh, wiggling his eyebrows.

“I love the stage, daddy. It makes me happy.”

“I’m glad it does, sweetheart. Daddy and mummy love it when you’re happy.” Harry said, eyes on the road with a soft smile on his face.

You turned in your seat to look at Ella and made a funny face at her which got her to giggle before she returned the face with one which looked too adorable. You both giggled before you settled back in your seat.

Harry glanced at you for a second, his face showing admiration before he raised your interwind hands, kissing your wedding ring and knuckles.


You and Harry greeted Ella’s ballet instructor as Ella held your hands, her face showing worry.

“Let’s go, Ella?” Jane, her instructor, spoke gently and cheerfully.

Ella’s grip tightened around your hands, making you and Harry share a look as your daughter remained in her place between you.

Jane noticed, looking at you and Harry before nodding, “I’ll give you a minute.” She smiled before walking off.

“Come here,” Harry said before bending and carrying Elle in his arms, perching her against his torso. You approached them, a soothing hand on her back. “What is it, darling? You were excited on the way here.”

“I’m,” She frowned, fighting back her tears but her glossy eyes soon let a tear drop, “I’m nervous.”

You frowned, looking at Harry whose face showed concern about his crying, nervous daughter in his arms. You dug in your bag for tissue, using it to wipe her tears. “Elle,” You cooed, rubbing her back.

She sniffled, looking down. Harry looked at her, “Remember when daddy got on stage and sang with uncle NiNi, Lili and Lou?” He asked her and she nodded. “The first time I did, I was so nervous. I was shaking and a mess. But do you know what happened?”

She sniffled and shook her head, raising her head, her eyes which were a replica of Harry’s staring at his own.

“I got on there and it was the most wonderful feeling ever.”

Ella calmed down, absorbing Harry’s words. “That one time I messed up on stage, your mummy was there for me backstage, gave me a kiss and a big hug and I was happy again. We’ll be watching you, darling. Near and close to you.”

You smiled softly at your husband before looking at Ella and rubbed her back soothingly. “Better?”

She nodded, a small smile making its way to her face. “Better.”

Harry let her down and both of you knelt down, engulfing her in a group hug.

“You’re going to be incredible on stage, honey. Daddy and I believe in you and you should do that, too.” You smiled, rubbing her back.

Harry nodded, placing a kiss on her cheek. “We love you.”

“I love you.” She replied back, kissing your and Harry’s cheeks before running off towards her other friends and instructor.

You stood up alongside Harry, his arm wrapping around your waist as you both walked towards your seats among other parents and families.

You let out a low, short squeal, “I’m nervous.”

Harry laughed, wrapping his arm around your shoulders and giving you a squeeze, “Me, too.”

The dance began, lights dimmed and twinkling music playing, grabbing everyone’s attention and silencing everyone. Your hands were laced with each other near your heart, looking at the stage with all your concentration.

Ella came on stage and stood in her designated place before her eyes fell on you and Harry, giving an excited wave. You both giggled, waving back at her and Harry blew her a kiss.

She danced alongside her mates, perfecting every move and paying attention to every pose she made as if she was the real instructor behind all of this.

“Is that your daughter?” Someone beside you tapped on your shoulder, asking quietly.

You looked towards the woman beside you and smiled as she pointed at Ella. You nodded, “Yes, that’s my daughter.”

“She’s very good, seems to really love dancing.” The woman complimented with a warm smile before sitting back in her seat beside you. You gave her a smile and mouthed “Thank you” before your eyes were on the stage again.

“Looks like El is following her daddy’s footsteps into fame.” You said, still looking at your daughter who was twirling her friend.

Harry’s hand held the camera he had brought, filming Ella with a smile on his face as you watched her glance your way with a grin.

“She’s so good.” Harry whispered and you nodded, glancing at your grinning husband for a moment.

Music faded and soon, all the toddlers were standing in a line for their final curtesy. Everyone was on their feet, giving the children round of cheerful applause.

You and Harry clapped as if your favorite sports team has won. “That’s my daughter!” Harry screamed which caused Ella to laugh loudly with a squeal before she ran backstage. You and Harry quickly rushed through the crowd, giggling as you both held hands and ran towards the backstage. As soon you arrived, Ella was running towards you with a grin.

“Did you see me?! I did everything right! I didn’t fall!” She hugged the both of you.

“You were wonderful!” Harry told her, brushing her hair out of her face. “Know what? Mummy cried because of how good you were.” He told her, feigning wariness as he looked at you then back at her.

You let out a small laugh, feeling your eyes get tearful again. “Don’t think I didn’t see you getting tearful yourself, Styles.”

He smiled, shaking his head as there was no way for him to deny. “We’re so proud of you, love.”

“I’m happy the twirl we practiced payed off well.” You told her, raising your hand up for a high five.

Ella nodded excitedly and high fived you. “Thank you, mummy!”

“You practice without me?” Harry asked with a gasp, “You know I have a tutu of my own.”

“Your tutu is purple, we have matching white, don’t we, El?” You asked your daughter who nodded, giggling at her daddy.

“It’s okay, daddy. Next time, you can join me and mummy.” She patted his head genuinely, rubbing her other hand on his face — an action she had seen Harry do to you when you were said (although he would run his fingers delicately on yours and not rub his hand on your face but nevertheless, it was another cute of of Ella’s).

“Yeah? You’ll do that?” Harry smiled, bringing her closer to him and attacking her face with pampering pecks of kisses.

She giggled, fidgeting in his arms, “Yes, daddy, yes! Stop!” She laughed.

You laughed at the both of them before opening your camera on your phone, “Let’s take a photo.”

You stood up, looking around you before spotting a man with headphones and mic, along with a name tag that read his name and ‘TECHNICIAN’ written under it. “Hello, excuse me, could you take a photo of us?” You asked him politely with a smile to which he nodded at with a smile of his own and opening his palm.

“Of course! Would love to do that for a happy family like yours. Bless you.” He talked as you, Harry and Ella posed with Ella in the middle while the both of you knelt on the ground, hands around her and smiling towards the camera.

Harry smiled, thanking the man and taking your phone to see the photo. “It looks great.”

He showed you and Ella.

“Such a happy family, huh?” You smiled, carrying Ella in your arms.

Harry approached you, pressing a kiss against sleepy Ella’s forehead and wrapped his arms around you, a genuine and satisfied smile on his face. “The happiest.”


The reason why I refer to it as a “fucking crackship”: 

Regardless of the fact that Lapis and Peridot do indeed live together, their relationship as romantic interests has not been confirmed via show canon.

However, some heated Lapi//dot fans are so insistent on their crackship–need I remind you that Lapidot had its humble beginnings as a crack ship–being canon that they are willing to overlook this and take it to the extent of attacking and spewing unnecessary hate at people who don’t agree with their otp. 

And that is why I refer to Lap//idot as a “fucking crackship”. It’s no more than just two characters who live together. Also, might I refer you to this post where it is shown that Rebecca Sugar has also drawn art of Opal x Greg? And even Opal x Garnet? And Opal and Garnet have had plenty of interactions and understand each other deeply but aren’t in a romantic relationship. 

Are there people who potentially ship them? Probably. But are they vicious and aggressive with it? I haven’t seen that happen yet. 

I also refer to Lap//idot as a “fucking crackship” partly because I personally don’t ship it, but more importantly as a means to humble these overactive shippers who find their precious otp more valuable than people’s well-being at times. 

And if we want to talk about “deep, understanding relationships,” I feel inclined to remind you that such is the case between Amethyst and Peridot, who are indeed clearly close with one another as well. Still, that wouldn’t make Amedot canon, now would it?

Tl;dr: Living together and old ship art of the two does not make Lapidot canon. And the people who push that ship so intensely and aggressively, have persuaded me to refer to Lap//idot as what it truly is. A fucking crackship.

EDIT: Just in case it isn’t clear: by no means am I implying that you can’t or shouldn’t ship Lap//idot, or any ship for that matter. As long as it’s not illegal or detrimental to the parties involved, by all means, knock yourselves out with the shipping. Go crazy! But don’t ever forget that these are fictional characters and no matter how much you like them, it is not worth hurting someone else over.

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Okay but didn't faybelle create the outfits in epic winter with her magic (because the ones they had before were lame)?

that’s a point actually, wtf faybelle did you want her to freeze????

see this go tme thinking and???????

faybelle doesn’t know shit about practical outfit design and all of these girls should be dead

☾ aaliyah    misleh ☾

the arcana 

♔ “A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.” ♔

favorite food : Pumpkin Bread 

favorite drink : Hot ginger and turmeric tea  

favorite flower : Red Calla Lilies 

i redrew my apprentice and it literally took me so long lol i love how she came out this time around and absolutely adore the game. I hope you like her! Thanks arcana for the gorgeous art that is the background in this piece. 

okay so matt duchene just got traded in the middle of the fucking game and yeah it really sucks that he has to leave his team and his teammates but like 

what about all the practical stuff that sucks? like he got married this summer and now he has to move to Ottawa like tomorrow and he and his wife have to do long distance not just for trips but until she can pack up all their stuff and move there, and if she does move as soon as possible, they have to break their lease or sell their house and it’s just kinda horrible that they did it in the middle of a fucking game 

I know the Internet seems to be over Spies now, but I would like to inform everyone that I am still trash

Like today I bought a really nice jacket for £7 from a charity shop and one of my main reasons was that it looked like Owen’s jacket

You know what I love the most about Cinderella? (Besides everything?) That when Kit falls in love with Ella it’s never for any other reason than that she’s herself. He’s never like “oh I like this girl because she isn’t like all those other ones.” And I hate that kind of rhetoric. It isn’t romantic at all to love a woman only in comparison to other women or only for the things she isn’t. And it’s funny to me because the script comes so close to doing that sometimes, almost intentionally, but right as it’s about to fall into the trap of “oh she’s different” it turns the moment around. Ella doesn’t know he’s the prince and Kit laughs, obviously delighted, and says “you don’t know who I am!” and you sit there and you wait for that to be the moment where he decides he loves her. Because, you know, it’s so refreshing that this girl doesn’t know he’s royalty and oh my gosh all those other girls are so annoying because they know he’s the prince and gosh can’t they just treat him like a normal human being?! But he doesn’t. And when he talks about her later he never pulls any “it’s so nice not to have to be the prince around her” crap. The fact that she doesn’t know who he is is not the reason he loves her. Which is good because newsflash! screenwriters of the world, that’s a dumb reason!!! Even the princess Chelina moment. When you first see her you think you know where it’s going but it ends up differently. When she sees Ella dancing with Kit, she doesn’t pout or make snarky comments; she smiles and says “who is she?” She’s there simply to show that the Grand Duke/Kit’s dad have definite other plans for Kit marriage-wise not to provide an obnoxious foil to Ella’s sweetness so that you hate her and are happy the prince doesn’t have to marry her.

And then the hunting moment! I love the hunting moment! Half of me was expecting him to say something like “no one else would ever do that! you’re so original! you dare to tell me that I shouldn’t hunt! I like that! what spunk!” but he doesn’t? You can tell he’s moved by her sincerity and passion and there’s delight and wonder on his face but it isn’t at the expense of anyone else. He doesn’t like her only in comparison to those other girls.The moment he falls in love with her, I think, is the moment when she says, “It isn’t so bad really. Others have it worse I’m sure. We must simply have courage and be kind.” That’s the moment where he just completely loses his heart to her. Because she’s being both brave and sincere down to the depths of her soul and he’s powerless against both her goodness and her truthfulness. That’s the reason he falls in love with her. Not because she piques his interest by being a little bit saucy or unexpected. Not because she’s so different or so refreshingly unlike other girls. 

 And I get that when you’re in love you don’t think anyone else is as wonderful as that person; I get that you think they’re one in a million, that you could never be happy with anyone else etc. I get that! But it’s such an obvious thing that articulating it feels stupid and turning it into a comparison thing has always felt wrong to me. Like oh, you only like me because of what I’m not? Or you only like me because I’m different? Then it’s really only novelty you love. Or excitement. And that’s going to wear off and then where will be? If Kit only loved Ella because she treated him like no one ever had– how long was it going to stay exciting and fresh? It wouldn’t. It’s a shallow reason to love somebody and it doesn’t endure. Basically I love it because Ella’s never pitted against another girl or even the idea of other girls. She’s never made out to be lovable only by comparison. Kit loves her genuinely and wholeheartedly because of who she really is, because of her spirit and her goodness, hers! not someone else’s, and not only in light of other’s weaknesses. And that’s beautiful. I love it so much.

I’m getting food and I just witnessed the sweetest interaction with a group of frat boys

so one of them had to walk a different way than the others and one of them hugged him bye and then another said be safe and then the leaving one said love you and the others all said love you too and the whole thing was just so pure