The ultra fabulous and very darling Elizabeth Welch in her custom Viscountess original! There was a time in my life where the very inkling that Christine Daae would be wearing one of my designs could not even have crossed my mind and yet somehow we’re here. (I am officially dubbing that expression my “fitting face” as in the expression that I have when I’m in the middle of a big troubleshooting moment)

I absolutely could not be more flattered and floored that she chose to collaborate with me on this and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! 


Broadway 2014 -  Hugh Panaro, Elizabeth Welch and Jeremy Hays x

Special mentions:

#2: Jeremy and Elizabeth try very hard to find a way out
#3: Elizabeth loses her veil - she just holds it in her hands after this
#5 and #6: Elizabeth perfectly shows how conflicted Christine is
#8: After the kiss Hugh and Elizabeth remain in their position for several seconds
#9: Jeremy has to hold Elizabeth back


Clips from Elizabeth Welch’s Theatre of Dreams Gala, where she performed a few Phantom songs and of course- wore her Viscountess original!

“Your mother was a brave woman”

A.k.a. Zuko gets Katara like no-one else, oh-my-god-kill-me-with-a-wooden-spoon-how-are-they-not-canon?

Because, you see, you see, Bravery is a Big Deal in the Water Tribe. Pretty much like Honour in the Fire Nation (and hello parallel i noticed but never paid attention to).

Like, the Mark of the Brave is a big deal. We see this when Bato gives Sokka and Katara one, and again when the Northern Water Tribe chief gives it out before the siege. It serves as proof that one is a True Tribes(wo)man and is prepared to fight, and die, for the Tribe.

Bravery is uplifted as the Ultimate, Most Important, True Virtue in the Water Tribe.

And Zuko, who, more likely than not, knows nothing about this aspect of Water Tribe culture, chooses to call Katara’s mother Brave.


Look, if this episode was written by someone else, I could be convinced that this was chosen at random, but Elizabeth Welch Ehasz knows what she’s doing. This was a deliberate choice.

They deliberately had Zuko instinctively chose the most meaningful thing to say.


The thing that Katara would most want to hear, the thing that would give the most comfort in this situation. Zuko said it. With no prior knowledge.


He understood her. Down to the marrow of their bones they knew and understood and acknowledged each other. And I’m just?!??!

How??!!? How do yoU meSs tHis up??!!


O LORD ANSWER ME: a collection of southern gothic music with religious themes. 

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musical theatre meme: [4/10] female characters - christine daaé

“Pitiful creature of darkness, what kind of life have you known?
God give me courage to show you, you are not alone.”