So, in a few weeks…some time in the near future, I should really find out when, I will be going to Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin.  I’ve been a few times but we mostly have spent our free time at our hotel (The Osthoff Resort.  Its insane @_@)  but I’m interested in some local color...any suggestions?

Had to share this from our neighbor Janna and my daughter’s best friend when they were growing up. Audrey, my daughter, was freakishly not scared by anything and loved horror movies. Her birthday sleepovers often were accompanied by rather frightening VHS movies like Blair Witch Project and M. Night’s crazy shit. Auddie’s old houses stories were no doubt a product of tales told over camp fires after a full day of fishing, a bit of Bulleit, peanut butter sandwiches (for them) and fresh smoked Lake Superior whitefish swapped for fresh caught whatever I caught on the pier in Cornucopia or Herbster. The dog would snore loudly while I told these horrific tales because she’d battled waves for hours and drank in gallons of fresh Gitche Gummi lake water.  Here’s the jist of the thread….

“Written after a fun-filled October weekend at Elkhart Lake at one of the last of the old school summer cottages that belongs to a family friend. Between walks around the lake, trying to find Old Lucy hidden in the fall leaves, catching northerns or muskies off the pier to finishing off bottles of Jack with my mother, this was a happy time. Janna was along for many of those adventures”.

“I was just reminiscing the other day about how cool our trips to Elkhart Lake were. Loved it except Auddie used to come up with stories about old houses that would scare the shit out of me. “

“Nothing ever scared Audrey. She lived for the next birthday sleepover to freak the living day lights out of her invites with the latest creep show VHS movie. One night it all came together when I cut the bejesus out of my hand on a broken water pipe in the kitchen. I came into the living room during a particularly frightful moment in the movie and all of the girls screamed when they saw blood gushing from my hand.”

“Oh, I remember. That night haunts my nightmares to this day.”