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So in previous theories ive made several theories connecting the montgomery family to bethany, a new clue i came upon is quite telling. In the ep 6x17 hanna is helping ella out with her wedding dress and theme etc, ella tells us a little about her and byron:

hmm so ella and byron rented a barn to get married in? now barns have been a huge clue in this show, barns are associated with farms, we got the camplbell farm, we got spencers barn, the barn that emily passed out in, now a barn that ella n byron got married at. now remember this drawing:

many of us have already in the past pondered whether ella was the woman in this drawing and it still looks like it could be ella, now given this new information, this could very well be bethany drawing, i found it interesting she said they basically dressed up as “cowhands” now heres the definiton:

“cow·handˈkouhand/nounplural noun: cowhands is a person employed to tend or ranch cattle; a cowboy or cowgirl.”

in the drawing we see cows ,and we also see horse. now this brings me back to this scene:

i found this really interesting a cow tongue? hmm why is that aria from the start, has been associated with farm animals the most? we got pigtunia as if aria grew up on farm possibly, and byron got her the pig to remind of her of her childhood. look at all the A clues dealing with pigs, then we have horse connections with aria as well, i remember when ezra a said he would buy aria pony or something to that degree.

Now speaking of horses, this brings me back to who was really the lady in the big beige purse?

now this scene with ella and her big beige purse was in the same episode where ronda tells us about the lady in the big beige purse taking bethany out of radley. now think about it. if it is indeed the montgormery family in that drawing, what if bethany was apart of that family? what if byron is the father of bethany, and ella was taking bethany out of radley on trips? jsut a thought, is it really a coincidence that we see ella with a big beige purse in the same ep that ronda talks about the rich lady in the big bige purse? was ella in disguise?

Now, heres more connections to bethany from the Montgomery family, we all remember this, when eddie recognized aria from radley, why was aria so fixed on the bethany situation, why was she so determined to be the main one to get info on bethany? what does aria know about bethany? also to throw in there the twin looking picture in byrons family photo album which is still weird, could it be bethany and aria?

then we have this drawing, what if this was aria and bethany when the seperation happened

another bethany/montgromery connection, so apparently melissa buried bethany, now i still find it a little strange that on “that night” in th flashback, byron is talking to ali, when hes about to walk away, he turns around and sees melissa cmoing out of the door, n then he glares as if it was odd to see melissa , nowi still find this strange why the writers felt the need to shwo us that byron saw melissa and made that glare at the sight of her

now remember this weird scene where meredith tells byron:

what was meredith about to say, “that you…” that byron what? what else did byron do that night?  did byron have something to do with bethanys murder? lets think about it, when byron goes to the basement and sees scared aria he tells her i didnt hurt alison… but byron seemed like that was his intentions that night as it were monas and everybody else intention to kill ali that night. what if byron tried to kill kill ali but hit the wrong person, bethany? his daughter? just thinking aloud. so we have a weird eye glare that byron gives melissa who is connected to burying bethany, according to meredith, byron did something else that night, and meredith knows first hand what byron did, and meredith found it damaging this info that she went off her meds and went crazy aria because of this secret. now that tells me theres more to what were in those pages and did ali take some of these pages out? or who?

welp theres the montgomery/bethany connection ,theres several other clues but this is just the jist of things. its a huge possibility that aria is also marys kid which could tie into this later.

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Aria Montgomery: the rundown

Season 1:

Aria is categorized as the artsy family oriented girl who spent time away from Rosewood for a year while keeping a family secret who transformed into a girl who found love in a seemingly hopeless place with her teacher while her family is falling apart. Might I say that Byron is awful for having his teenage daughter keep his secret, that put her in an impossible position because all she wanted to do was keep her family together. Its a lot for a 16 year old to handle. Cue her and Ezra’s first encounter which was way too quick to my liking. I think they should’ve tried harder to stay away from each other, I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship that I would have to hide from the world—which is what they fought about during the course of this season. She forced herself into a relationship with Noel then they all thought he was A after the whole I See You thing on the car window. I do like how she stuck by her friends. I feel like she was the most skeptical about Alison’s bull than the rest in this season.

Season 2:

Although during this season she was more free to be with Ezra since he wasn’t her teacher at this point but I feel like if she can’t be with him around her family and friends then there’s no point. Ezra should feel gross by dating a kid. Don’t get me wrong, they have their cute moments, are loyal to each other, and have strong feelings for one another I just feel like it should’ve started when she was 18 because if the Rosewood PD was full of competent officers, Ezra would’ve been in some serious trouble. Cue Jason and her little thing where he was semi obsessive with the pictures, idk how I feel about that. Is Rosewood a place where men in their 20s go cruising for high school girls to date. I think this is the season she had that “hey, I have options’’ approach to dating. The thing that I hated about this season was when the parents got the Liars to separate but at the same time I love that it gave them time to trick A(even though it didn’t work out exactly how they planned, I loved it). I thought Dr. Sullivan was full of crap.

Season 3: 

I saw a lot of growth in Aria in the next two seasons but I noticed a lot of her growing moments have to do with her relationship with Ezra. The whole train thing was pretty intense. That whole being in a crate with a dead Garrett Reynolds should’ve been traumatizing for her. I have to say, out of all the times that Ali came to them, when she came to Aria it was my favorite.

Season 4:

When Maggie came to town she had to put things realistically and first started asking herself “can I do this? he has a child”, “can I see this in my future?”, “should I be dating someone my own age?” cue Jake. I enjoyed her relationship with Jake, they were on the same level and I think it had her thinking that she can survive without Ezra, I know their relationship was intense but Jake was a realistic choice considering age, common interests, and clicking quickly. But just like Maggie pushing her away, that led to her being pulled back in when the truth about Malcolm’s paternity was revealed.he went through a lot in season 4 with lashing out at Ezra for his “book” (which I loved) finding out that Alison is alive, etc. 

Season 5:

When Ezra got shot- it gave them more in depth memories and tested them- I was not surprised when they had sex a month later. Her character has such a great dynamic with the whole Shana thing(minus the whole YouTubing her funeral thing but anyways-moving along) I think she should’ve turned to the other girls more instead of trying to check on Jenna because of her guilt. Em went through the same murder-by-self-defense thing, she could’ve turned to her or the others instead of trying to create some distance. The whole dollhouse fiasco was ridiculous but I loved the scene when they found out the verdict was read out, it showed that no matter what happened leading up to that that their friendship was so strong.

Season 6:

I feel like she was the most traumatized post-dollhouse, I love how it was portrayed, gave her more depth. Five years forward I’m glad at Cece’s hearing she told the truth. I find Byron and Ella’s second marriage irrelevant, only thing that would’ve made me perk up would’ve been Mike attending; it was sweet and special that Aria officiated it though. Moving right along, I don’t think Ezria should be engaged because they broke up way before the season 6 time jump making it about 6 years since they’ve been together plus they didn’t see each other during the time jump, they had sex and then in a week or so’s time he was down on one knee, how is that realistic..Over the course of 7 years I think the most impressive thing about her is how much she’s matured, she thinks about things and calculates her moves instead of her younger and impulsive days. Bravo soon to be Mrs. Fitz.

Season 7:

So far I feel like she’s the one who was most determined for normalcy. I think she just wanted to keep her relationship with Ezra solid, I’m glad she kept him from the dark and depressing state he was in in 6A. Other than rekindling Ezria, she hasn’t been doing much in the first half of this season which is probably due to her having a good arc in 7b. 

Fave moments so far:

the emotions she felt watching Ezra find Nicole

accepting the proposal

her fashion sense

being honest at Cece’s hearing

“don’t look at me, I’m ready to hang a sign ’‘bitch can see!”

“she chipped us? she frickin chipped us”

the meltdown after finding out Ezra played her

officiating her parent’s wedding

the night she brought Ali back to Welby

when her and Spencer almost froze to death

What I want from her in the final 10 episodes:

I want her to really be clear about her relationship with ezra before marrying him. if after that she decides she wants to marry him then so be it, get married, have your career, have your man, start a family and be happy. If not draw the line with Ezra, give him back the ring and don’t go back to him.

You know, I really think that Byron Montgomery is a jerk and I never understood why Ella took him back.

However, I hated how the show portrayed him as a villain for not wanting Aria to date Ezra, along with justifying it because he slept with his student. The situations were not comparable. Aria was 16, the student Byron slept with was in her early 20s.

Aria and Ezra were the very definition of illegal. Byron had every right to not want them dating, for trying to keep them apart. He should’ve just called the cops, honestly. I get that they had to make Aria mad at him, pretty standard reaction. But as the audience, we were made to hate him for wanting to protect his daughter. Like how dare he take issue with a 20 something sleeping with a minor! What a monster!

Honestly, out of those parents, Ella was the bad one for being all “Well you’re gonna do it anyway, go ahead sweetie.”

Ezra deserves to be behind bars for sleeping with 2 minors and stalking them. He was the villain.

Byron is still an asshole…but you can’t say he was a bad father because of this.

Myślę, że to przeznaczenie. Ludzie, którym przeznaczone jest być razem, biorą przerwę, a potem znajdują drogę do swojej pierwszej miłości.
—  “Słodkie kłamstewka”
the montgomery family

byron: cheats on his wife with his student

ella: divorces her husband who cheated on her with his student, gets engaged to a man who is a pedophile-molester

aria: mad at dad who had an affair with his student, has an affair with her teacher

mike: realizes he’s the most normal in the family, goes to mtv to star as a sadistic murderous werewolf

Road Between Chapter Three

Hi everyone! So sorry my posts are all over the place. My baby cousin is in the hospital and she has to have surgery this week. Please keep her in your prayers. Well…onto chapter three. PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT ABOUT THE CHAPTER AFTER YOU’VE READ IT! 😘

Chapter Three: In A Past Life

It took Aria a few minutes to gather her surroundings as she lifted her head off her pillow. The clock on the side table read Sunday morning and she could smell the aroma of coffee brewing in the kitchen across the room. Beside the couch, Aria could see Luc sleeping soundly the blankets pushed off of him. Bending down she pulled the blankets back over his tiny form before walking into the kitchen fixing her long hair.

Walking into the kitchen she saw her mom putting a few pancakes on a tall stack.

“Good morning.” She greeted with a smile. Aria yawned before smiling and pulled the stool out from under the island. “I made your favorite,” She placed a plate in front of Aria. “Blueberry pancakes with vegan bacon and fresh brewed coffee.” Turning to the pot she poured Aria a steaming cup and placed it next to her. “It still is your favorite, right?” Ella paused, realizing her tastes may have changed.

“Yes.” Aria clarified quickly, taking a bite of her bacon. “Thank you.” Aria mumbled, realizing her bad manners she chewed swallowed then continued. “But you didn’t have to do all of this, really.”

“No, it was no problem.” Ella shrugged, smiling. “You need some meat on those bones your too skinny.” Aria gave a nervous laugh before shifting in her seat.

“Well this looks really good.” Aria picked up her fork and cut into her pancake. She had just taken a bite as a small cry came from the other room.

“Momma…” Aria turned around and Ella glanced in Luca’s direction. He was sitting up on the blankets with his dark curls sticking up.

“Luc, I’m here.” Aria jumped down from her stool and rushed to him, picking him up he calmed in her arms but still clung to her.

“Is he okay?” Ella asked, concerned as the two re-entered the kitchen.

“Yeah, it’s just going to take some getting used to. Being here, that is.” She sighed, plopping back down on the stool with Luca on her lap. “Do you want a pancake?” She asked the red face boy, smoothening down his hair.

“Pancake, momma!” Luca smiled, taking the round floppy pancake off of Aria’s plate and taking a bite. Aria gave a small laugh before kissing the top of his head.

Wiping her hands on a dishtowel Ella reached for Luca.

“I can take him for you while you eat?” She offered.

“Oh no, its fine.” Aria waved her mom off, picking up her fork. “I’ve had practice multitasking with Luca here.” Aria squeezed him gently.

The front door opened, leaving Ella without a chance to say something as Mike swung open the door.

“I got the paper!” He shouted, closing the door. Turning, he spotted Aria with Luca still seated on her lap, and he was frozen in place as their eyes met.

Aria slowly chewed the food in her mouth, swallowing it before getting up from her stool. Mike moved too, as the siblings met halfway and enveloped each other in a hug. They had always been close and the past few years hadn’t changed that. Pulling away, Mike smiled and Aria had tears in her eyes.

“I missed you.” She tried hard to keep the tears in.

“Me too.” Mike agreed, looking from Aria down to Luc, trying not to stare.

“Oh um… Mike this is Luca, but I call him Luc. Luc, this is your Uncle Mike.” She introduced. Usually Luca would bury his head into Aria’s shoulder, but surprisingly he took a liking to Mike.

“Luc, hi.” Mike bent down to be eye level with the little boy. “I’m so happy to meet you. Thanks for bringing your mommy home.” He smiled, glancing up at Aria who blushed.

Boy, did she miss her brother.

Not wanting to ruin the moment, but figuring Mike was hungry, Ella called him to the table.

“Mike, why don’t you take a seat and eat before it gets cold?” She suggested, as Mike took the second stool and pulled it out from under the island.

“Good, I’m hungry.” He placed the paper on the granite counter top; not even realizing what was on the cover. Aria’s eyes went wide with confusion and Ella noticed.

“I’m so sorry Aria.” Ella stated, but Aria didn’t say a word, didn’t even look up at her mom. “I was going to tell you when-” Ella spoke, her mouth hanging open as Aria swallowed her tears and tore her eyes away from the paper.

“Ali…she’s missing?” Aria whispered confused. She looked up at her mom for answers, but Ella just sighed. “What are they talking about?” She reiterated, tilting her head so she could see her mom’s face, which was bent down.

Still not getting any answers, Aria picked up the paper and began to skim the article for details. Watching her daughter read into the lies of the town, Ella snatched the paper from her grasp.

“She just disappeared; these stories are all just speculation.” Ella crumpled up the paper and tossed it into the trash. She didn’t want her daughter hurt with questions she didn’t have answers to.

From what Aria had read before the paper was taken from her there had been something about a sleepover with her friends, or something like that.

“It said something about my friends, Mom. What happened after I left?” Aria pressed again, but Ella remained silent.

“After you left everyone thought you were involved.” Mike said, in-between bites of pancake.

Aria’s head swung towards her younger brother as he spoke. Ella’s steely look immediately made him clam-up and Aria still hadn’t gotten anymore closer to the truth; she was even more confused now.

“What he means is that when Ali left town everyone thought she was with you, but your Father set them straight.” Ella clarified, but it didn’t answer everything, she figured she would just have to find out more on her own later.

“So umm…” Aria looked down at her food, swallowing the nervous lump that was forming in her throat. “Where, exactly have I been all this time?” Aria examined. Ella was caught off guard by the sudden question and took a minute to think of what to say. “I mean, I had to have been somewhere. Was I at grandmas or living at a boarding school?” Aria questioned further.

Ella wasn’t proud of this, but she had convinced herself a long time ago that it was best to make something up. She never wanted to believe that what truly happened to her daughter had been the truth and she forced herself to put on a smile with the words she had said so many times before.

That everything was fine and that she hadn’t truly run away.

“We said that you received a scholarship to a school back in Iceland and that you wanted to study abroad for a few years.” Ella explained, adding more coffee to her daughter’s mug.

“Well, at least I have a story to go off of…” Ella winced at her daughter’s sarcastic tone. “All I have to do is include a baby into the equation.” At this no one said a word.

Realizing it might have been a little too soon for jokes, Aria cleared her throat and spoke up again.

“It’s fine,” she shrugged. “Let’s just start over fresh. It’s all in the past.” Aria sighed, pushing her plate away. “I’m going to take Luc out for a walk, get some fresh air. Maybe stop by Wright’s Playground.” She hopped off her stool, adjusting Luc on her hip.

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” Ella pondered. “I mean, taking him out so soon after getting out of the hospital?” She further questioned.

Aria didn’t want to think her mom was trying to keep her hidden, but the question popped into her head anyways. The genuine look of concern on her mom’s face on the other hand led her to believe she was worried. “I think it will be okay.” Aria rubbed Luca’s back. “Dr. Truman did say that if he was feeling better we could, and Janette mentioned for him to get back on a schedule. He loves the swings and we went to the park every Sunday.” Aria detailed.

“Okay.” Ella nodded, bringing her coffee mug to her lips. “Well, Mike and I can watch him for you while you take a shower and get dressed.” She offered, tilting her cup towards Mike.

Apprehensive at the thought of leaving him with Mike and their mom she immediately shook the emotions from her mind, this was family.

“Oh, okay. You really don’t mind?” Aria turned to Mike.

“No, this will give me the chance to spend time with the little guy.” Mike reached for Luc. With a little resistance Luc went to Mike. “Hey there little Luc.” Mike smiled at Luc who wasn’t quite sure, but at least he wasn’t crying, Aria thought.

Aria finally managed to move her legs towards the stairs, turning back to Luca who was now smiling. It felt strange to not have to be so close to him, they had been glued together since the moment he was born.


Aria slowly sat on her childhood bed, the place where she spent countless sleepovers with her friends and opened up new worlds by reading every night. The comforter was soft; the pillows smelt clean, even the mattress felt the same, and of course her feet still couldn’t reach the hardwood floor.

Everything felt the same, but deep down the pictures on her dresser and the book Ezra had bought her was from another life. She didn’t belong in here, the room was meant for another Aria. One who hadn’t spent the past few years living in an out of shelters and flats where kids did things she knew would never escape her memory. This wasn’t her room anymore.

A knock sounded at the door as Aria’s head rose to meet the door slowly being cracked open. “Are you decent?” Ella asked, making sure before opening it wider.

“Yeah. Yes.” Aria jumped off the bed. “Is Luc okay?” Aria questioned, as she went to her closet door and shrugged on a navy blue sweater over her cream long sleeve shirt.

“Luc’s fine. Mike loves his new role as uncle.” Ella smiled, leaning against the doorframe.

“That’s great.” Aria returned the smile. “Now if I could only find some clothes that could actually fit me.” Aria raised her arms, noticing the significant amount of material dangling around her midsection. “I’m swimming in everything I left here…” Aria gave a small chuckle.

“I told you, your too skinny.” Ella walked across her daughter’s bedroom; happy Aria was finally in here with her. Ella sifted through the hangers until she found a cream colored belt and handed it to her daughter. “I think it would be a good idea to setup a doctor’s appointment for you and Luc.” Ella suggested.

“I’m fine, but I think Luc should go very soon.” Aria kept her eyes lowered as she wrapped the belt around her waist and buckled it into place. Ella watched Aria tentatively, knowing there was something going on, but figured she was reading too much into things.

“Mommy…” Aria heard her son’s laughter as he spotted her across the hallway where Mike was tickling his tummy.

“That’s my cue.” Aria gave a small smile, before looking at her mom who returned the smile.

No matter how much Ella tried to deny it, she still felt like something strange was going on with Aria. She only wanted to protect her and Rosewood was a town where secrets were always discovered.

“Aria,” Ella called to her. Aria’s brown hair flipped over shoulder as she turned to her mom. “Just remember this is Rosewood and-”

“Yes, and I’ve lived here for most of my life.” Aria tried convincing her mom. She wasn’t a little girl anymore.

“Rumors spread quickly.” Ella stated, moving closer to Aria, putting a hand on her shoulder.

“I know…” Aria agreed. “But I’m strong, believe me when you’ve lived on the streets with a baby you get use to the stares and whispers.” Aria rolled her eyes.

Ella’s hand fell from Aria’s shoulder and Aria could see the emotions running across her mother’s face.

“I’m sorry…” Aria stepped back into the room. “I promise, I will be careful about with what I tell people.” Aria gave her mom a hug.

“I just want to make sure this town doesn’t make you want to leave again.” Ella’s voice broke, her eyes closing as she hugged Aria tightly.

“I’m staying right here.” Aria reassured her mom. “But I do want to take Luc out to the playground for the day. I promise, I will be home later.” Aria pulled away.

“Okay.” Ella wiped her eyes. “Have fun.” She sniffled, as she broke down and smiled.


The air was rather crisp and cold, but there was no need for a hat and gloves just yet, only a winter coat. Pushing Luca’s stroller down the sidewalks, not many people where outside and the ones that were didn’t seem to recognize her. The playground was now in sight and although there were no kids, the area appeared to be well kept which made Aria happy that she could bring Luca here.

As a young girl, Aria remembered coming here and playing tag with her friends and having contests with Mike on who could swing the highest on the swings. This was the place where she learned to ride her bike and scrapped her knees, only to get an ice cream from her dad when she started to scream that she was going to die.

Stopping the stroller next to the swings, Aria bent down next to Luca and saw his excitement as he kicked his legs.

“You ready to go on the swings?” Aria asked, and smiled as she unbuckled him from his seat. With raised arms he reached for her to place him in the seat.

Once Luca was securely in the swing, Aria stood behind him, and gave a gentle push. The swing creaked loudly, but the only sound Aria could hear was his laughter.

“Do you like that Luc? Do you wanna go higher?” She gave another push.

“Are you touching the clouds? Reach… Reach high.” Aria said, and Luca fearlessly raised his arms.

“Good job!” Aria expressed. She loved these moments with Luca when it was just the two of them and she could forget her problems.


Strolling through the heart of Rosewood, Aria noticed the new and old shops that had popped up since she left. Like the fact that the library got a new sign and there was a new coffee shop a few stores down called The Brew.

“Right there,” Aria pointed out to Luca. “Is Lucky Leon’s where they have the best chocolate chip cupcakes and over there is the-” Aria stopped. “Library.” She whispered.

Aria’s heart started to pound in her chest and the smile on her face was evidence as to how much she missed the tall dark haired guy walking out of the library. Ezra’s nose was buried in the book in front of him, unaware of the young mother and child across the street staring.

Aria’s attention was brought back to reality by Luca’s rocking in the stroller, bored at not moving. Looking down she realized this wasn’t the time nor the place she wanted to run into Ezra.

Acting quickly, Aria made a beeline towards The Brew and ducked down just in time to see Ezra walk by without noticing her. Walking to his car, Aria closed her eyes remembering that rainy day when he had given her a ride. The butterflies were still fluttering in her stomach as she opened her eyes, hearing the radio in the background.

“Aria?” A familiar voice resonated against the music echoing about. Spinning around in the direction the voice had come from; she spotted a lengthy dark haired girl with olive skin behind the counter.

“Emily… hi.” She greeted, maneuvering Luca’s stroller towards the counter. From what Aria could tell, she still looked just as athletic as ever; down to the Rosewood swim t-shirt and jeans.

“I almost didn’t recognize you. It’s been so long.” Emily gave her a warm smile.

“It has… how are you?” Aria tilted her head.

“Great. How was Iceland?” Emily questioned. Aria hadn’t even thought that her friends wouldn’t know the truth and as she opened her mouth she pondered what to say.

“It was- it was interesting.” Aria lied, gripping the handle of the stroller tighter.

“Cool…” Emily hoped they could catch up later. “You know I tried calling you, but your parent’s said you couldn’t be reached.” Emily gave Aria a puzzling look.

“Yeah, I was umm…” Aria tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. “Really busy, reception was terrible.” She gave a laugh under her breath. Understanding, Emily nodded.

“And who is this? You’re babysitting?” Emily peeked inside, seeing Luc’s curly hair and chubby cheeks.

“He’s my-” Aria paused. Remembering what her mom had said about Rosewood being a small town.

“His name is Luca.” Aria clamped her mouth shut.

She hated the thought of lying to her friend, and even worse, lying in front of Luca. At least it wasn’t a straight up lie, she hadn’t actually confirmed or denied that he was her son; she just said his name.

“Hi Luca.” Emily waved, and as usual his shy personality made him turn away.

“Luc, Can you say hi back?” Aria asked.

“Hi.” He responded, with his head still turned away.

Emily gave a small laugh; looking back up at Aria she tilted her head as she intently looked at her friend.

“You’re a natural with him. You’re so much more mature then the last time I saw you, obviously we’ve all changed.” Emily pondered the reality of the difference.

“A lot has changed,” Aria sighed. “I heard about Ali.” Aria whispered, frowning.

“You did?” Emily’s voice too became quite. Aria nodded, remembering how the five of them had always been so close.

“Yeah, it was in the paper.” Aria added.

A loud laugh caught Aria’s ears immediately and she knew who it was, but the person sitting across from them, Aria never would have guessed.

“Speaking of change, when did that happen?” Aria pointed in the direction Spencer and Toby were in.

“A few weeks after Ali went missing.” Emily folded her hands over her chest, a smile forming over her face seeing her friend with the ponytail and head arched back with a smile on her face laughing again at something Toby had said.

“I never would have thought that Spencer and Toby would be a couple…” Aria peeled her eyes from the pair, and turned back to Emily with wide eyes.

“They really are great together. Spencer deserves to be happy after you left and then Ali. I mean, we’ve all changed. Spencer started hanging out with Toby, and Hanna became best friends with Mona-”

“Wait, Mona Vandarwell?” Aria recalled, the short pigtailed girl she ran from with Ali as her guide.

“We all just drifted apart…” Emily shrugged.

“We did… Didn’t we…” Aria lowered her head, glancing down at Luc.

Aria saw the shadow of someone behind her and Emily stood straighter as she fell back into business mode.

“Would you like the house special?” She asked Aria, who picked her head up and eyed the reaction, realizing she was standing at the counter.

“Oh… yes please. And a small lemonade for Luc.” Emily punched her order into the register as Aria dug through her pockets for what little cash she had on her. Thankfully it was enough and she paid, biting her lip wondering how she would earn her money now that everything was changing.

“Here you go…” Emily smiled, handing her a small Styrofoam cup with a straw for Luc and another taller cup with a plastic lid for Aria.

“Thanks… See you Monday.” Aria replied, turning the stroller towards the exit.

“Okay, bye.” Emily waved, she was happy something was finally back to normal in this town.


The air had gotten a bit chillier as Aria walked up the driveway with her coffee cup in the holder. She could see her breath and Luc’s nose was turning red from the cold. Seeing the car parked in the driveway, she was thankful because for one, she didn’t have a house key and number two she wouldn’t know where to look for one. The last thing she needed was a neighbor calling the cops saying she broke in.

She was about to ring the doorbell when she noticed the door was cracked open, just enough to where she could see it without it being visible to the whole neighborhood. Walking in, she pushed Luc’s stroller into the hallway, feeling the warmth from the furnace.

“Aria, is that you?” Ella’s voice called from the living room.

“Hi.” Aria turned towards her mother’s voice. Unzipping her coat, she saw her mom folding the laundry on the couch.

“How was the park?” Ella smiled, picking up a dishtowel and folding it like a hot dog bun.

“It was a lot of fun.” Aria shrugged her coat off, and then bent down to help Luc out of his stroller before helping him with his coat. “Luc loved the swings.” She added, removing his shoes and placing them by the front door.

“That’s great.” Ella glanced at Luca who walked over to the basket of colorful clothes, trying to figure out what it was.

“Yeah, I saw Emily at The Brew…” Aria nodded, taking her coffee and Luc’s cup to the garbage in the kitchen. Back tracking towards the stroller, Aria folded the plastic and metal, wheeling it towards the wall next to the fireplace. “Did you know that Spencer and Toby Cavanagh are a couple?” Aria raised her eyes, still shocked as she turned around to face her mom.

“Yes,” Ella laughed, at her daughter’s surprised features. “It was a big shock to the whole town.” Ella detailed further, picking up a pair of Mike’s socks and folding them. “I see you’ve already found the kid hangout.”, meaning The Brew. Ella tossed the socks into Mike’s pile.

Beside the wall and next to the end table sat three blue bags with some boutique’s name written in cursive printing.

“What is all of this stuff?” Aria bent down to examine one of the bags further. Holding the handle, Aria peeked inside and saw new toddler clothes.

“Well I ran some errands today and I stopped by the mall to pick up some new clothes for Luc.” Ella motioned towards the little boy who sat playing with a sock on his arm that was bigger than him.

“You didn’t have to buy him new clothes, I have money and-”

“And it’s a gift, Aria.” Ella cut her off. Aria closed her mouth and swallowed her pride, as she looked at the bag again.

“Thank you.” Aria acknowledged.

“You’re welcome.” Ella tilted her head towards her. “Besides, if he’s going to go to daycare he’s going to need some new clothes.” Ella added, looking at Luca who had a huge smile on his face, even though he didn’t know what they were talking about.

“Daycare?” Aria’s head shot up.

“Well yes, where else would he be going while you are in school?” Ella chuckled.

“I just- He’s never been away from me for a long period of time.” Aria looked down at her bitten nails, afraid she would start to cry.

Ella could hear the worry in her daughter’s voice and placed the article of the clothing in her hands on her lap as she looked directly at her daughter, who still had her head down.

“It’s only a block away from Rosewood High and it looks really nice. It’s been around a few years and he will have fun. I talked to the owner at the baby boutique at the mall. ” Ella hoped this would change Aria’s mind.

Seeing how she didn’t have a choice, Aria sucked in a deep breath and nodded.

“Okay…” She agreed.

“Speaking of school, I called them and they said we can pick up your schedule in the office tomorrow morning, but they want an update on your medical records since you were gone for so long. I will set up an appointment for you and Luca at the doctors for sometime later this week.” Ella saw Aria roll her eyes at the mention of the doctors, but she pretended like she didn’t see it.

“Can’t you just tell them that they lost my records in Iceland or something?” Aria waved, like she was pulling the words out of thin air.

“Even if we did that they would still want you to update them at the clinic here…” Ella explained.

“Fine…” Aria huffed.

“If it makes you feel any better I bought you some new clothes…” Ella pointed to the bags on the stairs.

“Mom, you don’t have to keep doing everything for me. I’m not-” Aria’s voice rose, and as Ella looked up at her, Aria bit her tongue. “Thank you, I appreciate it.” Aria made a fist behind her back, as she tried to control her anger. It felt weird to have people doing things for her.

Turning around stiffly, Aria picked up the bags and walked up the stairs. Pushing the door to her bedroom open, she caught sight of her reflection in the mirror directly in front her and she swallowed down her anger. She heard Luca’s laughter ring through her ears from downstairs and she gave a weak smile. Her mom meant well, and maybe Luca would have fun at this new daycare, then everything would be okay in the end.


The dim light cascading through the hallway across from his room was something he hadn’t seen in years as Mike rested his head upon his pillow. Tiny whispers were heard through the cracked doorway and he liked the sound. Everything finally seemed right at home.

Byron might be gone, but having Aria home was the best thing that had happened in a long time. Despite the crazy circumstances he loved Luc. It still seemed strange to see Aria with a baby, after all he still saw her as his sister who was always thought to be the youngest seeing as how short she was growing up.

Climbing out of bed, he ventured into the hallway, careful not to wake Ella whose bedroom was just down the hall as he softly knocked on the door.

“Aria?” He whispered, peeking his head inside. “You’re still up?” He asked.

“Yeah…” Aria tilted her head, seeing a smile on Mike’s face. She motioned him inside and as he did he closed the bedroom door. “I think that Sausage King got to me…” Aria gave a weak smile, rubbing her stomach. “I’m not use to so much grease on one plate.” She laughed.

Mike gave a small laugh as he watched Luca sitting on Aria’s bed, playing with a book.

“You will have to lay off that for a bit.” Mike said, sitting on the edge of Aria’s bed. The side lamp by her bed allowed for just the right amount of light as he glanced at all of the small items that littered her bedspread. “What is all of this?” He motioned towards the stuff.

“This was everything I carried with me over the past few years. This was our life basically…” Aria sighed, looking at the contents, which was once stuffed in her orange bag.

“Can you tell me about it?” Mike felt awkward asking such a question, but he had to know.

Aria looked down at her crisscrossed legs and swallowed.

“I’m sorry, that wasn’t right of me to ask…” He paused.

“No…it’s okay.” Aria shook her head. Aria licked her lips as she thought carefully about what she wanted to reveal. Something’s she’d rather leave unspoken, but for some of the items scattered upon her bed, she was willing to speak about them. “Well this was Luc’s baby bracelet; I got it at the hospital when he was born.” Aria held up the tiny blue band.

“His wrist was really this small?” Mike gaped. Aria chuckled and nodded.

“I was so afraid to hold him at first he was so tiny, but I loved him so much and to think he was all mine…” Mike saw the sparkle in Aria’s eyes, something he hadn’t seen in awhile.

“What about the book?” Mike held up the worn copy of To Kill A Mockingbird, the pages almost falling apart.

“I got that at a bus station in Philly. It’s been through every snow storm and rain we’ve had.” Aria laughed again.

Mike set down the book as his eyes caught sight of the three pictures with bent and water damaged edges. One was of three pictures he didn’t recognize, but then the other two he did. Five girls, two blondes and three brunette’s laying on their stomachs in the tall grass, smiles on their faces as they stared down the lens. The other a family photo from their trip to Iceland, the time before their world changed.

“We looked happy then… It was all a lie, but I think you and I got along at least.” Mike raised the photo of his ‘happy’ family.

“I’m sorry I never told you about what Dad did until we got back. He made me promised and it was stupid of me to keep it.” Aria bit her lip.

“No, he never should have told you to keep the secret.” Mike’s voice grew angry and resentful.

“At least it’s over and everyone has moved on…” Aria hoped to clear the air. “At least we have each other…” She smiled. Mike glanced up at her and returned the smile.

“Now I know who these girls are, but what about this photo?” Mike questioned. Aria’s eyes grew heavy at the picture. The guy and girl in the photo were from life on the street, the people who looked out for her, but that was a dark place.

“Just two friends I met. They had a camera and we were goofing off.” Aria waved it off. Mike could sense the emotional reaction and tucked it behind the photo of the girls, letting her know she didn’t have to talk about it further.

“You have a bag of cheese puffs too?” Mike examined the plastic bag, confused. Luca’s tiny hands reached for the bag and he took one from the opening before setting it in his lap.

“Janette, the nurse at the free clinic in Philly gave me a bag for Luc. They are his favorite.” Aria chuckled, kissing the top of Luc’s head.

“Mine too…” Mike spoke to Luca, leaning into him.

Silence fell over the siblings as Luca munched on the cheese snack. The wind outside was howling against the house and the tree beside Aria’s bedroom window hit the side, making tapping noises. Aria watched Mike as he sat there, she could tell there was something else on his mind. He may have grown up, gotten even taller, and more mature of his age, but she still saw her little brother.

“Mike, what is it? What’s wrong?” Aria pondered.

“You always did know me the best…” Mike rolled his eyes. “It’s just…” He sighed. “If I had known I would have been there for you.” He finally looked at her.

Aria saw the remorse and pain his eyes, he cared for her so much.

“It’s okay…” Aria shook her head. She didn’t want him to feel like this. It wasn’t his fault she chose to leave, she thought. He shouldn’t feel guilty about anything, Aria told herself. “Mom and dad thought that having Luc was a mistake, but-” Aria glanced down at the little boy, tears glistening her eyes. “But I wouldn’t trade a single moment with him. He is a gift and yes, things were tough, but we had each other.” Aria’s voice broke.

Mike tried his best to hide his emotions, seeing how he wanted to be seen as tough, but this was just too much and he let his emotions flood forward. His eyes too filled with tears as he recalled the night he came home and everything had changed.

“I didn’t even know anything.” Mike swallowed his tears. “One minute, I’m at lacrosse practice and the next I’m sitting at the dinner table with mom and dad, and they told me that you were on a plane to Iceland.” Mike detailed. Mike buried his head in his hands, trying to calm himself. Aria’s hand immediately flew to his shoulder as she tried to settle him.

“It’s okay…” Aria soothed.

“No… It’s not.” Mike spoke up. He lifted his head, looking her in the eyes. “I was angry at you, Aria. You didn’t even say goodbye and I felt betrayed. Our family was falling apart and you just left me here to pick up the pieces.” Mike’s voice grew louder.

Aria swallowed, her throat constricting as she turned away. She had never thought about what it must have been like for him. She never thought about the consequences of leaving him behind. She had just wanted to get away from Rosewood as quickly as possible.

“I-I am so-sorry…” Aria choked out, ashamed of what she had done.

Hearing Aria apologize made Mike feel horrible for what he had just admitted. Deep down, under all of the anger and confusion was love.

“No… I never should have thought that about you. Overtime I realized something was wrong, but I just didn’t say anything.” Mike proclaimed.

“You didn’t know. Mom and Dad hid the truth so well…” Aria laced her words with a bit of sarcasm.

“I know, but I should have asked more. If I would have known-”

“What if’s will always be there…” Aria cut him off. “But at least we have now and for Luc that’s all that matters.” Aria explained, smiling at the thought.

“I’m always here for you and Luc.” Mike leaned over and gave Aria a hug, wrapping his arms tightly around her.

“Thank you…” Aria rubbed his back.

Pulling away the two smiled and once again silence filled the room. After a few minutes Luca yawned and Aria knew it was time for him to go to bed.

“I think that means our chat is over.” Mike yawned.

“I should get him to bed, I start school tomorrow.” Aria stated, the nerves evident in her voice.

”You will be fine.“ Mike encouraged. Aria looked up at her brother as he stood from her bed and walked towards the door. "Good night.” Mike said, gripping the door paneling.

“Good night…” Aria tilted her head like she had done earlier.

As Aria gathered all of the small items on her bed and placed them back in her orange backpack, she heard the door to Mike’s bedroom creak shut. Luca yawned two more times before she picked him up and turned off the side lamp. As she exited her room and carried Luca down the stairs she recalled the talk she had just shared with her brother, and hoped for many more to come.

Placing Luca down onto the makeshift bed, she made sure he was situated before crawling under the blanket on the couch and closing her eyes. The old hoodie she wore to bed was the same one she’s been wearing for the past few years and as odd as it sounded, the smell and feel of the material helped her feel at ease as she drifted off to sleep.

Another chapter completed! What did you think??? LET ME KNOW IN A MESSAGE OR A COMMENT!!!! 😘 Also, I am trying to build up a fandom that is not popular here on Tumblr, the Love Comes Softly Series (books by Janette Oke and movies found on the Hallmark Channel) if you know of the fandom PLEASE message me so we can chat AND send me requests, I want to start writing one-shots around the fandom.

Pretty Little Pilot

I am re-watching the pilot episode of Pretty Little Liars and realized that the first ten minutes of the series completely surround ARIA

The girls are hanging out in the barn when they hear a loud bang. They go investigate and it turns out to be Alison just messing with them; they all sit back down.

Alison hands only ARIA a drink. Spencer says, “Don’t drink too much ARIA, or you’ll tell us all your secrets.”

Alison says “Secrets keep us close,” and tells ARIA to drink up. You can see Pigtunia in the background.

The girls (minus Spencer and Alison) are shown sleeping. ARIA wakes up first. She wakes the other girls. They see Spencer walking back into the barn and ask her where Ali is.

Spencer says, “She’s gone, I looked everywhere for her. I think I heard her scream.” The music gets dramatic and the camera zooms in on ARIA’s face.

*Cut to 1 year later*

The front of ARIA’s house is shown.

ARIA is standing in front of a MIRROR, cocking her head to the side (exactly like the photo Bethany drew in Radley).

We find out the Montgomery’s spent the last year in Iceland. Ella asks Aria to bring Mike to lacrosse practice. 

As she is walking out of the house, Byron asks if she is okay. She replies that she is still keeping his secret (that he had an affair with Meredith). He says he meant if she was okay about Alison, she just walks away without answering him.

Aria drops Mike off at practice. The car clock shows that it is 4:15pm. Mike says practice ends at 6pm, and Aria says she is going to go grab some food.

She looks down at her phone, but decides not to make a call.

Aria is sitting at Hollis Bar and Grill.

It looks like she just arrived. She asks the bartender for a cheeseburger. The bar clock shows that it is 5:03pm. What did she do for the last 45 minutes??

She looks at the caulk board and there is a missing poster of Alison, but I noticed that behind it there is a note and you can see the word hoddie written, which is interesting because a black hoodie is A’s favorite get-up.

Ezra is sitting next to her. They talk about traveling, he says he is about to start his first teaching job.

Aria says she loves the song that’s playing, Ezra replies, yeah B26.

He asks what her major is, she hesitates but says she is leaning towards English, and he says that’s what he’s teaching.

Aria: I write too, but it’s mostly personal, just for me.

Ezra: I’m impressed, I tried writing, I didn’t get very far. You’re lucky, if your writing for yourself, it’s true passion. Maybe you’d let me read some of yours.

Aria: You’d really want to?

Ezra: Yeah, you’re smart, you’ve traveled, you have great taste in music, I’d like to know more about you. 

This conversation reveals a lot considering what we know now. Ezra had a thing for Ali, which he broke off that night when he found out her age. He proceeded to get close to Aria to get information on Alison.  Something I never understood was why Ezra wouldn’t date Ali when she was 15, but is perfectly fine dating 16 year old Aria?… 

The show cuts to them making out in the bathroom

Then the theme song comes on, and ARIA does the Shhh!

They spent the very first 10 minutes of the show all on ARIA.

It seems like the writers were making ARIA the main character.  WHY?!

Because she is related to the plot in a huge way!?!?? I HOPE SO! 


An important development that needs to be noticed: The Montgomery family + Ezra. Over the past couple of seasons we’ve obviously seen Ella warm up (with small steps) to accepting Ezra. Same with Byron. But now, they aren’t just continuing to say: “Okay, we’ll accept Aria is with Ezra and just ignore it.”. Now, they realize how big of a role Ezra has in Aria’s life. That no matter what, he’s not going away. This development was more mentioned than shown, but first they start by inviting him over to be with their family on Thanksgiving. Through-out 5B, going more unnoticed by viewers, Ezra is shown over at Aria’s house. Like when they were just casually sitting on her couch eating dinner, as if they were back at his apartment. Noting that Ezra being over at Aria’s house with her is not a big deal. Remember when he had to drop her off 3 blocks from her house?

Then when it’s mentioned by Aria that Ezra and Mike went out to his cabin so Mike could get out of town because her parent’s “trust Ezra” to take care of Mike. And with Mike and Ezra, obviously Mike didn’t actually punch Ezra out of hatred, it was so Byron wouldn’t. But it’s so important that Ezra and Mike have been shown to be bonding. Hopefully furthering it down the line where Ezra can have a “big brother” role for him because, you know, he’s going to be his future brother-in-law one day. ;)

anonymous asked:

Did you know that Ezra's mom is casted in the final episode? EzrA clue?

I did. Could be an EzrA clue or it’s simply for their wedding :/

tbh I’m excited that Huw is gack??? I’m curious to see that because obviously it’ll…be flashbacks lol uhm but like. I’m super interested to see that.

You can leave Rosewood, but Rosewood will never leave you.

Rewatching the pilot…I can’t help reflecting on how simpler the storylines were compared to now… None of the girls realized that the sleepover at Spencer’s would give way to Alison disappearing and secrets being spilled all over town. The Jenna Thing was just a whisper among five friends. The tapes of the NAT Club were still hidden in their cameras and the kissing rock was still every school girls wishful dating spot. Each of the girls shared a secret with Ali, one that they thought was safe…who knew bribes, murders, and secrets would be buried and uncovered in the Dilaurentis backyard.

We’ve come such a long way from Aria and Ezra kissing in a bathroom bar, Hanna stealing a pair of sunglasses with Mona, Spencer hiding in her sisters shadows, and Emily desperately trying to figure out who she was. The small town Rosewood was just your average sleepy town with monsters lurking around every corner and yet no one knew it.

Who knew it would lead to Mona being the first A, spiraling the girls into a cat and mouse game filled with black hoodies and red coats. What started off as just text messages turned into lethal death threats with real murders and people wearing masks.

Throughout all of the trials and tribulations these girls have faced one thing has always remained, their loyalty towards each other. Ali might have been the one who brought the girls back together, but it was their strong connection of everything they have overcome which has kept them together. If I’ve learned anything from this shows it’s to keep your friends close and hopefully the enemies that are closer than you think can be stopped because of the relationships you have.

No matter who turns out to be the master A, whether or not the NAT Club has been apart of it all along, and the secrets shock us to the very core…one thing I hope will still remain are the girls friends. Ali once said, “Friends share secrets, that’s what keeps them close”. In reality…the secrets they share may keep them close, but it’s the events and connections formed by those secrets that will keep them holding tight.

Aria's Address

We find out last episode that Aria’s address is 301 Sunnybrook Lane via the college denial letter.

So 3x01 is the episode that mirrors the pilot and the return of A according to Marlene.

We see Aria looking in the mirror with the same dress on she had in the pilot.

Just another hint towards Aria and/or her family being A.

Deserves a Rewatch for clues.

anonymous asked:

do you know if holdens coming back what was even the point of him

He is not scheduled to appear again, I don’t believe. Basically the point of him was they wanted to bring back everybody who had ever been on PLL as a nostalgia kinda thing I think. 

7x18 Guest Stars:

7x19 Guest Stars:

7x20 Guest Stars: