3 Confessions.

- A lot of people don’t like me because they think I’m weird. They can’t accept anything that’s unconventional. Everyone thinks that I’m crazy because I love bloodplay, corpses, bondage, and body modifications. They also don’t like me because I speak my mind too freely. Shocker, eh?

- I can’t figure out what I want or who I want it with. I do not like sex with guys. But, I don’t mind dating them because they’re easily controlled. I love sex with girls. But, I can’t bring myself to trust them because I know how shady girls can be. So I just use them for sex and then never speak to them again. I’m extremely talented when it comes to getting girls to sleep with me. I know, its not right. I guess I’m insecure? 

- I often worry about physically hurting people that I care about. But, as I think about it I also know that its wrong and that I wouldn’t actually do it or want to do it. Still, the fact that I even think about it scares the shit out of me. I get paranoid and obsess over it. I keep thinking “what if I black out or something and hurt someone?

Maybe I am crazy.