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Coffee catch up - April 2017

So this is my friend Ella and her gorgeous dog Lola. We went for a final goodbye coffee the other morning in this beautiful nursery in Richmond. I met Ella through @agirlnamedally actually, and she was my very first friend in London. I have never met such a warm and welcoming person. She was so positive, kind and packed with interesting thoughts about the world, life and just everyday life. If you guys aren’t aware of who she is I would highly recommend you follow her on the grams @ellagracedenton. She just released some amazing music and has loads more in store. 
I’m very thankful for the time we got to spend together, and I’m sure our paths will cross again, I hope so anyways and I’m glad I have this picture of the two of them as a cool memory :) 

ellagracedenton: ‘You are the Universe’ (16) // #LessonsIveLearnt are back ⭐️ Probably the most valuable thing I’ve ever come to realise - we are all part of the same thing, we are all just bodies of energy buzzing around this planet. You are, in essence, the Universe! So don’t doubt your importance, your ability or your power. You are it and I am too! We are all the same in the most incredible sense x

if there’s anything, and I mean anything, that you feel sitting inside of you; unresolved, untouched, unsorted, in your life, take a deep breath, close your eyes, and remind yourself that you have the ability to deal with it and move through it in a positive way for you and all those involved.
—  Ella Grace Denton
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ellagracedenton: I lost my phone last week and it’s been so refreshing, so sorry if I’ve been a little incognito - I’m enjoying the no phone life🌞✌🏽 Spending today working out some more of that thing we call life! Exciting things to come & a box of juice from the absolute dudes at @thinkfoodsuk to get me started! 🌟