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“Proud Mary” - Orange County Performing Arts Academy, mini jazz large group, 1st place, Competitive Level, Showstopper Anaheim III, May 2017
★ Choreography by Amy Gold
☆ Dancers ☆ Brooke Volkert, Jamieson Deacy, Kendyl Fay, Naia Parker, Alyssa Park, Leighton Werner, Delaney Bojorquez, Rylee Young, Ella Montano, Layla Farzad, Hope Edwards, Kate Dunst, Ashlyn Blanpied, Maddie Laussade, Sammi Chung, Kelsey Gampol, Mackenzie Gregorio, Kaedyn Toscano
Proud Mary, Tribute to Tina Turner, live ~ Beyoncé

  • Ella: How long have you been sleeping with Chloe?
  • Lucifer: That’s disgusting. And wrong. I don’t even get- why would- I’ve never had sex with anyone, anywhere. It’s none of your- you have- the nerve, the audacity, Chloe is my boss, technically. And she is terrible, face-wise. And how- how- do I know you’re not sleeping with her? Maybe you are. Maybe you’re trying to throw me off? Hmmm, check and mate.

Super volcano, Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone Caldera is the volcanic caldera and supervolcano located in Yellowstone National Park in the United States, referred to as the Yellowstone Supervolcano. Hot springs in Yellowstone National Park are just one of the types of thermal features that result from volcanic activity. 

Ella Webb

Secrets And Lies - Four

Reid x reader

There’s quite a big time skip.

In the six years that passed by, Y/N’s life changed drastically.

At the lake cabin she called Aaron and told him to proceed with her transfer papers, requesting he fast track them if possible. She explained to him that she still had two weeks of vacation time on top of the two she was already taking and that she’d be running them together. If she couldn’t be transferred away in those four weeks, she’d regretfully not be returning and would find another job elsewhere, she had some savings to tide her over. Hotch probed, but all she’d tell him was that there were some personal issues at work that would cause her judgement to be strongly impaired and that she wouldn’t be able to focus on the tasks at hand whilst she remained on that team. She didn’t need to say much more, Aaron understood. He called her at the end of the first week, explaining that a post was available at the field office in Florida, she could start in four weeks. She’d take it.

JJ stayed with her for the first week and was a godsend. She and Henry proved to be a massive distraction during the day and at night, Y/N and Jennifer would drink wine and talk. Occasionally she’d cry, but mostly she’d laugh, extremely thankful that she had a friend like her.

Y/N stayed on at the lake for another few days before driving the distance to Florida where she quickly found an apartment to rent. With the help of JJ, she had her belongings shipped out there without ever having to return home. She still never heard from Reid. Messages came from every other member of the team but not from him. It was only once she’d moved into to her new home and been in her new post for three weeks, that she heard from Spencer, in the form of a letter. Recognising his scrawl, she found a metal trash can, took the letter and the can into the small garden she was lucky enough to have, and burnt it. She didn’t want to hear his excuses, not now.

Four weeks into her new job and she was dealt a huge blow. She collapsed in the field, had to be rushed into hospital to be checked out. The outcome of the tests?

Y/N was pregnant. Around fourteen weeks the Doctor estimated. And there was only one person who could have been the father.

Y/N hadn’t known what to do. She didn’t believe it at first, making the Doctor do multiple tests. Yes she’d put on a little bit of weight recently but she’d put that down to all the takeout she was eating. After six tests revealed that she was indeed pregnant, she gave in and accepted it, going home to cry.

Abortion wasn’t an option for her, she couldn’t bring herself to do that. And she knew that she couldn’t carry a child for nine months just to hand it over to someone else. So she resolved herself to her fate. She was going to have Spencer’s child. Y/N called the only person she could think of to talk to about this. Jennifer.

“You’re…. Pregnant? Shit…. ”

Which was pretty much how Y/N felt right now, but there was something else in JJ’s voice.

“About fourteen weeks. And it’s Reid’s.”

“Are you planning on telling him?”

“I… I don’t know.”

They had conversations over and over for the next few months until one night, when Y/N was around seven months gone, she decided she was going to tell him. She called JJ to let her know.

“Y/N… I wanted to tell you this in person, and I was hoping to wait until next weekend when I coming down to see you but I think you need to know now. Spencer made an announcement to us all yesterday, him and Georgia are getting married. She’s twelve weeks pregnant.”

Y/N dropped the glass she’d been holding, wincing as it shattered on the floor.

“Y/N…. Are you still there?”

“I’m here… I just… Fuck.”

JJ came to see her as planned and the two friends talked in depth about the choices she had. The one thing she had decided very firmly on was that Spencer was NOT going to know, not now that he was getting married with another child on the way. JJ had tried to talk her around to telling him as she had been doing all throughout the pregnancy, in the end though, she accepted Y/N’s decision, knowing she’d support her friend no matter what. Keeping this from Spencer was a big ask, but she’d do it.

Another decision the pair had come to early on in the revelations of impending motherhood was that Y/N would scale back her work with the FBI. She’d need to take time off with the baby anyway, but she wouldn’t be able to do field work whilst being a single mother with no family in the area. Instead, they made some phone calls to the local university’s and colleges. Y/N had the relevant qualifications in Criminal Psychology to be able to teach it and after a few meetings and interviews, they found a post for her which would be made available once she was ready to go back to work after having the baby.

Through a family loss, Y/N found herself around fifty thousand dollars better off. Her grandfather passed away, and had been sitting on a sizeable nest egg which was to be split between his five grandchildren. As sad as Y/N had been, the money would go a long way to making a difference and would help her to employ a part time nanny for when she went back to work. It also went towards moving apartments again, to a tiny two bed not far from the university where she’d be working. Once her family had found out about her pregnancy, they all implored her to move back to Virginia, but Y/N was having none of it. She was settled, she told them. She liked Florida. And for the most part, she was telling the truth.

In the September Y/N pushed out a baby girl into the world. JJ rushed to be with her but missed the birth itself, arriving a few hours after to meet her god daughter, Ella Jennifer Y/L/N.

“She’s beautiful,” JJ had cooed as she held the tiny bundle in her arms.

And she was. Neither of them commented on how much she looked like Spencer already. Something that only continued to become more and more apparent the older the child grew.

Fifteen weeks after Ella had been born, Y/N got the phone call from JJ. Georgia had given birth, also to a baby girl. Elizabeth Diana Reid or Ellie as they’d nicknamed her. Y/N had almost laughed at the two names, Ella and Ellie born just under four months apart. And from the photo that JJ had reluctantly sent her, the two girls might as well have been twins. She was saddened, knowing that her daughter had a half sister out there in the world that she was never likely to know. But that was the way things had to be.

Ella grew and so did Y/N as a person. It was strange being a mom at first but it soon became a role she relished. Yes it was hard work, but it was also extremely rewarding. As expected given who her father was, she was very advanced for her age. Y/N’s parents were always amazed every time she bought her to visit, as was JJ.

“She’s amazing,” her blonde friend told her as Ella played with Henry.

“Probably no different to Ellie.. ” Y/N had replied, earning a stern look from JJ.

“Hey… I love both of these little girls because of who their dad is. But Ella is extra special to me because of who her mom is, okay?”


“He asks about you, you know. Every time he knows I’ve seen you, he asks how you are.”

“And what do you tell him?”

“That you’re happy.”

Y/N nodded. “Is he… Happy?”

Jennifer thought carefully before answering. “He’s happy being a dad. He loves it, and he’s great… Shit, I’m sorry.” Y/N put her hand on her friends arm, indicating it was okay and to go on.

“He’s not happy with her though, I don’t think. Not as happy as he could have been with you. And from what I’ve seen of Gee, I don’t think she’s happy either. It’s a shame it’s wound up like this.”

It was a shame, because there was a child involved, two children technically, one growing up without a dad. But Y/N couldn’t help but feel a strange sense of satisfaction that Spencer wasn’t happy.


“Are you happy to be back?” JJ asked her, looking around the small house that she and Will had helped unpack.

Ella was five and a half, and six months ago Y/N had been told that her dad was sick. Terminally ill. Her mom begged her to move home and after months of deliberation, Y/N had decided that she would. Virginia was a big place and the district she’d chosen to live in, was far enough away from where Spencer and Georgia lived. In theory, they should never have to cross paths. Her job was a slight problem, as the FBI agents often gave talks and lectures at the various schools around the state, but she’d made her boss aware of a possible conflict and he’d promised to make her aware of any upcoming visits so she could plan accordingly.

“Yes and no. Virginia is home for me, but Florida is home for Ella. And I’m nervous… I shouldn’t be, but I just keep thinking what if… ”

JJ understood her worries and placated her with the same reasoning she had used for the last six months. “You were just as likely to to run into him in Florida than you are here. We had fifteen cases in that state over the past five years, two of them near to where you lived. You know this, you’ll be fine.”

And for the first five months, it was fine. Until one day during the school break, she’d taken Ella to a park near to her parents home. Y/N sat watching her daughter playing with another young girl. Ella made friends so easily, she was such a happy child and Y/N smiled as she looked on.

When it came time to go home, Y/N called for her daughter, wandering over to where she was playing when she didn’t respond. As she got closer, she noted the other girl, how familar she seemed which was impossible.

“Ella… Time to go, baby.”

Both girls looked up at her and it was then that Y/N saw it. The other girl had Spencer’s eyes and mouth, there was no denying it.

“Mommy, can my new friend Ellie come for tea one day?”

“Maybe…. Come on, it’s time to go. Say goodbye to your friend.”

Y/N looked away from the other girl, silently urging her daughter to hurry up and wondering what the hell Spencer’s other daughter was doing in this part of the city. Then she vaguely recalled that Georgia had a sister that lived nearby.

Ella stood, wiping the sand from her skirt and running to her mother, slipping her hand into hers.

Y/N turned, ready to walk away only to be greeted by another woman blocking her path. The woman took a look at Ella and then back up to Y/N, her eyes widening.

“Well we need to talk,” were the first words that Georgia Reid spoke to her.


“Trendsetter” - Orange County Performing Arts Academy, mini contemporary small group, 5th overall, Competitive Level, Showstopper Anaheim III, May 2017
★ Choreography by Amy Berekoff
☆ Dancers ☆ Jamieson Deacy, Kendyl Fay, Naia Parker, Alyssa Park, Delaney Bojorquez, Rylee Young, Ella Montano, Hope Edwards, Lacy Stoico
Trndsttr feat. M. Maggie (Lucian Remix) (+4) ~ Black Coast

Who run the world?  Still girls! Some female activists from various eras- I really enjoyed researching these women to make sure I represented the right ladies. Of course there are thousands more- who’s your favourite?

Who Do You Love?

An early birthday gift for @megatraven whose birthday is tomorrow (y’all should all go and wish her a happy birthday!). Here’s some Alyabug for you, my dear Meggibee! Thanks for being your absolutely sweet and precious self, you delightful ray of sunshine.

Ladybug made the decision without ever really thinking about it. In fact, up until she landed on Alya’s balcony, part of her hardly even realized what she was doing. Sure, she’d taken the long way home after a short patrol, and sure, that was the way that took her past Alya’s home, but somehow denial had kept her from connecting the dots.

Ladybug chewed at her lower lip, indecision building in her chest as she looked inside. The lights were low in Alya’s room, but that could just mean she was pretending to be asleep so her younger siblings wouldn’t interrupt her. Besides, knowing Alya, even if she was asleep, she wouldn’t mind being woken up by Ladybug.

Before she could change her mind, Ladybug tapped on the window and stepped back, fingering her yo-yo and wondering if she should take the chance to fly away while she could.

A soft thump from inside made the decision for her. Seconds later, Alya was opening the door and peeking outside. “Ladybug?” she asked.

Ladybug nodded. “I, ummm… I missed you earlier today.”

Alya sighed and leaned against the doorframe. “Yeah…” She motioned down to the cast on her leg. “My mom threatened to ground me if I went akuma-chasing.”

“That’s probably smart.” Ladybug stepped closer, kneeling to examine the cast. “What happened?”

“I tripped, believe it or not.” Alya chuckled. “I was chasing after Ella in the park, and I totally missed the tree root in front of me.”

“Oh, no!” Ladybug frowned.

“It’s fine. I have a friend who can catch me up on akuma news.” Alya flashed her a hopeful smile. “But, I wouldn’t mind an interview to make up for it.”

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“All That Jazz” - Orange County Performing Arts Academy, mini jazz small group, 2nd overall, Competitive Level, Showstopper Anaheim III, May 2017
★ Choreography by Heather Chavarria and Rachel Miller
☆ Dancers ☆ Jamieson Deacy, Kendyl Fay, Naia Parker, Alyssa Park, Delaney Bojorquez, Rylee Young, Ella MontanoHope Edwards, Kate Dunst
Overture: And All That Jazz ~ Catherine Zeta-Jones

Comparado con ella, el resto del mundo era gris y aburrido. Los demás nunca daban a la talla.
—  Eleanor & Park, Rainbow Rowell (via juntos-en-secreto)