ella is the queen

Red Queen Characters in a Bar

Mare: the grumpy waitress

Kilorn: the friendly waiter

Cal: the sexy hostess (the person talking people walking by into coming in)

Farley: the commited and demanding manager

Shade: the artistic bartender whose efforts no one notices

Cameron: the cook, happy to avoid contacts with clients

Ella: the show-act and DJ


Evangeline and Elane: the rich clients staying for hours, having a good time and ordering the most expensive stuff on the menu

Maven: the lonesome drinker, getting thrown out for flirting too hard with the grumpy waitress


I just adore this character presentations! Really loved it on True Hearts Day and I’m happy they came back for Chapter 4.

The old ones are the best for me! The artworks and colors are so cute!

Wish the characters introduced on Chapter 2 and 3 had their one too, and also the characters who existed by the time of THD but did’t get it. If I’m not wrong, these are they:

Blondie, Cerise, Lizzie, Kitty, Humphrey, Holly, Poppy.

Ginger, Faybelle, Alistair, Bunny, Darling, Rosabella.

Been a while since I’ve done anything from the red queen series. I feel like my art has taken 2 steps back in style. Not thrilled with the out come, but maybe this will encourage me to improve. Anyway, redrew Ella. Couldn’t remember many details except that she had blue hair.

It was pointed out that it looks like Kim Possible! I can’t unsee this!!!! 😂😂😂 so I will probably redo the redo.
Victoria Aveyard writing amazing female characters like

Haven’t posted in a while. Did some quick doodles. Not thrilled with any of them, I fell out of practice or hit a art wall or something. Nothing was turning out like I wanted and these are the sad results.

1. Evangeline and Elane. Gotta say that Evangeline’s POV chapter surprised me. I thought for sure it was going to be one of the boys, but I have enjoyed her chapters so far. More than I did Cameron’s. Cameron is one of my fav characters, but I can’t get into her head. I know now that the character description for Elane was “flawless skin” and when I wrote it down for reference later I read “pale skin”. So now I want to edit it. I tried some different styles for Evangeline. Not particularly fond of either, but eventually I’ll find something I like.

2. Morrey and Cameron. I originally drew it with the braid style I had in my first sketch of Cameron but as I was reading it, it mentioned Morrey braided her hair into two braids. Could just mean he fixed 2 of her braids, but I took it to mean he rebraided her hair into 2 braids. Those braids could have been made of multiple braids…but that’s too much work for my poor hands to draw right now.

3. Ella! Couldn’t find much about her online, and I couldn’t remember any descriptions from the book aside from the blue hair, so I just went with what I thought she might look like. I may rework and release a different version later.

Anyway, almost done with the book. More later.