SUSPECT: Doctor Jekyll, Henry; ALIAS: Hyde

VICTIM(S): Doctor Elizabeth Banner, Darcy Lewis, Agent Clint Barton. Est. 25 employees of Stark Tower, est. 15 in related incidents.

Suspect HYDE is a high level threat to the Avengers and the city of New York. Agent Barton was critically injured in his attempts to subdue the suspect. Doctor Jekyll was taken into custody but soon escaped a S.H.I.E.L.D. hospital. Bombings began at Stark Tower and were set off at community and residential lots, injuring and killing an estimated total of fifty or more civilians

Doctor E. Banner (nee Ross) was critically injured during the events of these bombings. Injuries consisting of battery and mutilation, attempted drowning. Victim was retrieved from Central Park lake. Now in stable condition

D. Lewis, assistant to J. Foster, was kidnapped and shot. Turned into local hospital. Currently in stable condition.

The suspect was captured by T. Odinson and astrophysicist J. Foster, and was brought promptly to Stark Tower were the Avengers confronted him. Suspect escaped. Dr. Henry Jekyll and suspect have split. Loki Odinson is rumored to be involved. Agent Barton has been classified as a rogue agent. Avengers are on lock-down until further notice.

The Science Fair (Thane Future)

Thanner handn’t told anyone about the subject of his science fair project until the night of the fair for a couple of reasons. Firstly, he was able to do his science fair project on his own. Secondly, people always assumed that Bruce, Betty, and Jane were helping him with his science studies, and that bothered him, because he was already a really brilliant scientist. 

Jane entered the school and noted that Bruce and Betty were already there, talking to Thanner and hugging him. It was prior to the beginning of judging, and Jane stood outside, waiting for Thor. Jane was dressier than normal, wearing a brown pant suit, and Thor soon jogged up the steps to greet her with a quick and playful kiss before his eyes fell upon the students and their projects.

“It hasn’t started yet. You’re not late, don’t worry. And hey, you look nice,” she said, smoothing down the lapel of his jacket. She took a moment to observe her husband before she smiled reassuringly. “You’re nervous for him, aren’t you?”

Thor took Jane’s hand and gently led her into the building. “I understand this is a competition, like warriors face. Is that so?” He seemed very serious as he walked towards Thanner.

“Pretty much. I mean, hey, he puts a lot of pressure on himself, only because he wants to do this on his own. I don’t even know what he researched. Well, I mean, I’m thinking it’s something in astrophysics. He logged a hundred and thirty two hours in my lab since the semester started. Not that I was checking up on him,” she said with a smirk. 

The couple greeted Bruce and Betty as well as Thanner. Despite his abnormal parentage, Thanner considered himself both loved and lucky, especially considering he was so interested in science. 

Everyone wished him luck and took seats in the front row. As the projects were revealed, they got a view of Thanner’s project presentation and title:

The Predicted Presence of Gamma Radiation in Einstein-Rosen Bridges and Its Effect on Carbon-Based Life Forms Traversing Pathways

It was a project that managed to comprehensively combine Betty, Bruce, and Jane’s areas of research all into one. They all looked proud and happy, and Thanner glanced at them when the title was revealed on the project board, grinning. Jane actually tearing up a bit, and Thor placed his arm around her and looked at her for an explanation, which she provided. 

Ever the competitive scientist, Jane then started scoping out the other students’ projects. She leaned across Thor’s lap, brushing her hair behind her ear to confer with the Banners about competition.

“I’m thinking Cat DNA and Childhood Development Linguistic Imprints,” she put in. 

“But look at the aerodynamics project,” Betty pointed out. “And sound waves,” added Bruce. “We know that two of the judges are also classical music enthusiasts,” he put in.

Jane sat up and folded her arms, looking nervously up to Thor. “Now we have to wait. Thanner talks to the judges about his project as they come by–oh look at that. He included visuals of Cassiopeia and the Heart Nebula,” she said, hand over her heart, “and then they decide who wins.”

Bruce was leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. Betty placed an arm on his back and smiled encouragingly up at Thanner. Jane had her competitive game face on. Thor looked impatient. Jane casually reached into her bag and passed Thor a pop tart, which he began eating. He wasn’t necessarily hungry, but it helped pass the time.

The students were allowed to sit with their parents while the judges tallied results and chose a winner. Thanner was there in the front row, sitting between Thor and Bruce, when another familiar face showed up. It was Aileen, the intern from Jane’s lab. She didn’t go to this school, and Jane looked a bit confused when she approached, hoping there wasn’t some kind of weird problem at work. However, Aileen simply smiled pleasantly to Jane and the others before leaning down near Thanner, placing a kiss on his cheek, and whispering something into his ear.

Thor grinned proudly. Jane shot a ‘what?!’ look at Betty, and Bruce just kind of looked confused about this. However, before anyone could say anything, the announcements were being made.

Cat DNA took third place. Sound waves, second.

Thanner’s project won first prize. 

Thor was on his feet along with Thanner, proudly hugging his son and clapping loudly. When it was time for Thanner to go up and shake hands and take his award, Jane tugged on his sleeve so he’d sit. The resulting conversation was something about scholarships and Caltech versus Culver, but Thor let the scientists talk. He was busy beaming proudly at his son.



“Thanner, can you get the girls to quiet down? Betty and I are trying to work…”

“If I could get on the roof, I would.”

“What. Did. You. Just. Say?”

“… the baby is on the roof?”

“Betty, calm down. Dad, I’ve got this under control… I think.”

Visiting Hours (open to everyone who recieved the mass text message)

Abby was exhausted as she sent out the text message, but she knew it had to be done. The rest of the Avengers had a right to know where their teammate was, and she didn’t trust SHIELD to inform them in a personal enough way. SHIELD had a habit of saying “Hey, your friend’s in terrible condition, that’s all we have time to tell you, have a good day.” She didn’t want that.

Abby sighed and looked over at Steve where he was resting in the hospital bed. He looked a little worse for the wear, and she felt her eyes stinging yet again. She looked away and got as comfortable as she could in the hospital chair, deciding to try and sleep until the first of the Avengers got her text and came to demand an explanation. At least sleeping was better than beating herself up.


Before we packed our bags
And left all this behind us in the dust,
We had a place that we could call home,
And a life no one could touch.

We are the angry and the desperate,
The hungry, and the cold,
We are the ones who kept quiet
And always did what we were told.

But we’ve been sweating while you slept so calm,
In the safety of your home.
We’ve been pulling out the nails that hold up
Everything you’ve known.

So open your eyes child,
Let’s be on our way.
Broken windows and ashes
Are guiding the way.

Keep quiet no longer,
We’ll sing through the day,
Of the lives that we’ve lost,
And the lives we’ve reclaimed.

Rise Against - Diaspora 

A prime example as to why I love my internet-friends

My parents telling me that they won’t pay for me to go to college if I plan on pursuing a major in Film Studies so I can become a director.

Me before entering a group chat with all my internet friends:

Me after entering a group chat with all my internet friends and talking through it with them:

To my parents:

To practicality:

To following my passion:

Thanks guys. I love you all so much.

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