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hey i had some left over designs from a week ago while i was trying to finalize my sona (until i realized i had my sona all along) so i’ll be selling these just as heads, using the body template more as a manikin but you can use the outfit too. if you want a full body reference with new outfit its +$15.

  1. OPEN $15USD  [flower head]
  2. sold [elk head]
  3. sold [doe head]

(last one is double price since a close friend wants to do an art trade for them)
rules: you can do whatever you want with them after you buy i dont care


✨1/100 days of productivity✨

‘To unpathed waters, undreamed shores’

William Shakespeare

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He had wondered, when the letter had arrived for his daughter. Oh, she had indeed been applying to myriad schools, but neither of them had even heard of the school before. The letter had seemingly come out of nowhere. Then too, there was the name, Elsewhere. It was exactly the sort of word They favoured, the kind that said everything and nothing at once. The sort that spoke nothing of the truth, and yet nothing but truth.

But it was her decision, and he wouldn’t interfere so when she accepted the offer he agreed to accompany her to the applicants day. And just in case, he braided the old runestones into his slate-gray hair, the tiny discs of hammered iron. He soaked his clothes in the sea the day before and let them dry in the sun.

The signs were strange. There was no greeting, no céad míle fáilte or welcome. It simply stated, in a gothic script ‘Elsewhere University’ next to the seal of a man with a stylized elks head. It wasn’t until he passed the sign that he knew for certain. One never forgot the feel of Them. The stink of Them. Already he could almost feel their bindings on him and his hackles rose. 
The RA who was to show him and his daughter around introduced herself as Rogue. 
“Cairn.” He growled in response, and his daughter looked up at him. 
“We… don’t use real names here…” The RA started, and he cut her off.
“That isn’t mine.” There was something in his voice, she thought. A bit like some of the upperclassmen, the ones who’d had dealings with the Gentry. Who’d come back themselves, but not entirely the same. 
She became even more convinced of this as the tour continued. He didn’t question any of the traditions, not the nicknames, or the salt and iron she gave them to carry. He nodded approvingly the first time they crossed the stream where a sprinklers flow overran the path; His look when she suggested they settle for only touring the entrance to library was knowing. But it was his reaction when they met one of the Good Neighbours that made her absolutely certain. 
He stepped sideways off the path; she didn’t think it an accident that his feet were planted in a trickle of flowing water. His muscles tensed, and he kept his eyes where he could be sure of the whereabouts of the Gentry without meeting that worthy’s gaze. The Fey strode past, then stopped and looked back.  
“Who are you?” It asked, and the visitor almost growled.
“No one of consequence.” 
“You were ours.” It was not a question. 
“No more.” It was a simple statement. “We will be on our way.” Another simple statement, and a gutsy one. After a moment, the Gentry nodded, and the trio continued on their way.
She asked the same question, when the tour was done and she had led them safely beyond the railway tracks and the road. He gave the same answer. The daughter would indeed study at Elsewhere, and she would arrive with clothes saturated in seawater and iron wardrunes bound into her hair. She would be safer than most, for her father had had dealings with the Gentry on their own terms and walked away his own man, and he made sure she Knew. 
Portland Oregon Gothic

• LOST CATS, the flyers proclaim. The text is accompanied by hand drawn pictures of animals with open, gaping mouths. The flyers are thumbtacked to telephone poles in dense layers. They are clogging the storm strains. They are tangled in the rose bushes. The flyers keep appearing, but the cats do not return.  

• Your neighbor’s chickens whisper in the night. You press your ear against the coop only once, but do not recognize the name of the spirit they are praying to. The next morning, your neighbor brings you eggs in a woven basket. You break them in the sink and flush their yolks down the drain.

• No one speaks about the lights over Mt. Hood, so neither do you.

• The streets are paved with volcanic rock. It reflects the streetlamps and the flickering pink marquee of a theater that plays only earthquake preparedness reels. When the road closes for repairs, you peer above the barricades and see the rocks are much larger than you’d imagined. Some are curved and dented, exactly like the top half of a skull.

• The dark-haired girl who runs the thrift shop does not seem bothered by dresses that arrive with ghosts attached. You purchase only one, but the girl hands you a second bag for the wavering, translucent figure that accompanies it.

• In November, you join a silent crowd on the esplanade to watch something large and dark swim upstream through the Willamette. No one speaks until the thing has passed, and the city is safe for another year.

• You became lost in Powell’s last spring, wandering for weeks between travel memoirs and modernist poetry and gluten free cookbooks. In the evenings, you studied a map beneath emergency lights, hands unsteady. It was late summer by the time you stumbled onto Burnside, using your forearm to block the sun. A stranger pat your shoulder knowingly.  

• The pink building glows at sunset, when the chanting inside is loudest.

• The wilderness at the edge of the city is always inching closer. You drink a beer and try to ignore crows shouting obscenities through the window. The mounted elk head above the bar watches you angrily whenever it thinks you’re not looking.


doodle dump !!  ᕙ( ̎ᑒ ̎ )ᕗ (hello, it’s been forever, how’re y’all doing)

@crimelessalley​ is dreaming me awesome AUs and OCs, who am I to ignore them. Team antlers (big Bast, youngster Saphir and smol beans no-names-yet) are wild elk halflings, minding their business and living in the forest’s heart, away from humans’ and civilized halflings’ wicked ways.
And then there’s Odin, minotaur (half bull) and army’s general to the human king Andreas.

close up shenanigans :


Hylian Retrievers

-Literally goofy goobers

-Protective AF of their masters

-OMNIVOROUS AF, They love all manner of fruit and meat and fish and can pretty much share every meal W/ you [plus they don’t beg they pray to Hylia that you’ll give them noms too]

-They have a pelt sorta like a husky/golden mix very soft and plush and lil’ velvet ears

-SUPER obedient and love to do tricks but still lil’ goofy goobers


-Some mixture of what would be real world Clydesdales/quarter horse/shires

-The SOFTEST manes

-They don’t have the same strength in swimming as real world horses and that’s why Link can’t hold their mane and be tugged along while they swim

-They don’t NEED shoes as they’re very hard hooved but all members of Hyrule just sorta agree it’s nicer to give them shoes 

-They have better hearing than real world horses

-2 people can easily ride them and they LOVE the attention

-Easy to make bombproof


- Deer are some mixture of elk/other various cervines that are larger and stronger than real world deer

- The birds are still connected with a world in the sky 

- Fish are smarter in BOTW than their real world counterparts

- Bears have stronger backs than real world counterparts

At Your Service ~Nine/Finale~

Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five ~ Part Six ~ Part Seven ~ Part Eight

You barely recalled falling asleep but you awoke nestled against Thranduil on his bedroll. Your shift hung loosely around you and a thin woolen blanket laid across the both of you. The king was still bare chested beneath and held you to him with an arm around your waist. You admired the serenity of his features as he dozed and slipped out of his grip with reluctance.

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His Soldier - Part 5

So part 4 went out the other day, and I’m glad people enjoyed it. I really didn’t expect many people to actually like this series, but it turned out well. Just want to say thank you for all the support I’ve received. 

@sparkleywonderful @hellosunshine26 @regularlyconfused @dr-woodsprite @the-bookish-soul @feysand9299 @paperbacktrash @wolffrising

Anyway, here is Part 5~.

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It was a beautiful morning in the Hoh Rainforest. We woke up and had oatmeal with peanut butter for breakfast, then we quickly packed up our backpacks to hike out. As we wandered slowly through the forest we heard some noises in the bushes. Alix was the first to notice him. It was what I had been wanting to see for years, a Bull Elk about 50 yards off in the distance. He was partially obstructed by humungous trees but as he pranced away we could see his enormous size. The moment was too precious and I didn’t bother taking out my camera. I was just happy to be here. We waited about five or so minutes to see if he would reappear but he never did. We continued our stroll through the forest admiring the trees, mushrooms, banana slugs and droplets of rain. At this moment we were clueless to the fact that we were surrounded by a herd of Roosevelt elk. They slowly revealed themselves to us as we hiked through the forest. We were ever so quiet, moving in slow motion and rather delicately. If you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings you could easily not see a single elk at least until they were completely blocking the trail. When we finally realized that we were completely surrounded by we were in complete shock. It was just too cool.  Leaning just a little to your left or to your right  could reveal dozens of elk, that’s how hidden most of them were. We stood there in awe surrounded by babies, youngins and females. Then a massive bull elk lifted his head right in front of us, we were twenty feet away. It took my wife about a minute to even notice him because just one tree blocked her entire view of him. I slowly inched her over until she could clearly see him, then I took a few photos as he checked us out. As he slowly wandered away the elk bugling began. It was magical, a moment in time that I will never want to forget.

Northwest Adventure Post 01: Portland

Northwest Adventure Post 02: Mount Hood

Northwest Adventure Post 03: Hoh Rainforest 

Prince Mononoke -- Chapter 2

Series: Fairy Tail/Princess Mononoke

Pairing: Gajeel/Levy

Genre: Romance/Adventure

Rating: M for violence and language.

Summary: Afflicted by a terrible curse, Levy is forced to abandon her home and her family in search of a cure; a journey that throws her into something far greater. She finds herself stuck between the world of humans, struggling to pull ahead and evolve, and the world of demons and gods, where she meets a beastly prince with a heart of unwavering loyalty and determination.

Note: The biggest of thank yous to @amaranth121 for helping me tidy this up.  But here we go, chapter 2!

Read this fic on FF.net here!

Ch. 1

The boom of thunder shocked the girl awake, so much so that she found herself coughing on a piece of hay. Levy sputtered for several moments before she pulled the straw from her mouth and tossed it aside. She blinked several times, trying to get her bearings and remember where she was. Brown eyes drifted to her side and she could see the threads of water pouring down over the entrance of the shallow cave.

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Taserking, Thranduil/Darcy

A/N: AU where Thranduil stumbles through a portal, dropping him smack dab in the middle of Central Park.  Coulson responds to the scene, immediately calling in his best agent for this type of thing…Darcy Lewis.  

For @aoisakai‘s birthday. Because you’re awesome and deserve ALL the nice things! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  

“Seriously, Coulson?”  Darcy sighed heavily as she stomped through the grass off the walking trail.  “Why me?”  

“You’re the only agent with experience talking to other realm beings…” He shrugged.  

She rolled her eyes.  “Who’s this one?  Hades?  Osirus?” 

“No…no…nothing like that. Just…Thranduil, king of the elves…” Coulson said, a playful smile spreading.  

Darcy stopped, turned to face him. “Are you kidding me right now?  That’s a book character. From the Hobbit.  Next thing, you’ll be sending me up North to talk Jon Snow down from the top of a wall.”  

Phil reached out to grab her arm. “Just…be careful.  He’s riding an elk.”  

Shaking her head and continuing on her trek, she grumbled, “Of course he is…”  

4.2.2016 // 10/100

In Starbucks once again going over my women in American history notes. It’s actually really interesting, and refreshing to get a different perspective and view on history. It’s a nice relaxing class, and the professor makes it really interesting even without power point. Then I did some biology review because lecture was rather dull. 📖 Once I got home I did some reading and completed some homework. Excited to discuss some social issues tomorrow in my sociology discussion class. I’m loving that class so far. Hope you all had a very nice productive Thursday, so that your Friday’s can be even better! I personally favor Mondays over Thursday’s because it’s so close to the weekend, yet there is still one more day you have to deal with.💯✔️📚