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Cinderella { Live Action (2015) } Icons 

Some Cinderella icons for you all!! :D

You are more than welcome to use, just please give me credit and do not claim as your own!

Enjoy!!!! ^^

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I do not own the photos that were used to make these icons. I only claim ownership of my edits of them.


“Cinderella does not need Prince Charming. She’ll be fine without him. […] My job was to create a prince that was worthy of her affection. She would be fine without him. That’s the character. She’s strong and brave and doesn’t need him. Actually they bring out the best in each other and that’s why I wanted to do this because it wasn’t that slightly old-fashioned message and probably not the best message to tell children, that you need a man with a big house and lots of money to rescue you from your terrible life. Actually you need somebody that brings out the best in you and encourages you.” - Richard Madden