This is it!, by aagazzi

This is it! 500px is going to a direction which I personally don’t like to support, at least not for the time being. Recent unnecessary changes are resulting in my opinion in an even less user friendly tool. By looking at the Editor’s Choice page it becomes obvious that land- or cityscapes or not in primary focus of 500px and more and more odd selections are being made. I accept this but I don’t feel comfortable enough to spend as much time as in the past with 500px. I will therefore stop contributing photographs, this one will be my last one for some time, maybe for ever. I will look around what else might be working as a solution to show photographs on a platform to share with other fellows. I will miss the audience here. During the last ten month I had so many nice exchanges with a huge number of very friendly people and I was adding a lot knowledge to photography as I have received many valuable feedbacks during this time. I will not close the account but I shall reduce my presence in 500px substantially from now on. Thanks to all of you and keep going with your wonderful work, I was always pleased to see and comment it! The photograph shown here does have a rather symbolic character, showing my mood when I think about 500px. It was taken at Maroon Bells, according to the visitors information the most photographed mountain in North America. It was already dark and rainy, as thunderstorms past through that area. The individual lightnings were not seen, but the sky was enlightened for moments. Thanks to everyone once again! Andy