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“The company is now home to internationally renowned recording artists, including Little Mix, Susan Boyle, Ella Henderson, Il Divo, Fleur East and Fifth Harmony, while its television arm also includes Britain’s Got Talent.”

Seems like there’s someone missing from this list…hmmm…thinking…who is it??

Songs to Listen to When You’re Having a Panic Attack

Try singing along to these, too, if it helps.

Try any of these, cause not all of them will work; everyone’s different and your emotions change every other millisecond during an attack. People who have panic attacks know what I mean.

“If I Lose Myself”- OneRepublic

“This Is Gospel” Panic! At The Disco

“Wake Me Up When September Ends” -Green Day

“Somebody To Love”- Queen

“Sugar, We’re Goin Down”- Fall Out Boy

“21 Guns”- Green Day

“Breakeven”- The Script

“Sweet Annie”- The Zac Brown Band (breathe slowly to the tune of this song)

“Unwell” -Matchbox Twenty

“Waiting For Superman”- Daughtry

“Won’t Go Home Without You”- Maroon 5

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want”- The Rolling Stones

“Dream On” -Aerosmith

“Out On The Town”- Fun.

“Apologize” - Timbland ft. OneRepublic

“Paradise” -Coldplay

“Demons”- Imagine Dragons

“Ghost”- Ella Henderson

~(more to come)~


I’ll wear your winter coat, the one you love to wear…

Preference : Your Song

Kylo Ren/Ben Solo - Love Me Like You Do Cover

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Poe Dameron - Like I’m Gonna Lose You Cover

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Finn - All Of Me Cover

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Luke Skywalker - Thinking Out Loud Cover

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Han Solo - I Was Made For Loving You Cover

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Hux - Say Anything by Anderson East

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Rey - Yours by Ella Henderson

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Playlist "Broken Heart"

1) Camouflage - Selena Gomez
2) Secret Love Song - Little Mix
3) Too Little Too Late - Jojo
4) Lovesick Fool - The Cab
5) Shameless - The Weeknd
6) Love Me Or Leave Me - Little Mix
7) Same Old Love - Selena Gomez
8) Love You Goodbye - One Direction
9) Who Are You - Fifth Harmony
10) Battlefild - Jordin Sparks
11)wreking ball - Miley Cyrus
12)Someone Else - Miley Cyrus
13) Towers - Little Mix
14) Good Enough - Little Mix
15) Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis
16) More Than This - One Direction
17) Warzone - The Wanted
18) Missed - Ella Henderson
19) Jar Of Hearts - Christina Perri
20) Sorber - Selena Gomez