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After posting my aged-up PPG Character Designs a few days ago, I got a lot of requests to draw some more of the villains from the original show - so here they are!  (And before anyone asks yes I did try to draw RRB but it was not a success D:)

HIM, being a demon, doesn’t age - instead, as the world grows wicked and old, he just becomes more youthful and glamorous!  To set off his fabulous physique, HIM now wears a lovely Elizabethan-inspired collar, cuffs, and rose.

Sedusa didn’t handle aging very well - as soon as she spotted the first streak of gray in her famous hair, she zipped her love handles up in latex and botoxed those wrinkles until her face was literally “made of stone.”  She can’t frown anymore but at least she looks hot…sort of. 

The Gangreen Gang is as much a nuisance as ever.  As a troublemaking biker gang, they spend their time breaking all kinds of traffic laws (and speeding away from the PPG) on their futuristic motorcycles.  Their fashion sense is still stuck in the 70s though!

After accidentally giving her father an actual heart attack, Princess took over Daddy’s secret job as Townsville Crime Lord.  Now Princess commands a crew of slobby underlings, determined to make life miserable for those stupid Powerpuffs!


‘All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players,
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts’
~ As You Like It, Act II Scene VII

Here are the character designs I drew for a course I was taking last semester. The story I came up with takes place in Elizabethan England, I was inspired by the celebrations of the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death this year. The five characters are part of a travelling playing company that tours the English countryside :)

First there’s Anne, who works on the outskirts of London when she sees the company for the first time. She cuts her hair, dresses up as a boy and introduces herself as Anthony. She joins the company and takes William’s old job playing the female parts.
William was bought from his apprenticeship to work as Charles’s assistant, when he was old enough he started playing the women’s parts. After his voice breaks he is downgraded again to an assistant, but he wants to become a proper member of the company soon.
Charles is the leader of the group, he usually assigns himself the roles of kings or other dignitaries. The travelling company is formed after he has a fight and parts ways with the other shareholders of his London company.
Emanuel, who often has to play the villains.
And finally Lawrence, who is usually assigned the comedic parts of a play.


Elizabethan inspired Captain Swan historical AU, loosely based on the Tudor Queen and her relationships with her favourites like Robert Dudley and Sir Walter Raleigh.

Rating: M

One shot? Not sure, I could write some more of this or just leave it as is. We’ll see.


The scandal had rocked the whole of Europe. King David of England had fallen violently in love with Mary Blanchard, an ambitious knight’s daughter who refused to become a mere royal mistress, enjoyed for a time and then married off to a minor nobleman when the king’s interest inevitably waned. Unused to being denied by a woman he desired, the king swore that he would give Mary what she wanted and make her his queen.

But David already had a wife - Kathryn, the onetime fiance of his deceased brother James. For six long years he petitioned the Pope in vain for a divorce, while Kathryn wept and Mary presided over court as consort in all but name while still refusing to share the king’s bed. When she succumbed at last and quickly conceived a child, David broke with Rome and created a new church in his own image to bless his new marriage and his new heir. The much longed for son would ensure the continuation of his dynasty and keep the English throne from falling into foreign hands.

The queen was delivered of a daughter instead, and Mary’s triumph turned to defeat as David’s passion twisted into poison. Her fall from grace was swift and deadly, and as a headless body was buried in an arrow chest beneath the Tower a three year old girl was left behind, stripped of title and relegated to the status of the king’s bastard instead of his heir. Though she had been named for a Saxon queen of old, it seemed that she would never rise to wear the crown.

Fate had other plans.

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