elks tower

Loved and Lost

Imagine how annoyed Thranduil gets when his elk chooses to spend more time with you than him. 

 Imagine telling Thranduil that his heart is as cold as the gems he desires but he says that all he desires is you.

+Reader calling Thranduil something insulting in their mother-language (something other than English) and telling him it’s the highest compliment. [request]

You held your palm flat as the soft muzzle of the great elk brushed your flesh, sweeping away the proffered oats with delicate hunger. The creature was gentle, unlike his owner. You almost grimaced as you thought of the cold silver king and wondered why you had ever agreed to sit on his council. Well, his son had had a hand in that and you had let the young prince convince you of the seat. Now he was gone away, leaving his father even more stern and unyielding than ever.

The majestic elk which stood before you seemed the only thing Thranduil cared about anymore, though as of late the sharp-nosed king had barely left his solar at all. Thus, you had found yourself visiting the restless creature as he yearned for his owner and you pondered your own place in Mirkwood. You thought of following the prince into his exile, leaving the city behind and letting the king sink into his gloom.

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