elk king

consider: silvan elves who don’t speak good common speech

  • tauriel was raised by the king so she’d probably had common tutoring (but she’d rather make legolas take her for piggyback rides and just fell asleep during lessons so thranduil eventually just gave up)
  • i imagine silvan sindarin has like 4567890987654 words for “tree” or “forest” that differ in denoting age/location/type etc. so when they learn common they’re like WHAT so when tauriel is describing trees to kili he literally has no idea of what she’s talking about because she’s being so UNSPECIFIC because she’s used to specialised silvan sindarin tree words
  • neither of them understand the concept “tree shagger”
  • legolas messing up his north/south in lotr because he still hasn’t completely learned directions yet
  • tauriel talking to kili in the dungeons just going “yup” “yes” “yup” because she has NO IDEA what’s this dwarf is saying but he looks v. cute so she’ll listen
  • legolas becoming confused between “elk” and “elf” so he keeps referring to his dad as “the elk-king” which everyone finds HILARIOUS so nobody corrects him
  • feren meanwhile bangs his head against the table