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What Do You Want For Christmas? Part 2

Characters: Sam x Reader

Words: 1339

Summary: It’s the day after the trip to see Santa, and Sam and the Reader go on their first date. 

So many of you guys liked this last year, so I decided to make it not a series this year fior Christmas! :) Enjoy!

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Meet Frank

It’s too cold this morning to take the dogs to the park. Ella needed a bath. Since we wouldn’t be outside it was a good time to scrub the Aussie.

I said it was bath time. She jumped into the tub without further prompting. There’s never any fight to get her in there which is funny because she hates warm, soapy water.

Once in the tub she always shakes with fear. Ella gets washed with the hand-held shower head. Had I closed the drain and filled the tub with water it surely would have looked like a Jacuzzi with all her shaking.

After Ella was sparkling clean I checked on Frank. He’s an African fat-tailed gecko. It’s Jack’s pet. When Jack is away at college Sheila and I take care of Frank. Last night I bought crickets to feed Frank. $0.10 each. The store clerk always gives one or two more than I ask for. $0.60 for eight crickets. Such a deal! If only I could eat so inexpensively.

The car was warm but the outside temperature was below zero. Crickets come in a plastic bag filled with air to protect them. The bag shrank just in the walk from the store to my car. I thought the brief exposure to cold killed them because they stopped moving and making noise.

It didn’t. Once they got under the heat lamp in the cage they perked right up. Sounds like a forest at night in that room right now. Frank will make it quiet soon enough.

Who run the world?  Still girls! Some female activists from various eras- I really enjoyed researching these women to make sure I represented the right ladies. Of course there are thousands more- who’s your favourite?


Orange County Performing Arts Academy
I’ve Got Rhythm (2016)
Choreography by Heather Chavarria and Rachel Miller