ella harris

The Signs as 2004 Films
  • Aries: Shrek 2
  • Taurus: A Cinderella Story
  • Gemini: Spider-Man 2
  • Cancer: Shark Tale
  • Leo: 13 Going on 30
  • Virgo: The Incredibles
  • Libra: Ella Enchanted
  • Scorpio: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • Sagittarius: Anchorman
  • Capricorn: The Notebook
  • Aquarius: Saw
  • Pisces: Mean Girls

Can we please talk about “girls night out”:

-Ella draining her piña colada and taking Chloe’s

-Maze taking the piña colada back to Chloe

-Linda showing up

-Linda admitting working as a sex phone operator

-Ella skipping small talk, and the whole I used to steal cars.

-Maze: I was forged in the bowels of Hell to torture the guilty for all of eternity.

-Chloe: A little divorce, single parenthood, possible homelessness and most likely many, many cats in my future

-Tequila, stat, keep ‘em coming

-Chloe imitating Lucifer with a fake adorable accent: “Hey Chloe, name three friends that you could go call and have a drink with.”, “ You use work to avoid having fun”

-And then the FIGHT: Maze: Hey! No one calls my skank a skank. Chloe being hit. Ella responding, Maze fighting back. Chloe trying to stop the fight, badge in hand and being tackled to the floor. Maze sweaping clear the area with the ball stick. Linda under the bar cheerring her. And Maze graving the guy and sitting him and Ella throwing water in his face to wake him up.

-BONUS: the missing half hour, where aparently Chloe talked with Maze about being roomates, I would love to see that.

I was laughing out loud at the whole scene. I wish we get to see another “girls night out”

Mismos labios rojos, mismos ojos azules, misma camisa blanca, par de tatuajes mas pero no eres tu, no soy yo, sabe tan dulce, tan real, suena como algo que solía sentir pero no puedo tocar lo que veo no somos quienes soliamos ser somos dos fantasmas parados en lugar de ti y de mi intento recordar que se sentía tener un latido.
—  Harry Styles / Two Ghosts.