I’ll be at Otakuthon next weekend at table B-219 with Shadownip and Stardusk Cosplay!  As always I’ll have a bunch of buttons and new prints! Please come by and say hello! I’ll be posting how to get some fun things on my Instagram and dA, as well as more merch, so be sure to check those out!

Not going to Otakuthon? I’ll also be at Fan Expo in Toronto over Labour Day weekend! All of my art will be going up on my store in September as well!

Absolutely ruined by today’s episode.

I love you Laura, but oh my goodness, I want to punch you in teeth sometimes. But i know you’re a young girl who needs to learn things about love. But I hope you learned something.

And there is nothing stupid about falling in love with a monster. That’s pretty rad. Especially when said monster is Carmilla.

So yeah. I sketched this up.