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Do some productions not do the Angel of Music trio in Wandering Child? I was watching the video of Peter Joback, Elizabeth Welch and (I think) Kyle Barisich and Raoul didn't seem to start singing until after Christine and the Phantom finished, and started singing something else entirely.

Most productions don’t do the trio, actually. It began with the Broadway production, and as many international productions copy it, the use of the ‘Wandering Child’ trio (as it’s more commonly known) was limited to mainly London. Almost all other productions do what people call the ‘Wandering Child’ duet, where only the Phantom and Christine sing and Raoul comes in later. However, the restaged UK tour and the restaged US tour did decide to use the trio, and it’s been done for limited periods in productions where it otherwise did not occur - when Steve Barton briefly covered as Raoul in Los Angeles, it was used there (but not with any other Raoul) and when Norm Lewis took over as Phantom on Broadway, it was used as well, and I think it might still be in use now.

All of the non-replica productions also use the trio: the Hungarian, Polish, Czech Republic, Estonian, Romanian, and Finnish productions.


My love for these photos are endless. They’re so poetic and so gorgeous. And they show a kind of intimacy official stage photos seldom captures.

The Elissa photo to the left is of Rachel Anne Moore, who prepares herself for the show by sitting like that during the Overture, until it’s time for her entry. The photo was taken by fellow cast member Rob Pitcher ( X )

The Star Princess photo to the right is of Elizabeth Welch, from a rehearsal, and was taken by fellow cast member Greg Mills ( X )