ella's adventures in fanfic

So I now have 10k of badly written DCBB and approximately 7k of that is scene setting and character development (despite the fact that it’s an in-universe AU lol) and the other 3k is actual plot so help me Flying Spaghetti Monster because I might be fucked.

so i figure if i want to write more of my DCMB, i might sort of make it… episodic? since this is going to be relatively short, and i know where i want to develop it from here, i’ll add more in the form of ‘episodes’.

10049 words. i think my eyeballs are about to fall out. i’m still not sure if i’ll make the deadline, since i still have a bit more to write (i’ll figure that out whe i wake up), but if i don’t, this will definitely be posted once it’s finished. i’m having way too much fun with it, no matter how badly it reads.

okay so i’m absolutely stumped and cannot write today to save my life, so does anyone have any prompts they’d like filled (•◡•)? just to get uh, my ‘creativity’ flowing or something. i can do AU or IU or fluff or angst or porn or whatever~ :D

my askbox lies here.

anon is on too.

or you can answer this post?

also i wrote the beginning to a Dean/Cas prizefighter!au inspired by the short story Rust & Bone by Craig Davidson. should i post it? it would be a short au/verse that i’d write in parts. but i’m also considering using it as a backup minibang in case i can’t write enough words to finish my big bang, but i’m not sure. help?