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Okay, your anon was nice about them breaking up, there was no houie-vibe, but I'm still trying to understand how can people think they broke up. Louis social media activity pre-elk 2.0 was very very larry friendly. When he posted that pic wearing that rose shirt after he saw what we said about it. The "always you" thing. You have to think he's manipulating us if you think he and harry have broken up.

and louis’ not the type of person to queerbait fans he’s always so thankful and loving towards us it wouldn’t add up

best 1d fandom memes to happen:

  • neaf
  • harry she drowned 4 years ago
  • “nothing’s fine i’m corn” and other food song memes
  • niall died last week and nobody noticed
  • that fuckin…drawing of zayn you know the one
  • elk=el as in eleanor
  • dark harry
  • *gunshot* harry? *silence*
  • liam “helmet”
  • chonce

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I wouldn't say Louis' team is "incompetent". They can be sufficiently competent for other clients but they purposefuly don't promo Louis and give him a bad image. What confuses me tho is why do they get offended when people call them out? If they actively try to make Louis fail then they should know they are going to be criticized and even be smug about it, like "yes, we are these hoes who destroyed Louis and you can't do anything about it haha". Why block people who notice that they are shitty?

Oh yes, I meant they’re incompetent for Louis. Because they’re great to promote JA and Elk, but Louis? Há. They’re doing because they know they’re wrong and if people search for their names they’ll see all those bad comment and start to wonder if they’re really good at all 


Wild animals.

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Okay but here’s the thing about bodyswaps

It’s usually explicitly one’s consciousness or literal soul being switched around, right? It’s not your actual, physical brain and brain chemistry

So what if one person has clinical depression and the other doesn’t? Someone’s probably got ADHD, is on the autism spectrum, has OCD or anxiety or PTSD. And maybe some of that follows the original owner, because they’re used to dealing with in unconsciously, but whoever replaced them is getting the brunt of it

Focusing on the physical aspect of bodyswaps is cool and all but let’s see some more on the psychological too?