ella and byron montgomery

the montgomery family

byron: cheats on his wife with his student

ella: divorces her husband who cheated on her with his student, gets engaged to a man who is a pedophile-molester

aria: mad at dad who had an affair with his student, has an affair with her teacher

mike: realizes he’s the most normal in the family, goes to mtv to star as a sadistic murderous werewolf

Myślę, że to przeznaczenie. Ludzie, którym przeznaczone jest być razem, biorą przerwę, a potem znajdują drogę do swojej pierwszej miłości.
—  “Słodkie kłamstewka”
Aria’s family photo in the Dollhouse

There’s been a lot of talking about the family photo in Aria’s room in the Dollhouse. At first I only thought it was like the A instead of S in Spencer’s room and the Pisa leaning tower instead of the Eiffel tower in Hanna’s room. I think those items serve the purpose of making the liars feel their lives have been conquered by A. Everything is almost like the same, except that A is there and got the leading part in THEIR show.

In the case of Aria’s photo, though, I thought it could also mean something else. Maybe the fact that A chose to reproduce a family photo with mannequins is to indicate that Aria’s family is fake. Maybe one of their children (possibly Aria) isn’t their natural child, or maybe she’s Ella’s child but with a different father (maybe one of the two children could be the child of Scott, Byron’s brother who suffers of a mental illness, if they want to go there). I mean, people get around in Rosewood. It might indicate that the Montgomery family is build on lies, so it’s like mannequins posing as a family, but they’re not a real family.

Another possibility is that it indicates each of the family member is fake. Like each one of them is faking something, having a secret and acting to hide it. After all each one of them seems suspicious. I have been rooting for Ella being involved in something A for long (read here, here, here, and here), Mike has acted strange, Byron has been disgusting and there are tons of Aria is A theories around, so it could be it. It could even be the two things combined! I feel the Montgomery family has to be central to it somehow, and this could be an indication of that. 

Does this make sense? What do you think rosewoodspy?

Aria's Address

We find out last episode that Aria’s address is 301 Sunnybrook Lane via the college denial letter.

So 3x01 is the episode that mirrors the pilot and the return of A according to Marlene.

We see Aria looking in the mirror with the same dress on she had in the pilot.

Just another hint towards Aria and/or her family being A.

Deserves a Rewatch for clues.

PLL Important EP 3X10 What Lies Beneath” Hints at the Dollhouse Bunker? New Perspectives & Things to Think about + Should We Pay More Attention to What Caleb Says?

I‘ve been thinking alot about ella, the dollhouse, and the montgomery family in general, just a couple things i want to bring up.

I found it strange ella didnt seemed that worried about aria in ep 2, she seemed very calm, didnt really ask aria many questions like the rest of the mothers did. i cant shake that i think ella plays a big role in this, as well as byron. Its not jsut because of that, but if you know my past theories i have made a couple that raise red flags about ella and byron. After reading an awesome theory on caleb by rosewoodspy​ it was interesting caleb said “is mrs montgomery running a terrorist cell” something like that, something hit me, a particular ep called “what lies beneath” ep 3x10 is interesting, i think it was hinting at the dollhosue being underground, even the camera’s creative movements panning up and down gave us a sense what this ep was about and what it meant. foreshadowing? Perfect example, this scene with aria and ella (see camera movements):

and again, what were the many things ella and byron didnt know about each other, and why did this make aria uncomfortable? so was this ep foreshadowing the dollhouse bunker in a sense or to hint that something was lieing beneath besides bodies? very much like a terrorist cell. Something indeed has been lying beneath rosewood all this time and its been this doolhouse bunker. who knows, but i like to hang onto little things like this because they could mean something significant later on. I always had the sense that ella seems like she is more of a caretaker than a mother, the way byron described what iceland was about taking care of 2 kids and a nutty professor, honestly it has crossed my mind that aria could be adopted based on some clues and the way ella and byron talk about aria but not dwelling on it much. i dont know what it is but there is something with the montgomery parents! who the heck was on the navigator of sorts that said alisons name in ep 1, that clearly was a grown male voice, my guesses so far either byron or peter, who intentionally did that, i don’t think we can fully trust the parents in rosewood, not even pam , i think all the parents know something about something. 

things to think about:

1. james leland the “architect” i still think this is important why this was relevant to us, the whole mrs potter thing and aria knowing about this before it happened. architect is a keyword, someone has to be or knows an architect that can design a place such as the dollhouse bunker!

2. the fencing project email aria got from Harvey D. i cant help but connect this with the varjak number spelling out sara harvey, and the fact aria got a call from that number and freaked out about it, also the text from H!

3.calebs comment” is mrs. montgomery running a terrorist cell” the comments and sayings that are said in PLL can hold clues. did we not just witness exactly that? the dollhouse was a terrorist cell. terrorist like tactics were played in the dollhouse, sara has been kept there all this time. who knows these types of games? and what was their purpose? psychological? who would know about this stuff? only resources i can think of is : emilys dad being in the military has connections with terrorist type tactics. eddie lamb being in the navy, that has connections with mental/psychological war effects on soldiers. we know there are war themes in PLL, even the great charlegmagne (charles) the comic , has war relevance. Now im not pointing a direct finger at these people, but remember : A IS VERY RESOURCEFUL!

4. This bunker had to have been made along time ago if it was right near the kissing rock,so does this hint at the parents knowing something about “Charles” ?

im tempted to go back and check some eps including “what lies beneath” this ep could have more clues hinting at the dollhouse bunker. alot of the times, the titles of the eps give us alot of information. Interesting caleb said something among the lines knowing the right questions to ask, and i think that describes caleb alot and should be a person of interest , which is why im hanging onto to what he said about mrs. Montgomery running a terrorist cell. (not reading too much into but hanging onto that for possible relevance to the dollhouse bunker) i think caleb has a knack for asking the right questions that nobody else is asking, perhaps we should pay more attention to what he says. just something to think about.

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A has been Right in our face the whole time

Every other character, besides Wren has been seen and interacted with, on multiple occasions by the four girls , and other characters ..before Labor Day

The following characters couldn’t have escaped from Radley on a Labor Day for obvious reasons.

Ezra- dated Ali while in college ( he would have had to been in Radley and not in college at that age )

Wilden- was at cape may, and went to high school at the age Charles would have had to been at Radley

Toby- grew up and went to high school during the time Charles was in Radley - too young

Byron- Too old.

Holden- too young

Cece- seen on multiple occasions the previous weeks prior to Labor Day. Dated Jason. Also a female.

Lucas- too young

Ian- ( dead ) *when living , was seen at multiple locations and stayed at the Hastings while with Melissa during the time Charles was in Radley.

Garret- ( dead ) when alive he was also in high school during the time Charles was in Radley

Maya: too young

Peter: too old

Melissa: female, went to high school while Charles was in Radley.

Noel: Too young

Jason: -_- really

Now if we use our common sense. We would know WREN is the only character that appears after Labor Day, and is actually introduced as a new person. He didn’t go to rosewood high.. He has no prior connections with anybody in that town.


He is seen in the pilot. However, he NEVER KNEW ALISON ! He was supposed to not have met her at all. Or known her. And he sits exactly at the front During the funeral, That’s Where family sits.

Now mrs D knows wren is Charles. This scenario could have played out in 2 different ways

1. She let him go to the funeral , and couldn’t refuse him because he is the killer, and her deepest secret.

2. He shows up, she can’t refuse him because he Saw the killer and is her deepest secret.

I want to also point out that Wren is the only person that wasn’t in the flashbacks on that night, and it makes sense for him to be Charles because he’s introduced in the pilot.

Montgomery Art Piece - Pilot

This episode apparently is filled with clues. This scene was after Aria and Mike left. Ella and Byron had a conversation.

“Ella looks into a box and come out two stemmed glasses.

Ella : Found them.

Byron is uncorking a wine bottle.

Ella : Look what else I found. (PIGTUNIA)

Byron : Ohh. She used to drag that thing everywhere. I think you’re happy to be back.

Ella : Aren’t you?

Byron : Well, haven’t decided yet.

Ella : Ohh. You and aria are so much alike. I don’t think she’s happy to be home either.

Byron : I know it was like a vacation from our real life, but… I felt like we really bonded when we were away.

Ella : Well, we had to connect. We didn’t know anybody else.

Byron : I don’t want to lose that.

Ella : Are you really worried that we will?

Byron : It’s just easy for stuff to get in the way.

Ella : What do you mean? What kind of stuff?

Byron : Ohh… You know, I’m really surprised that she brought that (PIGTUNIA) with us.

Ella : Well, SHE LOVES IT BECAUSE YOU GAVE IT TO HER. What kind of stuff could get in the way of us?

Byron : No, nothing, nothing. You know me. I just get a little OVERLY OBSESSED about work, that’s all. We’re good, Ella. Come here. It’s all good.

Ella : Oh, I drove past Alison’s house today. It’s definitely something I haven’t missed.

Byron : Oh, god. A year later. Imagine what that poor family is going through.

Ella : I can’t. I don’t ever want to imagine. If anything ever happened to you..

Byron : Nothing is gonna happen. We are safe. We’re together. And we’re home.

Okay as they pull away you see this lone painting. I zoomed in and it’s very strange. Did Ella paint this or Aria? Or is this a piece they collected?

Look at it closely. The painting is significant because it’s the only piece they show and after this conversation just seems odd. Looks like a psychological type painting. Hint toward multiple personalities?.

It makes me really fucking mad they're making Ali so clueless

Come on, she’s Alison Fucking Dilaurentis.
She knows things.
She’s in control.
She’s not this clueless, pathetic, stay-at-home, quiet, pushover…

What about all those scenes when they thought she was dead and she was like “You didn’t even know me when you knew me” or “Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time got me where I am today” or something of the sort.
AND didn’t she tell Aria she knew what was going on but couldn’t tell her?

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST, “The four of you combined remember more of that night that you know” bulshit !!

Nothing worse can happen to you, your moms dead, you have no friends, you blinded a girl, you’ve been in jail, you’ve been stabbed, burnt, on the run, etc etc

I know they have to drag the show on but I don’t believe making Alison this useless character is the way.

A ending clue: for Aria is A Fandom

monariaisa  annaksnorra  Hey guys i wanted to share this thought on this A ending:,

annaksnorra i love your theory on how its possible aria was the one to go into monas house, maybe this could help with that theory. in this A ending listen to what the guy behind the counter says:

“hey dave, make sure you see an I.D.”

“I’ll get the rest of these on the boating docks”

ok so A is getting alot of whiskey. now what hit me was, when he said make sure you get I.D. now what if this A person looked underage to be buying alcohol? maybe someone like aria? we know A uses fake i.d.s too. The candy, we know aria likes candy, holden said she likes gummie bears and we did see mike leave gummy bears on that doc. This could be a family trait. We have seen A endings iwth butterscotch, mrs potter grabbing butter scotch, tanner as well, so could this all be in the dna family trait thing?  Someone made some interesting comments on how aria is like EYE CANDY. we didnt get to see aria’s height at the end of 5x24. 

Also with the icecream, we saw ella make that face when ted was circling his spoon around the icecream and making a dome shape. ella later says to aria, she didnt like that , and it reminded her of byron doing this with his icecream. so again alot of these food related things come back to the montgomery family. pizza is another one that comes back to the montgomery family, the oldie music that plays during these A endings , could be byron and ellas music from when they were younger. im kinda putting together these dynamics and traits that i see with the montgomerys and what A does.

What ive been gathering clues on is a possible family business with the montgomerys, maybe the A we see who gets candy is aria, and the A we see with alchohol or with the vodka lime is byron or wren or could also be aria as seen here by byebyemona : http://byebyemona.tumblr.com/post/114221483609/whisperingsecretsofrosewood (great  post by the way!:) not only does she stir in the same fashion , but in both scenes its with a straw, and she drinks with a straw. Could help with your theory and many of our theories :p

let me know what you think about this, who knows if this is aria’s tomboy side.:)

also to throw in there, aria said how ella has byron on a healthy diet but byron tends to cheat on this diet and eats other stuff (something among those lines). so this goes back to byrons love of pizza, and some A endings with someone eating meat. this could be like a really twisted family, who fight, who interfere with each others relationships in “A fashion” just some thoughts!:)

the signs as pretty little liars characters
  • Aries: Jenna Marshall
  • Taurus: Byron Montgomery
  • Gemini: Allison DiLaurentis
  • Cancer: Ella Montgomery
  • Leo: Hanna Marin
  • Virgo: Mona Vanderwaal
  • Libra: Aria Montgomery
  • Scorpio: Toby Cavanaugh
  • Sagittarius: Emily Fields
  • Capricorn: Spencer Hastings
  • Aquarius: Ezra Fitz
  • Pisces: Ashley Marin
BIG Connections: Extended Montgomery Family: Ella,Maya & Bethany Wren Kingston + The Cavanaughs/Jenna

Hey guys so i’ve been communicating with some of you great pll theorist sweetlittlesacrifices rosewoodspy  mayasssugar  monariaisa  about some of my theories and ideas that connect all these people stated above in the title. As it is all overwhelming, imma wait until the finale to see if i should spend the time on this. I have some curiosities i’d like to venture into:

EDIT: forgot to add, has anyone noticed how aria likes to mourn her familys victims by wearing clothes and jewelry that represented them? remember she started wearing beanie hats like maya? hmm if this is a family dysfunctional buisness , this arias way of making things seem normal in her life.

  • 1 curiosity: Marlene had tweeted : looks like theres another member to the montgomery family A.M & B.Y. (mar deleted this tweet , sneeky mar)This could also mean Anne Maya & Bethany Young anne is mayas middle name(added members to the family which help with these possible theeries) Ella could be related to maya either a step mom or  mayas real mom. proof so far? ella’s bracelet tattoo that she hides under her many bracelet cuff accessories. Maya told us her parents got matching tattoos and were hippies. Ella’s style is very bohemian and hippie ish. Ellas scarves which she oddly stopped wearing as noticed by aria. heres some clues( aria “ dont wear a scarf with it” ella says “ what makes you say i would wear a scarf?”  aria says “because ive known you 100% of my life” which is why aria covered for ella when she told ezra the drawing was mrs d, but mrs d was drawn on purpose in order to frame ali and mrs d. Maya loved scarves too, and gave emily one. Scarves are huge clues in the show. Lets not forget, maya’s first job was at leons cupcakes , remember those pig cupcakes! This extended montgomery family we need to watch out for. Also the french europe connections, mayas last name is european, the montgomery family talked about moving to europe, what really happened over there? Ellas middle name is (née Rose) see the accent mark? european. in season 1, where her and byron were in the school makeing up, ella let her accent slip. i gotta find the vid to show you guys.
  • 2nd curiosity: The whole bethany , ali, and mrs d connection is false, a coverup, it was all to get ali into jail that was BIG A’s plan. Proof so far? spencer noticed how bethanys sketch book went from normal to evil drawings of what appears to be mrs d. these were planted as well , meaning someone drew them to help with the frame job. Big A got to the guy at the horse ranch and made sure he told spencer and emily that story to further connect mrs d to bethany (Have we not seen how A works by now? this is what sasha was talking about) . all that stuff connecting ali to bethany was apart of the frame job, including mrs. d. No names were named on the bethany tapes, which means the rich lady with the beige purse is ella montgomery we saw her with one. Bethany was talking about ella and her daughter, now here’s where it also hit me, the line that bethany says on the tapes “ she gets them to do whatever she wants, 5 mins with her, you drown a bag of kittens if she asked, 2 mins if your a man” this also sounds like JENNA! look how toby was with jenna, look how garret was with jenna, look how noel was. jennas relationships with guys is very similar to aria, could they be sisters? toby did say jenna gets what she wants. Remember arias strange visits with jenna? what was going on there, jenna and aria seem to have the most scenes together out of the liars that showed us there could be more with jenna and aria. But also, In last nights ep, it highlighted how it looks when a man would do anything for aria even if she asked him to drown a bag of kittens , andrew proved to us he would probably do just that. so this could very well be aria. Could there be an extended family sprinkled through out rosewood? who are jennas real parents? who are mayas real parents? families intertwined? So this connects bethany to the real story that involves the montgomerys , jenna, and the cavanaughs.
  • 3rd. curiosity: The Canvanughs/jenna are intertwined in all this bethany drama, which would connect. Theres still more to toby and his extended family , and it looks like maya is intertwined in this as well.
  • The fact that MOM-BETHANY-MAYA are grouped together on that note, helps shines light on these possible connections, which could explain all this mess. They showed us these clues for a reason. Mayas parents are connected with Bucks County, they rented a place there? weve seen A rent out places before hmm. which begs the question why is mayas family also changing houses? ella and byron? who are these parents of hers? lets not forgot , maya and bethany could be ellas kids on her side of the family. Bucks County a place toby supposedly had a job there?
  • 4th curiosity: This all has to stem back to the past, something happened, like a family has been broken up and put int other families or something , something with the parents. With the grunwald connections, that whole sorority clues , could tie into rosewood families.
  • 5th: BIG A could be a man, or a duo who? Byron or Byron and Ella. Weve seen A endings with 2 people dancing to music, having drinks. who else can control a whole trial in their favor and control the police? Byron is the only one who gave us that impression that he has these connections with lawyers, judges, and the police. definitely one of my many BIG A guesses, and maybe even more so now since last nights episode. Could be a whole twisted family Big A business, all fighting with each other because they all have a vendeta against the people of rosewood that did them wrong. one nutty family.
  • So its alot of families intertwined somehow, so does it lead to this picture? and original family?
  •  (photo i do not own)

well thats it for now until the finale, as i told some of you i was working on a theory with connecting wren the montgomery family, so ill jsut put it out there what i was working on connecting but i simply have no time to work on it , but what i think is that aria got wren to change the paternity test of ezras son so that aria could have maggie and their son out of her and ezras lives, we know how frustrated aria was she even ended kissing wesley because of it, she wanted ezra all focused on her, she couldnt handle it she even told wesley straight to his face malcolm looked just like ezra. Wren is the good doctor right? and in that deleted scene where aria says “wren drove me home” it was from season 3 i highly believe aria got wren to change the dna test, wren could be apart of this extended montgomery family hence BIG A FAMILY BUSINESS. how else would things run smooth for BIG A if BIG A didnt have a trusted family doctor to make sure things run smooth?hmm. we all know art runs in this family, ella owns an art gallery and she got back into her painting. i have this theory in a draft, but its not finished and dont know when it will be finished but feel free to venture into this for your theories if you want. hope i spark some thoughts in your heads, maybe something else will click in your brains:)

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Mothers Scorned on PLL? + More connections & clues on Ella, Aria, Bethany, Maya,Scarves, Sketchbook & more

EDIT: to add, the scarf connection, ella stopped wearing scarves for some reason. we know there is a scarf theme in this show, maya gave emily a scarf. we have to think the whole bethany story involving mrs d and ali is most likely false EVEN THE SKETCHBOOK DRAWINGS. it was a means to get ali in jail. planted evidence , not really mrs d in those drawings. no names were ever said on the bethany tapes which leaves it open to the imagination who could bethany been talking about? Ella montgomery

just some things i’ve been thinking of overnight:

Could ella be the woman with the big beige purse? she was the only one in that ep where rhonda tells us about a a rich lady with a big beige purse. we never seen jessica with a big beige purse. with the given clues from last nights ep, puts suspicion on ella as in relation to the bethany storyline:

  • I looked up Bethany’s name and here’s what i got: bethany is a name fro m the bible a biblical place , a town where Lazarus lived. So guess what the story is with Lazraus? HE CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD. Lazarus was one of the names on the note in last night’s ep.
  • could this mean bethany came back from the dead and that she was all pulled out of the grave? is she someones sister? all speculative at this point but many clues suggest it could be. 
  • Now, question is how does maya fit into all this?? also on that note, it said : MOM , BETHANY , MAYA is this to suggest a connection with these 3?
  • now alot of clues about ella is being raised, we all know she went on adating spree after byron, she sorta comes off as boss woman. if you read one my recent posts called “PLL TRAGIC CLUES ETC byron seems to be the underdog in the montgomery family, hes made many mistakes , he comes off as the weakest link in some ways ,he seems to give ella alot of credit for being a boss, taking care of 2 teenagers and nutty professor, making a small house work . makes you wonder if ella really is a rich lady with the big beige purse.
  • Remember she helped emily on the test? why did she do that? did she feel some remorse because of what happened with maya? this was in 3.02 the season right after maya “died” you think there could be a connection with ella and maya and bethany?
  • this would mean that if it was ella bethany was talking about in the tapes, this would mean she had an affair  with bethanys dad. ella hmm? is byron not the only cheater in the montgomery family? will hold on that thought .
  • the use of the word “daughter” stuck out to me in last nights ep, this is when instantly connected ella to the bethany tapes “is it like mother like daughter?” for some reason it just clicked, and how obvious andrew acted towards aria like he would drown a bag of kittens if she asked. wtf happened to andrew??he wasnt liek this with spencer! there it is a lolita effect with arias character.
  • Here’s the only big connections i could possibly make, so we know mayas parents are a bit strange especially to Pam Fields. Maya said her parents got matching tattoos inside of wedding rings. Pretty edgy impulse thing to do? Pam found it weird for a mother to do that. Pam also found it weird in 1x01 how a mother can let her daughter(aria) dye her hair pink. Could this strange mother be ELLA MONTGOMERY? just let that sink in for a bit.
  • Now i guess you can probably speculate who the father could be so ill leave that to your imaginations, but these clues seem to be connecting this odd triangle MOM, BETHANY, MAYA.
  • Is anyone getting a sense someone is getting revenge on men here and young girls, and men leaving women scorned? i say this mainly in the aria and ella situation, and the many times we see older men going for younger girls. look how zack turned out? that couldve been the last straw for ella. ella and aria they seem to have a bond that involves the topic of men in their lives. when byron cheated, aria felt scorned , and ella felt scorned and even more so hurt that her daughter kept the secret. has anyone notice ella takes jabs at aria , as if she is still not over something? which begs the question has this happened before with byron going for younger girls? ella did say she didnt know alot about byron. and there is definitely something strange with this mother daughter duo ella and aria. Imma just say it, men falling for younger girls in this show is a huge theme! imagine how this affects the mothers on this show? we have seen it, even ella and ashley talked about this. Could there be a revenge plot in all this??Now who knows how deep this theme goes, we could have more infidelities on our hands with husbands falling for younger girls. heck ashley fell for a younger guy! something is going on. and with aria constantly needing a man in her life, and men acting like they do anything for aria in 2 mins time if she asked? aria needs a man at all times, just look at her history. does this behavior comes from something deeper? look at the problems spencer has with melissas bfs always going after spencer, it aint her fault! and troian talked about this in an interview and made a huge point.

I’ll leave it there for now, just to put it on everyones minds :p

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