On a chilly morning, photographer Susan Taylor waited more than an hour to capture the perfect pastel sunrise at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. “It’s been my mission and passion to support and photograph America’s parks and public lands since I was young teen,” Susan said. The park honors President Theodore Roosevelt, who fell in love with the rugged landscape of grasslands, forests and rivers and started a cattle ranch at Elkhorn Ranch, which you can still visit today. Photo courtesy of Susan Taylor.


Nyleen Kay Marshall (4) was having a picnic with her family in the Elkhorn Mountains, in Montana, when she disappeared. It was June 25th, 1983, and was last seen around 4 pm, while playing with some other kids. Right before she vanished, a man in a purple jogging suit was seen in the area, but it’s impossible to say if he’s connected to the disappearance.

Nyleen has never been found, but the story that followed her vanishing is a harrowing and surprising one. Three years after she went missing, a letter arrived from Wisconsin from a man who claimed that Nyleen was with him –he referred to her as Kay– and that she was loved and being taken care of. He said he had a good income and was homeschooling the girl. This person also shared details about the case that hadn’t been made public. 

Also, investigators received several anonymous calls from a man claiming to be the one who had sent the letter, and they were traced to different public phones in Edgerton, Wisconsin. They claimed the content of the letter and the calls indicated possible sexual abuse against Nyleen, but they haven’t shared why. The person who contacted them has never been identified.

In 1990, Unsolved Mysteries did an episode about Nyleen’s case and someone called saying they believed one of their schoolmates was her. However, it turned out the girl was Monica Bonilla, another missing child that had been abducted by her father in 1982. She was reunited with her mother.

In another tragic twist, in 1995, Nyleen’s mother Nancy was raped and murdered in Mexico.

Photo taken by Theodore Roosevelt himself, of his Elkhorn Ranch veranda. 

 After his wife and mother died in 1884, only hours apart, Roosevelt became depressed.  He moved back to the Dakota territories, where he had built his Maltese Cross Cabin the previous year.  Finding the location too busy for his taste, in June 1884 he laid claim to a second ranch, which he called Elkhorn.  He left the bulk of the everyday work to his managers and hands, devoting his own time mostly to hunting and writing.

The Beast of Bray Road is a cryptid first sighted in the late 1980s on a rural road outside of Elkhorn, Wisconsin. It is described as a dog-like creature, promptly giving it the alternative nickname “The Werewolf of Wisconsin”. The first werewolf sighting to go public occurred (perhaps fittingly) on October 31, 1999. A young woman named Doristine Gipson, from nearby Elkhorn, was driving along Bray Road near Delavan. As she neared the intersection of Hospital Road, she leaned over to change the station on her radio when she felt her right front tire jump off the ground as if she had hit something. Concerned, she stopped the car and got out to see what it was. Finding nothing on the roadway behind her car, she began to look around. As she peered into the darkness, she suddenly saw a dark, hairy form racing toward her. She did not see what the figure looked like from the distance at which she was standing (about 50 feet) but she did see the figure was quite bulky and she would later compare the form to someone who works out continually with weights. Startled by the oncoming form, and by the sounds of its “heavy feet”, she quickly retreated to her car. She jumped in and was attempting to drive away when the beast jumped onto her trunk. Luckily, it was too wet for the creature to hang on and it fell off onto the pavement. Doristine returned to the site later on that evening with a young girl that she was taking out trick-or-treating and saw a large form on the side of the road. When she saw the creature moving, she ordered the child to lock her door and drove quickly away from the scene.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota honors President Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation legacy. Visitors can see Roosevelt’s Elkhorn Ranch Site, where he spent the bulk of his time and where many of his conservation ideas grew. In the spirit of Roosevelt’s outdoorsy nature, the park also offers plenty of opportunities to explore through hiking, kayaking, biking, camping and more. Sunset shot of Painted Canyon Overlook courtesy of Robert Gjestvang.

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Black and Latina soccer players walk off the field after opposing fans chant “Donald Trump, build that wall!”

The girls’ soccer team at Beloit Memorial High School in Wisconsin played an away game at Elkhorn Area High School on Thursday only to see its black and Latina players forced off the field, as opposing fans shouted, “Donald Trump, build that wall!” Beloit’s coach told WISC-TV. Administrators are now investigating as that wasn’t the only thing shouted at them.