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hey i had some left over designs from a week ago while i was trying to finalize my sona (until i realized i had my sona all along) so i’ll be selling these just as heads, using the body template more as a manikin but you can use the outfit too. if you want a full body reference with new outfit its +$15.

  1. OPEN $15USD  [flower head]
  2. sold [elk head]
  3. sold [doe head]

(last one is double price since a close friend wants to do an art trade for them)
rules: you can do whatever you want with them after you buy i dont care

okay this is for… my 1000th watcher… and I can’t remember her name because I had to reset my xkit and i lost my outbox! she asked for thranduil on his elk or bilbo and thorin fluffiness, and i swaer i was set on drawing something beautiful and majestic and romantic but my brain short circuited and gave me this instead.

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Barbarian Week: Barbaric Magic Items!

These are some new homebrew magic items that work especially well for the barbarians in your D&D group! Happy barbarian week, everyone! (I tried to stay away from straight-up weapons, opting for things that either work off of a barbarian’s rage ability, play to a barbarian’s strengths, or give more HP rather than AC)

Cleaving Weapon

Rare, any slashing weapon

Such weapons have a thick blade, almost like a guillotine. They are outfitted with heavy duty iron chains grafted to the blade and hooked onto the haft or hilt. After killing an enemy with a Cleaving Weapon, you can make an additional free melee attack with it against an adjacent enemy at a -5 penalty to attack.

Greater Cleaving Weapon

Very Rare, any slashing weapon

After killing an enemy with a Greater Cleaving Weapon, you can make an additional free melee attack with it against an adjacent enemy at a -2 penalty to attack.

Karmic Weapon

Very Rare, any melee weapon, requires attunement

This weapon usually has a hand guard with wicked bone spines jutting out of it. Its hilt or haft is wrapped with stingray skin leather. Whenever a creature successfully lands a melee attack against you, if that creature is in your threatened area, you may use your reaction to make a melee attack against that creature with your Karmic Weapon.

Mask of Focused Fury

Uncommon, head, requires attunement by a barbarian

This mask is a magically treated elk skull. It does not have antlers but streams of fire jet out of the two spots where antlers would normally go, and only while the wearer is raging. While enraged, if you are attuned to this mask and are subjected to a WIS saving throw, you may end your rage early using your reaction to gain a bonus on the saving throw equal to your proficiency modifier. Once you use this item, it cannot be used again until you finish a long rest.

Helm of the Mad Gods

Very Rare, head, requires attunement by a barbarian

This spangenhelm looks to be magically shaped several strips of metal twisted together. The rivets seem to shift like metallic eyes. While raging, roll an additional damage die whenever you roll for damage. The target of each of your attacks is determined randomly. Only creatures within a radius equal to your movement speed centered on you are eligible to be attacked, and you will move if necessary to attempt to attack such creatures. If there is only one creature within this range you have a 25% chance to attack at imaginary enemies, completely ignoring other creatures for that round. This does not end your rage prematurely.

Torc of Restoration

Rare, arm, requires attunement by a barbarian

This armband of woven gold can be used once a day as a bonus action to remove a condition currently afflicting you or else heal you for 4d4+4 HP. Using this ability expends one daily use of your rage.

Sash of Ceaseless Furor

Uncommon, waist, requires attunement

This woolen cloth belt is red with an orange pattern that looks like dragon scales. You may use this sash to enter a barbarian rage for one minute once per day as a free action. If you are a barbarian, this rage lasts for two minutes instead and expends a use of your rage as normal.

Maul of Havoc

Rare, any martial bludgeoning weapon, requires attunement by a barbarian

Most Mauls of Havoc are blessed by Kord and are made of a heavy metal with his holy symbol somewhere prominent on the business end. The weapon always proves to be a lot heavier than it looks. It is actually testing its potential wielders, becoming lighter for those that can successfully lift it. This weapon is treated as a +1 magic weapon. You can expend a daily use of your rage ability to deal a bonus 6d10 force damage when attacking an unattended, nonmagical object.

Oil of Blunting Blows

Rare, oil

This thick paste is an ocher color with green flecks in it. It smells strongly of troll sweat. When you apply this oil to your skin, a process taking about one minute, you gain 30 temporary hit points that fade after two hours or after you have taken over 30 damage.

Harness of the Boar

Very Rare, torso, requires attunement by a barbarian

These mystic leather straps and belts are inscribed with pictographs from some lost civilization. While wearing the harness, if you are reduced to zero HP during a rage, you continue to fight. However, you must attack the nearest creature each round, even if it is an ally. If there is more than one possible target, you must roll randomly. You continue to roll a Death saving throw each round as you normally would while at 0 HP. If you stabilize, you gain one level of exhaustion and fall unconscious.

Rings of Shared Temper

Rare, finger, requires attunement by two creatures.

This pair of rings come clasped together. They each look like two pieces of Arborean wood woven together, either grown that way or through magical means. While two creatures are each wearing one of these two rings and are attuned to them, they empathically share their strongest emotions. One wearer can make an Insight check against the other’s CHA check to determine how the other is feeling at any given moment. Strong emotions may not require a check at the discretion of the DM. Most notably, when a barbarian attuned to one ring enters a rage while another creature is wearing and attuned to the other ring, that creature also enters a rage. The creature may attempt a DC 16 WIS saving throw to resist the effect.

Vest of the Owlbear

Very Rare, torso, requires attunement

This thick vest has large feathers on the openings for the arms and head and is fitted with bone clasps. A creature wearing this owlbear leather vest has their maximum hit point total increased by 15. Once per day, the wearer can cast Enhance Ability on themselves, choosing Bear’s Endurance.

Blade of the Falling Star

Legendary, requires attunement

This sword is a wide, rectangular blade with a thick barbed point facing the enemy. Upon it is engraved the epic tale of a celestial that fell from the heavens to the material plane to offer their guidance in times of dire need. When you speak the celestial’s name, it shimmers a baby blue. This weapon is treated as a +2 greatsword. A creature attuned to this weapon deals +2d4 Radiant damage on attacks with the weapon while they have less than half of their maximum hit point total.

Emblem of Fire

Very Rare, chest, requires attunement by a barbarian

This golden brooch is emblazoned with rubies cut to look like fire. When you enter a rage, the rubies glow hot and red. You may use a bonus action to cast Fire Shield on yourself.

Gauntlets of Titangrip

Rare, hands, requires attunement

These hefty mitts are made of a secret gray dwarven iron and are carved with runes on the backhand and palms. The knuckles are embellished with stout talons. When you grapple a creature that is at least one size category larger than you, they cannot choose to automatically escape your grapple. When grappling a creature that is equal to your size category, you gain +2 to the roll.

what 👏 are 👏 the 👏 edmontonian 👏 cryptids 👏

anonymous asked:

Am I allowed to ask what Elk actually does for a living? Apart from the obvious I mean? What is her pretend job? I've heard talk that she is a model/fashion blogger but have never seen a blog and only 1 fashion shoot - which was dire. If they are so keen to sell this farce should they not put a bit more effort into making it lool like she has an actual career outside of all this?

that’s the thing: she doesn’t even have a pretend job. that’s just how hard they’re not trying. she left the trend pear when she got back with louis.

anonymous asked:

really random question but does elk have green eyes?cause that would be just perfect lol

I think they’re brown? Or like light brown? lol I’ve no idea but if there’s green eyes mention you bet they’ll say it’s about her they’ll probably give her some lenses 


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The Black Stag

The beginnings of a fairy tale, inspired by this art by @hamster1300. I don’t know whether there will be more. Please pretend this was posted yesterday, in honor of “Day 8: Woods” for Hannictober (although “Demon” might do just as well). 

There was an old fisherman who lived with his son on the edge of a lake. The lake was stream-fed, full of pike and sunfish and trout. The fisherman had a little boat, which he and his son took out on the lake, and sometimes his son would fish the stream. They sold all the best of what they caught, but even so, their house was small and rickety and dim, and they had little in the way of money or clothing. 

One autumn evening, as the fisherman sat outside the house, mending his nets, a great black stag came out of the woods and approached him. 

“Good evening, Mr. Graham,” said the black stag. 

“Evenin’,” said the fisherman. He paused, then peered down at the flask by his boot. When he peered up again, the stag was still a stag. 

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De dingen die ik Lena vertelde te doen

Houd op je te verstoppen achter de kaften van boeken
namen van mannen die al decennia lang dood zijn,
verf je haren, stift je lippen rood, plak glitters onder je ogen,
eet geen vlees meer, koop alleen nog maar tweedehands kleding,
doe in elk geval alsof je gelooft in wie je bent,
sla de maandagen over en jank om dode huisdieren,
om beatlesliedjes of de gravures van steden in het gezicht van je oma,
ga uit en zoen drie jongens op een avond, breek een hart,
breek je eigen hart,

word dronken of blijf heel erg nuchter in straten die zichzelf verliezen,
verdwaal, stamp in versgevallen sneeuw, lik bevroren lantaarnpalen,
steek je bebloede tong uit naar voorbijgangers,
wees onzeker, bijt je nagels af, ruk behang van de muren,
maak al je foto’s in zwart-wit en
leer dan pas gedichten uit je hoofd,
vertel iedereen dat je beter kunt schrijven dan: Couperus, Mulisch, Grunberg,
schrijf vervolgens nooit iets, schreeuw tot je keel ruw en rauw is-

(Ze las een boek over Spinoza, zei dat ze zo op haar buurjongetje moest passen, zette nog thee voor me en vroeg of ik meeging eendjes voeren in het park.)