Prometheus Blu-ray Menu Easter Eggs Interesting that Weyland Security, Yutani Corporation, Bio Weapons Division, Xeno Science Division, Astrocartography have been cc’d into this transmission. Which shows they knew about LV-426 and LV-223 before Shaw and Holloway. But use their findings as an excuse to use trillion dollars of shareholders money to fund the Prometheus mission, secretly they know about the engineers and main mission is to salvage technology and weapons to bring back to earth. The signal they pick up is actually coming from LV-426. They program David to carry out Weylands’ orders “He will be programmed with multiple contingency plans to address and exploit whatever assets secured on LV223” David knows about LV-426 but not Vickers or the crew. It’s Yutani’s technology that picks up signs of extraterrestrial technology on LV-223.