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13 Feb 2017

Whoosh, I literally have not made a new bujo post since December? Being a senior is extremely tough and I’m just floundering like a dead fish because of all of my assignments. This was my bujo spread last week *and I have to say that I’m pretty proud of it if I say so myself, it’s got to be one of my favorite spreads* How is everyone doing? I hope that everyone is well rested! <3

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This is Sherlock experiencing what John experienced from trf-teh; this is John’s Reichenbach Fall

they wrote sherlock going to talk to ella to draw a very clear, very deliberate parallel to john losing sherlock in trf. that is the sort of loss he feels like he is experiencing. from sherlock’s perspective, john has completely cut sherlock completely out of his life and sherlock doesn’t know how to reach him, so he has totally lost john. note: sherlock does not go to ella for help with how to deal with grieving rosamund; he doesn’t care about rosamund. the only reason he cared about keeping her safe was in relation to john and keeping john happy, and now that he’s failed at that, he doesn’t know what to do to ever make it right again. he feels like he can’t ever make it right again.

now, compare john’s reaction to sherlock “dying” to his reaction to rosamund dying. when sherlock “died,” he didn’t know what to do. he was totally, completely at a loss, just like how sherlock is now. he felt like his entire world had stopped. he was helpless, hopeless, just…so heartbroken. just look at this man’s face:

and you’ve heard the way his voice cracks and goes completely hoarse. honestly, martin’s performance is heartbreaking, and it plays completely like a man who has just lost the love of his life.

compare that to his reaction to rosamund dying. it’s………..um………….very……………telling. like……….yikes, honestly. he just sort of….screams a few times? like…..honestly, it’s not half as compelling as his reaction to sherlock’s “death.” i thought i was watching it wrong or something, but others agreed with me that martin’s performance was not at the same caliber if that’s what he was going for. and martin freeman is a very good actor, which means he must not have been going for that level of emotion. john is faking his reaction. he is not actually in grief.

he’s read what’s on the flash-drive; he knows what rosamund’s done and just who she is.

lady carmichael is a john mirror. see here (x) but you don’t even need that, because one line alone in this episode proved it. in tab, lady carmichael tells sherlock, “you promised to keep him safe, you promised!” she tells him this after her husband has been killed–by her. only, she leads everyone to believe that she loves her husband and did not kill him. later, it is revealed that lady carmichael did not love her husband at all and did kill him, since he was a man who hurt people he cared about and kept secrets from her about his morally decrepit life in another land. in tst, john tells sherlock, “you made a vow. you swore it.” like……the mirror is cemented. john did not love rosamund. and he played some part in her death. what part?

they both got texts from sherlock to go the aquarium. john talked rosamund into going first, so that he could show up later and play the husband in grief who just got there too late to do anything. somehow, he knew that rosamund was going to be killed there. he was in on the plan for this to happen. my personal theory is that he called mycroft when he told her he was calling molly and told him that it was time to execute the plan, but i haven’t looked into it enough to be sure about that.

the plan is that john will push sherlock away in order to keep him safe, as a direct parallel to sherlock “dying” to keep john safe. john knows that rosamund’s people will be after him now that he’s been part of a plan to ensure her demise. so, he’s trying to keep sherlock safe. he hasn’t told sherlock about the plan for fear he might “let the cat out of the bag.”

tldr; john read the flash-drive, never forgave rosamund, and was part of a plot to kill rosamund and is now is faking pushing sherlock away in order to keep him safe from the people surely coming after him, thanks for coming to my ted talk

Edit, 1/1/2017, 10:19 PM:  (this first pargraph is from an earlier reblog of mine) rosamund faked her own death. somehow, she knew about the plot, and she made sure she’d be protected. my money is on the m theory; john called mycroft, told him all he knew, & trusted him. but mycroft is still under moriarty’s thumb. moriarty/rosamund worked out what mycroft knew, and worked from there to ensure that rosamund lived.

rewatching, realized what made me think it was mycroft who john called: in the cab he takes, he’s on the phone, saying, “london aquarium. yes, now.” i am convinced he’s talking to mycroft. and it makes sense that mycroft and lestrade would get there before john; he’s in a cab, they have plenty of resources at their disposal to get there sooner.

john comes in at way too perfect a moment–enough time for his wife to die in his arms, enough time to play the part, but not enough time to be there when it happens and do something to stop it.

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is it too late to make BBC Robin Hood fanart??