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okay this is for… my 1000th watcher… and I can’t remember her name because I had to reset my xkit and i lost my outbox! she asked for thranduil on his elk or bilbo and thorin fluffiness, and i swaer i was set on drawing something beautiful and majestic and romantic but my brain short circuited and gave me this instead.

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Yes, you hit the nail on the head. I at least, associate it with stunts and especially now the dressing the same way with E and his shoe pics warning of her is why I have issues.

Yeah :/ I love how he dresses and tbh Louis can work whatever he wants, everything looks good on him. But those sport wear clothes got so associated with stunts that now it’s all that comes to mind. First we had lad Adidas and kid (honestly to the point were they were dressing the kid in Adidas just because of it), now we got him wearing matching sport wear with Elk… It’s just sad, really. Because I love how he makes those outfit work, cause he does, he makes it look like high brands and cool af but then I get flash of Adidas yellow sweater and that pap walk and blue tracksuits and I just can’t. But I’m glad that people who don’t know about stunts and all look at him and think he’s cool, because he bloody is. He’s so cool and he deserves that recognition 

Remember when I posted excerpts from my diary I kept as a 13 year old. I think that might have been the best run of posts I ever made.

“There is no way we will still be eating turkey on Thanksgiving by the time I am 30. We will most likely be eating goose or duck….maybe even horse.”

Owen’s Journal from 1993

“I will probably be married by 25. I hope she is cool with us owning a few elk. Why wouldn’t she be?”

Owen’s Journal from 1993 pg. 32

“Today at school we started a strike-force against racism called ZEBRAS!! Together we are like a beautiful Zebra kicking a white lion.”

Owen’s Journal from 1993 pg.12

“I don’t think I will even get a driver’s license. What’s the point since all cars will be flying by than. If I ever need to travel by ground I will use a horse or elk. It will be much faster. JOKES ON THEM!!!!!”

Owen’s Journal from 1993 pg.87

(yeah I have no idea)

I don’t remember thinking any of these things. I do remember really digging elk as a kid and thinking they were awesome. The future must be a crushing disappointment to 13 year old Owen.