Day 6 of cross-country road trip with the roomies:
-We visited the dairy
-We ate at a real drive-in. It’s been there since the fifties, sells burgers for 1.10, and has thick shakes.
-We walked through the camp I worked at and to the nature center. Zella got to see baby waterfowl (goslings), a favorite
-My mother took us to a barber dinner
-Lizi ate an elk burger

Elk Burger

start with a bun
a bad bun
too chewy 
and firm
not soft

then add

good meat
garlic salt

then add

thin onions
tasteless tomato
weak pickles
the lettuce is fine
more ketchup and
less mustard

along with

a side of fries
seasoned same as burger
more ketchup

drink alongside

sweet tea
too much ice
too much sweet
not enough tea


11.45 plus


Elk Burger from Burger Lounge, Santa Monica

I’m posting about this more for the novelty that I ate an elk burger than that I actually enjoyed it ;-) but this burger place was really cool and I’d love to go back and try one of their beef patties next time.  To accompany the burger we also enjoyed their amazing organic quinoa salad.  Nice casual environment and reasonable prices yet gourmet style food.


We all had elk burgers for the first time today. Vizzi ordered a half pound elk burger and I told Samson i’d pay for his lunch if Vizzi finished it. I’ve been watching Vizzi not finish half pound burgers for at least six years now. He always gives me a look when I order a quarter pound burger, but, hey, one of us is a clean plate ranger and one of us shame hides his half eaten burgers in lettuce.

(he doesn’t actually shame hide his burgers, though we do know someone who did that)

-Craig Shay


Even though I live in Montana, I have never been bit by the hunting bug.  I think it is something you are just born into.  I have not had a lot of experiences with game meat.  We were fortunate enough to have been given some elk meat that was harvested this season and a sunny spring day was all the motivation I needed to engage in elk burgers.  Grilled asparagus wrapped in prosciutto and a warm pasta salad with fresh picked basil rounded out the dish.