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I didn’t want to upload them because I’m not happy with the way they turned out but a few people have asked me to upload them anyway :D So here they are.

Harley Quinn, Batman and Superman Shirts for your Toddler Girls

They’re anything but perfect :P and only for girls :) and base game compatible!

Download (sfs, no adfly)

Shirt Mesh by EA
Hair by @sheplayswithlifeee // @kalewa
Bottoms by @8o8sims // @deelitefulsimmer
Shoes by @8o8sims // @shojoangel


But just as the enemy vampires were getting too close for comfort….

“Stop.” Ella ordered. “We’re done here. Scarlet, go home.”

“But I–”

“You failed. Go. Home.” Ella growled.

Scarlet’s eyes began to water. She looked to the surprised vampires in front of her. She looked to Caleb. He saw her tears of defeat.

And then she ran.

While Gardenia had never been incredibly social, she had been spending more time to herself ever since her breakup and the pregnancy. She’d talk to her friends over the phone, and occasionally visit with them, but most of her time was spent with her immediate family or completely alone.

She decided to rectify that by inviting her friends out for dinner one night. It would be nice to catch up with everyone, and she needed to get back leading a somewhat normal life.

Ok Obi is fine! He had a grass seed stuck in his paw but the vet got it out and gave him some antibiotics and he’s much better now. :’) Thank you for all your suggestions and advice!

I survived my first 3 days at college. I think the breakdown was due to period hormones but it still sucks. I hope I can learn the bus table and get used to the other people in my class. The teachers are really chill and cool so I hope I can actually produce good work!


Ibis was in the debate room, waiting. They were about to announce the student president winner and Ella had gone off to oversee the counting in person. He was fine just hearing the result through the speakers. The door unexpectedly swung open and in came Ella running.

“I won! They just finished counting! I WON!” She exclaimed happily.

Ibis had his arms extended to give her a congratulatory hug but she surprised him by instead jumping on him and kissing him. He immediately grabbed her and kissed her back.

After the initial kiss she stepped back down again. He looked at her, expectantly. The fairy took a step forward, pushing him backwards onto the table. She then climbed over him, holding down his hands and kissing him again.

Sylvia: Thanks for coming over, boys. You did good.

Dancer: So, can I get your number?

Sylvia: Talk to the ring.

- Thanks for coming over, despite how soon you’re due. And thanks for the “present.”

Sage: Guilty as charged  😜

Sylvia: Hey, you’ve got this motherhood deal in the bag. Don’t fret. Besides, you’ve got  bunch of mother friends and we’re ready to show you all the ropes.

Ella: Thanks. So any advice on how to sleep without the baby kicking?

Sylvia: Nope, that’s out of the mother’s control, unfortunately.

-Thanks for coming over to the party, Accalia. I know we don’t always see eye to eye, but you’re cool. And don’t worry about the baby either. You two will do just fine.

Accalia: I hope so. Just a bit worried, since the baby is most certainly going to be a werewolf. So, we might move back to Moonlight Falls at some point. I kind of miss having other weres around, too.


Right before elections were to take place, all candidates would address the class with one final speech. As Ella’s campaign manager, Ibis stood, not in the audience, but at a corner of the amphitheater*. He’d been practicing like never before for what he was about to do.

When coming up with ideas on how to make Ella victorious a series of plans came up. The seemingly obvious one was to have Ibis mentally convince everyone in the voting room to vote for Ella. It was a rather simple vampire mind trick that, as Ella said, Ibis should be able to do in his sleep. However the voting station was being guarded by principal Foss himself to avoid tricks like those.

Ibis knew the only trick he could use was the unusual thought insertion he possessed. An ability so unique not even all vampires knew it was possible.

As the first candidate took the podium and placed his printed speech in front of him, Ibis prepared himself. The goal was to make him deviate from what was printed and had him say something embarrassing, disgusting, or outrageous. Whatever would cause his followers to suddenly not give him their vote.