ella hunter


I just adore this character presentations! Really loved it on True Hearts Day and I’m happy they came back for Chapter 4.

The old ones are the best for me! The artworks and colors are so cute!

Wish the characters introduced on Chapter 2 and 3 had their one too, and also the characters who existed by the time of THD but did’t get it. If I’m not wrong, these are they:

Blondie, Cerise, Lizzie, Kitty, Humphrey, Holly, Poppy.

Ginger, Faybelle, Alistair, Bunny, Darling, Rosabella.


I stopped being lazy and condensed my dream cast.


Pics of the Ever After High arena that I created in WWE 2K17. You’re welcome! ;D

BTW, you can download the arena on the PS4 Community Creations. Just go to the arena section and type “Ever After High” on one of the hashtags. That way, you’ll find it. ;D

Kurapika absentmindedly scolding Killua for running with a pair of scissors, or getting him a band-aid when he gets a cut but ignores it because his pain tolerance registers it as nothing. 

Momma-pika waking up in the night to make some tea and sit with Killua, knowing the other is awake because he doesn’t need to sleep.

(Kurapika basically treating him as though he’s actually a fourteen year old boy and not an elite assassin and professional hunter)