Absolutely ruined by today’s episode.

I love you Laura, but oh my goodness, I want to punch you in teeth sometimes. But i know you’re a young girl who needs to learn things about love. But I hope you learned something.

And there is nothing stupid about falling in love with a monster. That’s pretty rad. Especially when said monster is Carmilla.

So yeah. I sketched this up.

Eragon 2014 by ElizaLento

Breaking promises and vows—because no matter how frustrating my IC art is, Eragon is still hella fun to draw. Don’t think of this as my armor around the subject breaking. I simply made an allowance.

More “Tom” design if anything, but still.

Secondary birthday art I guess. Both Elizabeth and Eragon have been with me in the art world for a very long time and through most of my art stages~ So they can both celebrate today, I guess.


It was really weird to draw him after all this time.

Oh yeah. Obligatory Eragon > Murtagh.

Suck it, fangirls.

So I think it's nearly time

To stop drawing Inheritance fan art, I mean.

I’ll finish that last comic I was doing–but I am not sure about continuing to draw fanart while also working on my own series of books (Project FALL). I’m going to have to stop eventually. This isn’t sudden, I’ve known that I’d do this eventually for years.

I will, however, swap over to my fic verse. With Flora and Kevan and stuff. Which I mentioned the future of on dA. You’ll be able to see my re-designs soon (I’m talking about the Giant Magic Eagles as well as new Eragon/Tom designs).

I might break my promise every now and then. But I think this is probably the end.