elk's head

One time, my then-girlfriend was driving in the country, and as we approached a high, sharp turn, she said, “Look, an elk!” and turned her head to look at it and we nearly flew off the corner to our mutual deaths. This is one of the many reasons that I have issues when other people are driving.

4.2.2016 // 10/100

In Starbucks once again going over my women in American history notes. It’s actually really interesting, and refreshing to get a different perspective and view on history. It’s a nice relaxing class, and the professor makes it really interesting even without power point. Then I did some biology review because lecture was rather dull. 📖 Once I got home I did some reading and completed some homework. Excited to discuss some social issues tomorrow in my sociology discussion class. I’m loving that class so far. Hope you all had a very nice productive Thursday, so that your Friday’s can be even better! I personally favor Mondays over Thursday’s because it’s so close to the weekend, yet there is still one more day you have to deal with.💯✔️📚