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Shoutout! Everyone go and say happy birthday to one of my favourite gals, @youlookpretty-good It’s her birthday and she’s 16!!! Wooooh! She’s honestly such a peach, she’s so lovely and funny to talk to, an amazing tumblr friend, and a fantastic blog all round! If you’re not following her, I highly suggest you hit that ‘Follow’ button right away! Happy Birthday Ella Bella and fellow Suffer Sister! I hope you’ve had the most fantastic day, and got everything you wanted! ✨🎉🎂🎊💕

&& here is Ella May. Here is her A B O U T page. Their are trigger warnings!! Here is a summery of Miss Ella May in case you don’t want to go to the page.
She swears like sailor.
She is part of the Saviors, but honestly couldn’t care less about most of them. They are a means to an end. She helps train those who don’t know how to use weapons.
Ella had a boyfriend/husband of some sort. They were basically like Bonnie and Clyde. He is missing and he is the only person she really cares about.(for them to be reunited would be awesome) 
Ella’s life has been wreaked with misfortune and pain and because of that she has a hard time connecting with most people. Except children. Ella is a protector of children.
Basically if you’ve ever visited the Southern Gothic tag, that is Ella. Mysterious, to dangerous to get near and drowning in sin. But she is also playful in that she mocks your fear. And if you can make Ella laugh you’re on the right track. 

Things I want in Trials of Apollo:

- A child of Ares who isn’t really violent, only when he/she/they fight for their friends and for CHB.
- An aromantic child of Aphrodite that teaches everyone in her/his/their cabin that love can be also platonic love.
- Percabeth
- Swim team Percy
- Children of Hypnos who help all the demigods with their nightmares.
- Sally Jackson
- Grover Underwood
- Ella the harpie character development
- Awesome simple quests like there were in TLT, SoM and TTC

(Ella Enchanting)

The awesome and talented @rightthewaydown​ challenged me to make a Doctor Who-themed recording/induction. This is my first recording as well as my first script*. It’s…fine? My voice sounds a little high pitched and scratchy, IMHO, but there are things I like here. I’m very grateful for the push. :)

Comments and feedback are welcome as well as ideas for future scripts/recordings. (You can send me a message if you don’t want to repost.)

*I had an odd hypnotist evolution from directly reading scripts to doing learned inductions from memory to wildly improvising with a few goalposts in mind, so I skipped the whole middle step of writing and reading my own scripts (until now).

ETA: Here is the written script if you want to check it out before/after listening.

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Well she’s not wrong… (x)


Makeup 101 with Lorde and Katherine Lowe