On November 28, 1974, President Idi Amin unceremoniously removed Elizabeth Bagaaya, princess of Toro, from her position as foreign affairs minister, only eight months after her appointment and just a few days after releasing her from house arrest. By her account, she was fired for rebuffing his romantic overtures and refusing to marry him. Several months later, she fled the country disguised as a “simple village girl”. (x)

Costumed Twist: Dressed a Chinese cheongsam, African princess Elizabeth Bagaaya, 25, daughter of the Omukama of Toro, dances the Twist with Anthony Ponte, 23, of the Dragoon Guards, at a fancy dress party in London. The princess is a Cambridge coed.

This photo is from 1962. That year Princess Elizabeth gained a law degree from Cambridge University, and Uganda gained its independence from the United Kingdom.


In late 1974, Princess Elizabeth Bagaya of Toro, as Uganda’s minister for foreign affairs, led a colourful delegation to the 29th session of the United Nations General Assembly. The occasion was to be one of her finest hours as a diplomat and a pan-Africanist.